Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements and Deployment

Q. What are the minimum requirements to use Presto?

Q. Do users need to install any software on their computers or mobile devices?

All end users need is a browser on their desktop or mobile device and the URL to your Presto applications to access the web enabled applications. No other PC software, ActiveX or Java Applets need to be installed. Browsers supported include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Q. How is Presto licensed?

Q. How do you 'gradually' roll out the converted screens, for example, by department?

Q. How do response rates compare between green screens and Presto web-enabled screens?

Q. Are there any conflicts running Presto with other web-based products?

Q. Does it work with SSL?

Q. Which web server does it use?

Q. Can the web-enabled apps be accessed outside your network?

Q. Can I embed Presto apps into my existing portal or other web applications?

Q. As an ISV, how can I deploy a Presto web-enabled solution to multiple customers?

Q. Does Presto support multiple languages?

Q. Can you use Presto without Nexus Portal, WebSmart and Clover?


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