Frequently Asked Questions

Screen Design and UI

Q. Do all screens have to be updated in Presto or will they inherit a default web look?

All of your screens will have the same overall web look and feel based on the Presto skin you select. You don't have to change screens individually to inherit the skin design and you can customize the skins to match your organization's look and feel.

Q. How do I customize screens?

You have a lot of flexibility on how to individually customize screens. You can use the Visual Editor to add links, images, drop down lists, charts, datepickers, Google Maps and many other UI elements. You also have full access to the HTML, JavaScript and CSS from within the Presto Designer.

Q. Does Presto support 132 character screens?

Presto supports 132 and 80 character screens.

Q. Can users click on menus and can you link to other web apps or documents (e.g. PDF)?

Menus are automatically transformed into clickable links. Any image, text or button can be a link to any web page you want including WebSmart applications. You are not limited to just a call - you can pass parameters to WebSmart programs using information from the screen. Existing PDF and other documents available from a browser can also be linked to from any Presto web-enabled page.

Q. Can drop downs be populated with values from a DB2 file?

You can populate drop down lists with DB2 data by using the SQL query feature in Presto. The SQL statement can even use data from the screen to make it more dynamic. Another good option to speed up data entry is to transform input fields into autocompletes, which shows a list of values that match the characters typed in.

Q. Are you able to include more data per page than a 5250 screen and change the screen size?

All data from the screen appears in the web page and you can use SQL or Ajax to add additional information that wasn't part of the underlying program. You can also change the size of the web page and are not limited to the size of the original green screen application.

Q. Are color attributes and conditioned text or fields handled on the fly with Presto?

Colors and conditionally-displayed data fields and text are handled correctly by Presto. Conditional attributes or display are controlled with CSS settings that you can customize, if necessary. Presto can render the same screen in different ways, based on the program logic in your original code that controls the display and formatting of data. It will correctly mimic the behavior of your original green-screen application.

Q. Can fields be removed or hidden in the HTML?

You can easily remove fields or text from the screen or hide them using the Visual Editor.

Q. Are popup windows and function keys supported?

Window popups and function keys are supported without requiring you to make any changes to screens. Users can also drag windows around the screen and resize them. You can either hit the function key on your keyboard or click the function key button on the web page. A virtual function key keyboard is included for mobile devices.

Q. Where are the Presto screens that have been modified saved?

If you customize screens using the Visual Editor, those changes are saved in JSON format in a file on your IFS. Any custom HTML pages are saved as HTML documents on your IBM i. If you have screens that you don't make any changes to, then no customized page exists for those screens. Instead, Presto just creates and renders the HTML on the fly.

Q. If I change the DDS, what happens to the web-enabled screens?

If you add a field to the DDS you would only need to update the screen in Presto if the screen has a custom page. If you didn't make any changes to that screen in Presto, the field will automatically appear.


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