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Presto 7.0 - 8.3 New Features

You can download Presto, including the free trial, from myFrescheSolutions or our public site.

Presto 8.3 New Features

Admin Interface

Presto 8.3 includes a new Admin Interface that provides an overview of how many users are currently active within Presto. This report enables administrators to quickly see the number of available Presto seats, how many are utilized and the total number of open connections. Administrators can also see who is logged in, connection IP and more.

Presto's New Admin Interface

Additional Presto 8.3 New Features and Enhancements

  • Presto uses unique customization names / descriptions for each screen and won't allow other customizations of the same type (JS, HTML, Transformation) to have exactly the same name.

Presto 8.2 New Features

Add / Detach Page Customizations

Save time when you make changes to custom HTML and JavaScript pages by accessing them from the Manage Pages interface instead of navigating to them.

Seat Count Utility

Presto 8.2 ships with a utility called SEATCOUNT, which allows administrators to get an idea of how many active Presto seats are currently in use. Please note that in the future we plan to include this information in a Presto Administrator interface.

Additional Presto 8.2 New Features and Enhancements

  • Presto now displays a confirmation prompt when a user tries to delete an entry in the Spool File viewer.

Presto 8.1 New Features

Insights Integration

Using the Insights tool, Presto enables site administrators to visualize the user behavior in their IBM i applications. Insights provides an overview of the screens that users are accessing most often, allowing you to spend time customizing what is used most. This gives you the information you need to plan which parts of the application to modernize first, saving time and delivering better business value.

Presto's Insights Integration

Additional Presto 8.1 New Features and Enhancements

  • The spool file viewer now includes the time created in the date column.
  • Presto includes a new option to allow for a more modern, flat style of SmartCharts.
  • The STRPCCMD program has support when HTTPS is enabled.
  • Ability to control accessibility by developers to Presto objects.

Presto 8.0 New Features

New License Keys

Presto 8.0 requires a new permanent license key for existing customers. Our team has worked to ensure that this is a simple, self-serve process and you can retrieve your new permanent key through the myFrescheSolutions portal. For more information on this change, please read this knowledge base article.

Visual Skin Editor Enhancements

You can now easily edit window background and header colors within Presto’s Visual Skin Editor. Additionally, when you update and save preset skin colours, those changes will write to a new custom CSS file.

New Subfile Settings

Presto now has global and page-level options to hide or display subfile action text.

Spool File Viewer Enhancements

Users can now delete files directly from the spool file viewer within Presto screens.

Additional Presto 8.0 New Features and Enhancements

  • You can now define the range in which function keys are automatically detected.

Presto 7.3 New Features

Change Detection Support

Presto now flags screens where the DDS has changed since the last time you enhanced it in Presto. This makes it easier to maintain green screens and their modernized versions.

Redesigned Settings Interface

Presto’s settings interface has been revamped to give developers a more intuitive experience and an improved visual representation of screen detection. You can now preview panel detection on various screens and adjust Presto’s auto detection settings as desired.

Skin Editor Enhancements

Fresche has also enhanced Presto’s skin editor, which globally controls the look of your Presto screens. You can now easily choose from new preset colors and globally update button colours, function key colours, header colors and more.

Copy and Paste Transformations

You can now copy and paste selected transformations between Presto screens within Presto’s IDE. This new feature will save developers significant time when applying similar enhancements to multiple screens because they no longer have to visually place elements on each screen.

Additional Presto 7.3 New Features and Enhancements

  • New SQL preview feature enables you to test SQL queries, including parameters.
  • Additional global rules, including the ability to choose menu link format (e.g. link or button).
  • Improved JavaScript snippets includes more preset snippets and the ability to create and save your own snippets.
  • Users will now automatically see a warning if their Caps lock is on when they are on the login screen.

Presto 7.1 New Features

Improved Usability Out of the Box

Presto 7.1 makes your modernized green screens easier to navigate than ever with updates that enhance user experience, reduce workflows and improve the rendering of your applications. Each of these improvements and more were designed to immediately make your Presto green screens look and feel more like the modern web applications they are.

Out of the box features include:

  • New icons that allow users to log off, access spool file data and be notified of new messages from any screen.
  • Primary function keys such as Exit and Submit styles as buttons that are more visible on every page.
  • Scrolling subfiles is also made simpler with convenient page up and down buttons.
  • For subfiles that only have one action option, users can now trigger the action by clicking anywhere on the subfile row.
  • Presto automatically detects date fields and adds a pop up calendar to them making it easier for users to enter dates.
Dropdown of different mobile display modes

Responsive Mobile

After enabling responsive mobile design with Bootstrap in Presto 7.0, we’ve now made it easier in the Presto Designer to see how these pages look on iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets. This feature increases developer productivity because they can now instantly test how elements on their webpages appear on different sized screens.

Improved RPG Open Access Functionality

We’ve made an enhancement to the Presto RPG Open Access handler. DDS field attributes, such as colors, will automatically be converted into CSS classes and rendered in modernized green screens.

Additional Presto 7.1 New Features and Enhancements

  • Allow Presto to run in a custom subsystem
  • Option to run a macro file after login
  • JavaScript Snippets now supports creating a snippet from selected code
  • Improvements to table and window editors in Presto Designer

Presto 7 New Features

Responsive Mobile

It’s now easier for IBM i programmers to transform their green screens into web GUIs that are optimized for both desktop and mobile with Presto’s new responsive design capabilities. Presto version 7 incorporates Bootstrap, an open source framework that enables the design of truly responsive web applications, through its visual editor. Web screens designed with Presto’s responsive grid will automatically adapt to the device they are accessed from. For instance, when users access Presto web pages from their smartphones, elements such as input fields can be stacked while other elements such as images can be hidden. This allows developers to more easily create modernized green screen applications tailored to any device by using the same underlying design effort.

New Responsive Skin

The new Pacific skin provides a more modern look and feel to your modernized applications. It also fully supports Presto’s responsive design features for easier development for mobile devices. It is completely customizable and includes improved subfile styling, larger input boxes and buttons based on Bootstrap, a sleek font, and a cleaner layout. It can also be customized using Presto’s Skin Editor. You can now double-click a tab to edit the text inline within the Visual Editor.

Presto API

A new API is also included that provides an option for advanced web developers to choose their framework of choice, such as AngularJS, to design screens. The Presto API gives them access to all the data from their green screen as JSON objects, and it also makes it possible to combine two green screens into a single web page.

JavaScript Snippets

Presto now includes predefined JavaScript snippets, while also allowing users to create their own, to speed up customizations. These can be dragged and dropped and inserted into various places in Presto. Predefined snippets include code to support interdependent drop down boxes populated through SQL.


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