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Use SQL to Extend Your Web-Enabled Screens Beyond the 5250 Datastream

Improve the user experience by adding database-driven UI elements including charts, drop down lists and autocompletes. These elements use SQL to access DB2 data that's not in the original program.


You can easily add a SmartChart to a Presto screen by dragging and dropping it from the Visual Editor's Palette, then using a SQL query to populate the chart data.

You can choose from Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area and Doughnut charts.

View charts that access IBM i (AS/400) data in browsers on PCs, Macs and mobile devices.
Increase end user productivity on IBM i (AS/400) web GUI with autocompletes.

Drop Down Lists and Auto Completes

You can add a drop down lists and jQuery autocomplete widgets to your input fields to speed up data entry. An autocomplete uses SQL queries to predict the value the user is typing and allows them to choose their desired value without having to type it in completely.

Export Data as CSV or HTML

The Export Data element makes it possible for you to provide your users DB2 data as CSV spreadsheets or HTML pages. You can add the element to your web-enabled green screens as a button, link or image.

Users can open the spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel without copying and pasting data. The spreadsheet or HTML page is populated with the results of an SQL query you define in Presto.

Export IBM i (AS/400) data to CSV or HTML via web-enabled green screens.
Save and reuse SQL queries to populate web GUI elements with IBM i (AS/400) data.

SQL Queries

Presto allows you to create SQL statements that you can define, save and reuse for populating elements like drop down lists and charts with DB2 data. You can use SQL queries in both the Visual Editor and HTML.

Dynamic SQL Using Screen Values and Library Lists

SQL queries are more flexible with the option to use values from the screen (e.g. user name) and library lists to dynamically display data. If no library is specified in the query it will use the user's library list.

Use SQL queries to populate web GUI elements with IBM i (AS/400) data.
Add new data to web-enabled 5250 green screens using SQL.

Add New DB2 Data

You can include DB2 data that isn’t part of your original program into your web enabled screens as display or input fields. You can do this using the Presto ExecuteSQL API which doesn't require any changes to the underlying program.


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