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Modern Web GUI

  • Visually-appealing screens
  • Immediate web enablement
  • Mouse-driven navigation
  • No source code changes
  • Easy deployment and access
  • Spool file to PDF

Global Settings

  • Customizable skins
  • Environment settings
  • Custom formatting rules
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple environments

Visual Editor

  • Graphical UI elements
  • Intuitive input fields
  • Add links to PDF
  • Drag and drop or remove text and fields
  • Style UI elements
  • JavaScript events

Database-Driven UI Elements

  • Charts
  • Drop down lists and auto completes
  • Export data as CSV or HTML
  • SQL queries
  • Dynamic SQL using screen values and library lists
  • Add new DB2 data

Mobile Support

  • Mobile layout
  • Keyboard for function keys
  • Enhance the mobile versions of screens
  • Mobile optimization with jQuery
  • Easy deployment

Web Technologies

  • External plugins
  • Custom HTML and JavaScript
  • jQuery and Ajax
  • Navigate and pass data to other web applications
  • Security

Modernization Suite

  • Nexus Portal - Secure single sign-on for Presto screens
  • WebSmart - Link web applications to Presto screens
  • Clover - Add reports to Presto screens

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