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Further Enhance All of Your Screens Without Touching Them

Global settings like customizable skins and formatting rules accelerate your IBM i (AS/400) modernization because they automatically apply changes to all of your web-enabled green screens.

Watch this video to see how BCD's Presto gives you a huge headstart by rendering all of your green screens as web pages.

Customize skins with the built-in editor

Impress your users with the modern look and feel of Presto's skins. With Presto's built-in skin editor you control the overall style and appearance of your web-enabled green screens.

You can use one of Presto's out of the box skins or use a standard skin as your starting point to create your own custom skin that matches your organization's look. Watch the video below to see how you can use the skin editor.

Global environment settings for 5250 green screen web GUI

Environment Settings

Environment settings allow you to control how aspects of your screens are displayed. For example, you can:

  • Choose whether function keys are displayed as buttons or links.
  • Style subfiles as HTML tables.
  • Replace ellipses (. . . . . .) after all input field labels with colons.

Custom Formatting Rules

You can use JavaScript to create custom rules that apply to all web enabled green screens. For example, you can:

  • Change the location, font size and color of program titles.
  • Hide information in the header such as date and time.
  • Change the appearance of function keys.
  • Highlight the field that is in focus.

Custom Javascript rules for each web-enabled 5250 green screen
Multi-language support for web-enabled IBM i (AS/400) green screen applications.

Multi-Language Support

Presto supports your IBM i language settings. Your web-enabled green screens will display the language that you've configured with your IBM i and database, making Presto a global solution.

Multiple Environments

Critical to any enterprise solution, Presto supports multiple environments. Presto environments give you the ability to simultaneously have independent versions of the same web-enabled green screen applications. If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you can use environments to give the same application a customized look for each client.

Access multiple versions of web-enabled IBM i (AS/400) green screen applications.

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