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Access Your Screens from iPads, iPhones and Other Mobile Devices

Presto includes many built-in features that make it easier for your users to access your web-enabled IBM i (AS/400) green screens internally or remotely from tablets and smartphones.

New Responsive Skin

The new Pacific skin provides a more modern look and feel to your modernized applications. It also fully supports Presto’s responsive design features for easier development for mobile devices. It is completely customizable and includes improved subfile styling, larger input boxes and buttons based on Bootstrap, a sleek font, and a cleaner layout. It can also be customized using Presto’s Skin Editor. You can now double-click a tab to edit the text inline within the Visual Editor.

Keyboard for Function Keys

Presto includes a custom virtual keyboard for function keys. This is significant because some mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads, don't have function keys on their keyboards, an integral part of almost every green screen application.

Easy Deployment

Presto screens use standard web technologies which makes the screens accessible from browsers on mobile devices. You do not need to deploy the screens from the App Store and changes to your screens are instantly seen by your users.

Access your web-enabled green screens from browsers on tablets and smartphones.

Presto Mobile App

You can now access modernized green screens and iPhone/iPad device hardware using Presto's app. After Presto is installed on your IBM i, users can download the Presto Mobile app from Apple's App Store and configure it to connect to your screens.

Out-of-the-box Presto-modernized screens will work with the Presto Mobile app, and you can add new mobile-friendly UI elements, such as HTML5 inputs, using Presto's Visual Editor. You can also use the app as a starting point then create own custom app to take advantage of other hardware features like geolocation and audio/video capture.


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