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Give Your IBM i Green Screens the Modern Web GUI They Need

Modern web pages increase user satisfaction and reduce training costs because they look better, are easier to access, use mouse-driven navigation and include intuitive input fields like drop down lists.

Watch this video to see how BCD's Presto gives you a huge headstart by rendering all of your green screens as web pages.

Visually-Appealing Screens

Users will love the visually-appealing screens that are easier to use and have new functionality.

With a modern and familiar interface to your applications, training new users becomes simpler and they won't think your system is outdated.

Visually-appealing web-enabled green screens

Modern UI

As soon as you complete Presto's server-side installation (which typically takes about ten minutes), all of your legacy green screens (RPG and COBOL programs, menus, third party and system screens) are accessible as web pages.

Presto includes skins that your green screens a more modern web design. They include mobile layouts and are easy to customize to match your organization's look.

You can also give your new RPG programs a web GUI using Presto's RPG Open Access handler.

Mouse-Driven Navigation

Presto makes it easier for users to navigate screens with mouse-driven navigation including clickable buttons and/or links.

You can also add other traditional web-based navigation, like tabs, to organize information and give the appearance that multiple pages are on the same page.

Easy navigation for IBM i (AS/400) green screens
Web GUI for 5250 green screens without RPG, COBOL or DDS changes

No Source Code Changes

With Presto's datastream approach, you don't need to make any changes to your RPG, COBOL or DDS source. You don't even need the source!

Presto is truly non-invasive in that you can continue running your existing programs unchanged with the 5250 datastram. All of your proven code is left untouched, reducing the risk and time needed to modernize.

Easy Deployment and Access

Your IT staff saves time because users only need a browser to access the web enabled green screens internally or remotely from PCs, Macs or mobile devices.

No ActiveX, Windows Servers, WebSphere, 5250 emulators or other software is required.

Access IBM i (AS/400) green screens from browsers.
Access and print IBM i spool files from web-enabled IBM i green screens.

Spool File to PDF

With Presto's spool-file-to-PDF feature, you can access the list of IBM i spool files from any screen you're on in Presto and view spool files in PDF format. You can then download the PDF versions and email them or print them on any printer that you can connect to from your PC.


Start modernizing your green screens with Presto today.

You get immediate results and unlimited support. Presto takes 20 minutes to install.

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