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Modernize Further by Integrating Presto with BCD's ClearPATH Suite

Optionally combine Presto with other BCD tools to build your own customized and integrated moderization solution that meets your needs. Start with one, a couple tools or the complete suite.

Nexus Portal - Secure Single Sign-On for Presto Screens

Presto optionally includes BCD's Nexus Portal. Nexus provides a secure single point of access to your enterprise information including your Presto web enabled apps, other web apps and pages, documents, dashboards and productivity tools. Nexus includes a web menu system and single sign-on for your Presto apps that you can use to hide traditional 5250 navigation.

Access IBM i (AS/400) web GUI from web portal.
Link new web applications to legacy IBM i (AS/400) applications.

WebSmart - Link Web Applications to Presto Screens

Link your Presto web enabled screens and WebSmart web apps to each other. Also use WebSmart to add more functionality to your Presto screens such as emailing, uploading files and calling web services.

Clover - Add Reports to Presto Screens

Use Clover to build and display professional-looking, real-time IBM i reports, queries and dashboards that you can link to from or embed within your web-enabled screens.

Link to IBM i (AS/400) reports from web-enabled IBM i (AS/400) green screens.

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