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Improve the Look and Functionality of Screens Using Presto's Visual Editor

Programmers without web development experience are productive right away because the Visual Editor doesn't require HTML coding to add, move and style new UI elements like drop downs boxes.

Watch how quickly you can add more value to your RPG programs without HTML experience.

Graphical UI Elements

Use the Visual Editor's Palette to drag-and-drop consistently-styled UI elements like headers, containers, tabs, images, charts, buttons and icons to your web-enabled green screens.

Modernize your web-enabled 5250 green screen applications without coding HTML.
Added intuitive input fields to your IBM i (AS/400) web GUI.

Intuitive Input Fields

Datepickers, checkboxes, radio buttons and drop down lists are commonly used in web apps because they speed up data entry. You can use Presto's Visual Editor Palette to drag and drop input fields onto your screens without coding HTML.

To learn about dynamic dropdown lists, autocompletes and charts, view the database-driven UI element features.

Add Links to PDF

Easily add links to PDFs, Word documents and other files from directly within the Visual Editor. You can also dynamically build a document's path using screen values.

Link to PDF and other files from your IBM i (AS/400) web GUI.
Further enhance your modernized 5250 green screens without HTML knowledge.

Drag and Drop or Remove Text and Fields

Use Presto's Visual Editor to drag and drop, resize or remove text and fields. You can move elements individually or as a group and snap them to the closest element you are moving them to. This makes positioning elements faster and more uniform.

Style UI Elements

Presto's Visual Editor makes it easy to alter the appearance of text and fields. You can edit element properties such as colors, fonts, sizes, borders and backgrounds without any HTML or CSS knowledge.

Easy IBM i (AS/400) web GUI and modernization.
Add JavaScript events to elements within the Visual Editor.

JavaScript Events

Add JavaScript events to elements within the Visual Editor.

  • Hide/Display elements when clicked.
  • Trigger an autocomplete on an input.
  • Create Page Up/Page Down buttons.
  • Populate the command line with a button click.

Google Maps

Presto's Visual Editor includes a Google Map that you can add to your screens without coding HTML.



Presto's macro feature improves workflow processes. Macros shortcut users to their desired screens so they don’t have to navigate through multiple screens of menu options. Since macros work on the server side, performance is also improved.


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