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Future-Proof Your Customizations by Using Standard Web Technologies

Presto gives you the flexibility to integrate with other web apps and technologies. In addition to the Visual Editor, you have access to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which gives you full control over the UI.

External Plugins

Access web services for credit card approval, tracking shipments and more. You can also use web services to display and/or link to Google Maps from within your screens.

Add new functionality to web-enabled IBM i (AS/400) green screens.
Add custom HTML and JavaScript to web-enabled green screens.

Custom HTML and JavaScript

In addition to customizing screens with the Visual Editor, you can edit the HTML and JavaScript for any page directly in the Presto Designer. This gives you full control over the UI and allows you to plug in code snippets and plugins you find on the internet.

jQuery and Ajax

Presto includes the jQuery library so you're able to use the technology to add richer enhancements to your web-enabled green screens. Many Visual Editor components, like datapickers, use jQuery and you can also add additional jQuery code and use JSON and Ajax.

Use jQuery to add new functionality to web-enabled green screens.
Navigate and pass data to other web applications.

Navigate and Pass Data to Other Web Applications

Communicate and launch web applications like WebSmart programs from within your web-enabled green screens. You can also seamlessly pass data between your web-enabled screens and web applications.


Because Presto runs as a web application, many of the same security considerations that apply to conventional web applications also apply to Presto-enabled applications. You can configure access to your web-enabled screens in many ways, including SSL, firewalls, proxy servers and VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers.

Deploy secure web GUI for IBM i (AS/400) green screens.
Kerberos Support

Kerberos Support

Presto supports Kerberos, a solution that provides SSO across multiple applications.


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