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Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of Presto 8.0 (and higher) only. If you are upgrading Presto from an earlier release, please log into to view the Upgrader's Guide. For additional product information, please visit the Presto home page.

Step 9: Review Your Server Settings. ?

Every environment you create has its own server and auto-detection settings. Select Presto's Tools>Settings menu option to work with these:

Server Connection

The default values for these settings should work well enough for you to get started with Presto.

Note: Before you get too far into customizing your own pages it is critical that you understand the Detection Settings. The tutorial section of the user guide has a chapter that explains how Presto uses these settings.

From here you can also turn on the option to use a WebFacing connection, as described above and explained further in Appendix A at the end of the Presto User Guide.

Here are some additional things you may want to consider:

Adjusting Auto Panel Detection Defaults

As an example of the type of change you may need to make later, notice that the Auto Screen detection for an 80 column display is set to scan from positions 15 to 65 of row 1. This is where Presto will look to find a program title that it will use as part of its criteria for identifying the panel. However, if that area includes variable information (like date or time fields) and your static program titles are normally in another spot, you may need to adjust it.

Configuring your HTTP Server Instance

If you aren't sure how to access and work with your HTTP server instance configuration please refer to the section "Working With the Presto Apache HTTP Server Instance" in Appendix A of the User Guide.

Virtual Terminals and CCSID Settings

With certain languages (for instance DBCS languages) it is necessary that the virtual terminal session created have specific device description characteristics. If you need to configure Presto for one of these languages, please refer to the section "Virtual Terminals and CCSID Settings" of Appendix A of the User Guide.

Adding Support for Multiple Languages

To configure Presto to support multiple languages, please use the instructions in the section "Configuring Presto for Multi-Language Support" in Appendix A of the User Guide.

You can also search our Knowledge Base on this topic.