Videos about Modernizing IBM i Green Screen with Presto

Watch the following before-and-after, overview and new feature videos to see how your organization can benefit from giving your green screens a web GUI with Presto.

Give your IBM i users the modern UI they want

Watch how Presto gives you the flexibility to add new UI elements and significantly extend functionality. Instantly transform all your 5250 screens, system screens and third party apps into modern web pages without ever needing to touch source code or recompile.

How to add new functionality to Presto-modernized green screens

Watch how quickly you can add more value to your RPG programs without HTML experience.

Green Screen to GUI

Watch this video to see how BCD's Presto gives you a huge headstart by rendering all of your green screens as web pages.

Non-programmer modernizes IBM i green screen programs and makes users' jobs easier with Presto

Evange Destounis, TMISI's CEO and a non-programmer, went way beyond just giving their green screens a nicer look. He also added value with faster data entry, improved navigation, better layouts and more.

Wholesale distributor saves time and reduces data entry errors with modernized and mobilized application

A wholesale distributor's * forklift drivers use the touch-friendly screens on tablets to complete seven million inventory item picks each year. The touch-friendly buttons make the application easy to navigate, larger fonts reduce errors by making details more visible and a flyout menu maximizes screen real estate.

* Name withheld for privacy reasons.

Presto overview: Web GUI for IBM i green screens

See why Presto is the fastest way to give your existing IBM i green screens a web GUI that's accessible from browsers on PCs and mobile devices.

Presto 5.5 supports RPG Open Access

See the new features in Presto 5.5 that give IBM i programmers more options to deliver modern web applications.

New Presto 5 gives green screens a more modern web GUI

Learn how new Presto 5 makes modernizing your green screens even easier.

You can also read all of our Presto sucess stories and see their accompanying screenshots.


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