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ProGen Plus ILE / RPG - Invest in the Future

Now you can automatically develop and maintain native ILE / RPG source code and take advantage of of RPGIV features such as longer field names, new op codes, built-in functions, free-format or fixed format coding... and more with ProGen Plus ILE/RPG. And, as IBM improves ILE/ RPG, so will we keep adding more and more features to ProGen Plus ILE/RPG to constantly help you improve your productivity.

On this page:

Add on module to ProGen Plus

This add-on module to ProGen Plus includes an ILE / RPG Generator Engine and native ILE / RPG templates. You can also automatically regenerate existing ProGen Plus non-ILE definitions to take advantage of the ILE environment.

Using the proven and easy-to-use ProGen Plus design tool you can produce both ILE / RPG or RPG/400 programs 8 to 20 times faster!

Benefits of ILE / RPG development

The ILE/RPG development environment lets you take advantage of features of RPG that are only available in ILE. These include:

  • EVAL action, which lets you write free-format calculations.
  • Free-format conditionals (IF's, etc.)
  • SQL Support, allowing you to embed SQL instructions directly into your definitions.
  • Extended data type support, especially for date, time and timestamp fields, making it much easier to perform date-related calculations.
  • Support for extended length field names
  • Ability to embed and retain hand-written ILE code in either fixed or free-format directly in the generated source code.
  • Support for ProGen Plus work fields that are designed for use with the ILE generator.
  • ILE-specific object support- including the ability to use modules and service programs.
  • Support for CALLB actions in the Actions Editor
  • Optional use of objects of type *MODULE for validation modules
  • Full support of ILE RPG in the Report Writer also.
  • Automatic management of compilation processes for ILE objects .

Take Full Advantage of the Native ILE Environment

The native ILE environment in OS/400 provides many development and runtime advantages over the Old Program Model (OPM). These include:

  • Ability to bind in modules of code
  • Ability to create complete programs composed of mixed ILE-supported languages such as RPG, CL, C or C++
  • Ability to easily reuse code and objects with maximum performance benefits, by taking advantage of modules and/or service programs.

ProGen Plus ILE/RPG supports the use of ILE components such as bound modules and service programs. It automatically manages references to these objects at compile time, so you don't have to worry about correctly binding in objects to your programs. Also, you can choose to reference any ILE module or service program iin your ProGen-designed applications. This gives you access to all the power and flexibility of a true ILE environment, including support for ILE activation groups to iimprove runtime performance.

Features of the Generated Code

The code produced by the ILE RPG generator is 100% native, generated ILE RPG code. It is not simply RPG/400 code that has been run through a converter. The advantages to you are:

  • You get true native, clean generated code that is easy to read
  • You can use our code as an educational tool to get you up to speed with ILE/RPG coding constructs
  • You can easily insert your own fixed or free-format ILE code in the generated source and retain the changes
  • You can take better advantage of code reuse by using ILE-generated code.

Be Prepared For Future Enhancements

IBM is actively supporting enhancements to ILE/RPG while changes to the OPM version of RPG (RPG/400) are at an end. Take advantage of new language features as IBM makes them available and as we add features and functions to ProGen Plus ILE/RPG to support those enhancements. ProGen Plus ILE/RPG gives you a stable, reliable path for future growth for your 5250 and report writing application generation needs.

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Version 9 New Features:
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