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Snapshot In Productivity: 10 questions for...

We asked a customer 10 questions regarding their experiences with ProGen Plus so we could get a snapshot of its success. The story takes only a minute or two to read. Find out how ProGen Plus can help your organization generate programs and write reports automatically.

Hoshizaki America

Hoshizaki Logo10 questions for

Konrad Underkofler, IT Director Hoshizaki America


What applications did you develop with ProGen Plus?

Underkofler: "We developed an inventory management system and a warranty system."

BCD: How many people staff your IT department?

Underkofler: "It took two months with two people."

BCD: Was any training necessary?

Underkofler: "Nope, we just jumped in there and did it ourselves."

Read Hoshizaki's success story using ProGen Plus » | Download Snapshot (PDF 36 kb)