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WYSIWYG Screen Design

WYSIWYG PDA screen design

(Click image to enlarge)

WYSIWYG Screen Design: ProGen has its own WYSIWYG called the Panel Design Aid (PDA) which is used to design the panels displayed in generated interactive programs. The functions of the Panel Design Aid are similar in several respects to IBM's screen design aid (SDA) for iSeries, so if you are familiar with this utility, you already know many of the basics of the ProGen Plus PDA. The PDA allows you to easily move fields and text on the screen, add or remove fields and columns heading, add edit codes or edit words and much more.


Work fields

Quickly create workfields

(Click image to enlarge)

Work fields: You can quickly create different types of workfields in ProGen such as substrings, concatenations, totals, menu options, error message as well as various date workfields including date increments and the difference between two dates. There are various short cuts throughout ProGen to make workfield creation as fast as possible.

Central Repository

Central Repository for file layouts

(Click image to enlarge)

Central Repository: ProGen uses it's Central Repository to keep track of file layouts and usage. It automatically keeps track of every program you develop, the files each program references, and the layout of each of those files. So when you or third party vendors make changes to DDS files, you simply tell ProGen what files have changed. It automatically calls every program you developed that use those files and inserts the new file/field definitions into those programs for you. Finally, it will make screen and report changes, and document if any of the new fields could not properly fit on the affected screens or reports so they can be manually updated through ProGen.

Change Management

Built in Change Management

(Click image to enlarge)

Change Management: ProGen comes with a built in Change Management system that handles program objects, source and ProGen definitions. You can create multiple environments, track development efforts and move or copy objects from one environment to another. You can also choose to change database file references after a move and to automatically recompile in the new environment. Third party change management solutions such as Aldon's CMS and SoftLanding's TurnOver provide interfaces to work with ProGen programs which may be important for companies that already use these solutions for their change management needs.

Function Keys and Subfile Options

Quickly create function keys or subfile options

(Click image to enlarge)

Function Keys and Subfile Options: Quickly create Function Keys or Subfile Options that can perform actions such as call programs, create, delete, cursor sensitive window lookups and many more. You can also attach conditions or define Actions from the Actions Editor.

Conditional Field Attributes

Define conditional display attributes

(Click image to enlarge)

Conditional Field Attributes: You can define additional field Input/Display rules and add conditions for them. Options include:

  • Display Attributes: underline, hi intensity, position cursor and reverse image
  • Color Codes
  • Display Options: Output, non-display and both.

#Program calls and Parameter passing

Call ProGen or non-ProGen programs

(Click image to enlarge)

Program calls and Parameter passing: You can call any ProGen or non-ProGen program from various places within ProGen including function keys, subfile options and the Actions Editor. When calling a ProGen program you can search for the program name from a lookup window and ProGen will also list the parameters that need to be passed to the program. The called program owns the parameter list and therefore ensures that the proper fields are passed to the called program.

Help text

Define field or panel level help

(Click image to enlarge)

Help text: You can define help text at the field (cursor sensitive) or panel level and you can also define it within DbGen. You can work with the ProGen help module outside of a definition with the ZWRKHLP command. In addition to ProGen defined help the following help text types are supported:

  • Office/400 document
  • Display File Record Format Help
  • UIM panel group
  • Call program

Designer Management

Manage ProGen Designers

(Click image to enlarge)

Designer Management: ProGen Designers are the individuals who will create programs and there is an interface to manage these designers. Each Designer can have the following options set:

  • Definitions of default function keys for each program style
  • Default source files/libraries and default object libraries for storing generated code
  • Library location for shell source members and other values.
  • Designers set up with a designer type of *PGMR can override any these defaults when using ProGen Plus. Designers of type *USER have most of these defaults supplied implicitly, in order to simplify the generation process for them, and to provide additional control over source and objects.
  • Many other default values and options that Designers will appreciate

Knowledge Base

Share components through the Knowledge Base

(Click image to enlarge)

Knowledge Base: The ProGen Plus Knowledge Base (KB) allows you to share components between ProGen definitions and could be compared to the ability to copy source from one RPG program to another. The KB can be used in the following areas:

  • Actions Editor
  • Workfields
  • Equations
  • Conditions
  • Values
  • Panels

Manage Program Definitions

Create and manage your definitions

(Click image to enlarge)

Manage Program Definitions: The work with Program Definitions screen is where you can manage and create definitions. You can search for definitions or use the various filtering options, view important information about the current environment and about each definition, and manage your definitions with many subfile options such as copy, regenerate and work with. Img Name: managedefinitions Alt Ref: Create and manage your definitions.

Excellent Documentation and Support

Search our Knowledge Base for answers

(Click image to enlarge)

Excellent Documentation and Support: Excellent documentation is provided for ProGen Plus including an 800+ page User Guide and a new features and upgraders guide for every new release. We also have top rated technical support where your calls will immediately be answered by a technical representative and there is also our online Knowledge Base.

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