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Rapid Development Environment

13 templates to choose from

Choose from 13 templates

(Click image to enlarge)

You can quickly develop 13 different types of robust programs by selecting from the following types of templates: Subfile maintenance, Subfile Inquiries, Single Record with or without prompt, Window Lookups, Powerful Reports with CL and Prompt programs, flexible Queries and Query views, Header/Detail record processing (order/entry-inquiry) and Batch update processing.


Sophisticated Wizards

Sophisticated wizards to guide you

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During program creation sophisticated wizards will help you add files with links, referential integrity, subset by key field, create function keys and pull in field extensions from DbGen.

Develop Fully functional subfile programs

Create full feature subfiles in minutes

(Click image to enlarge)

ProGen's various subfile templates automatically handle all the complexities of subfile programming for you. Features include:

  1. Page at a time: Select the number of records for the subfile and the number of lines per record and ProGen will also handle the rolling forward and backward options.
  2. Key field positioning: Input capable fields for the key fields are automatically added to the subfile control area. You also have the option to display all records or just a subset based on the higher level keys.
  3. Multiple subfile option handling: Depending on the template ProGen will add the relevant subfile options such as 2=Change, 5=Display and 4=Delete and handles multiple subfile option selection
  4. Record locking handling: ProGen ensures that records are not unknowingly updated by multiple users at one time. Records are not locked in ProGen to do this, instead a before and after image of the record are taken and a message is show to the user notifying them that the record has changed and prompts them to cancel their change or to update the record.

Reusable Validation Modules

Build reusable validation modules

(Click image to enlarge)

Field validation modules can be automatically built by ProGen Plus, or you can type in your own custom routine, via SEU. A validation module becomes a separate, compiled program or module object and can be reused in any ProGen program. Validation modules can be created to validate for specific date formats, for a value existing in a list or for a range of values. You can also attach multiple validation modules to your fields, which can additionally be associated with conditions for their execution.

Use existing or new database files (DDS files or SQL tables)

DDS files or SQL tables

(Click image to enlarge)

Use any existing or new DDS files or SQL tables within ProGen. The programs you develop with ProGen utilize your own file and field names from your DDS files, NOT encrypted field names like CASE products create, such as FL501, FL615.

Actions Editor reduces any code for added functionality

Reduce code using the Actions Editor

(Click image to enlarge)

The Actions Editor is a very powerful feature in ProGen Plus. You can use Actions to perform special functions that are outside of the normal flow of logic for each style of program. Action keywords create complete sections of RPG/400 logic. An Action is a 4GL-like word and performs a task that would often require several lines of 3GL code. The advantages of using Actions as opposed to writing traditional code are:

  • Actions can perform tasks with fewer lines
  • Validations of Actions occur online, eliminating syntax errors or other common errors such as undefined field names
  • Prompting for Actions occurs online (via the Actions Editor) so you do not have to remember field and file names or required values for Actions.

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