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Read what our customers are saying about ProGen Plus

Team Worldwide

"Thank you for all the great products and service that you continually provide to your customers. I have saved untold hours over the past several years using ProGen and WebSmart."

David Daugherty

Cornerstone Information Systems

"ProGen allows us to develop applications for our customers that are cleaner, more functional, and consistent for a fraction of the cost."

David Smith

Optimum Solutions

"Optimum Solutions successfully uses both WebSmart and ProGen Plus in the development of Optimum Solutions Payroll, Human Resources, and Applicant Tracking applications. Both of these BCD modernization products have helped us to rapidly develop and enhance our applications. BCD's technical support team is the best I've ever dealt with. They are always ready to go the extra distance whenever we've needed."

-- Mike Hayes, VP Software Development

Morgan Corporation

"ProGen is a valuable addition to our "toolkit". It has aided in reducing the backlog and allowed MIS to be more responsiveto our users. Great bang for the buck! Cut development time by 50% - 75%."

Thomas Estes

Coral Industries

"For more than 35 years, on all the IBM platforms, I have been using RPG and its iterations. From cards to coding sheets to full screen SEU, through the System 3s, 32s, 34s, 36s, 38s and 400s, I've had an opportunity to see and work with many, many tools and techniques that enhance program development efficiency and accuracy. Nothing has come close to ProgenPlus for everyday use. In a very dynamic IT environment, the demand for online queries, reports, prompts, and data entry is a daily challenge.

"It would be hard to quantify the productivity gains of using this product, but I would put it well above the 1000% mark (yes, that's 1000%). Tasks requiring hours before are done in minutes now. Projects that took days are now done in hours. And since Progen Plus lends itself very well to modular programming, internally developed code and routines can be used over and over again.

"The ability to integrate my own routines with the Progen base code and to constructively modify the Progen program styles to best suit my company's needs is an unbeatable combination. It makes anyone a hero. And, because of the super increased productivity, it directly affects the bottom line of the folks for whom I work."

-- George McLaurine

Coastal Recovery Centers, Inc.

"ProGen Plus has helped us reduce our programming backlog and concentrate more on system design rather than coding."

Lester Gardieff

Hongson, Inc.

"One of the best utilities we ever used on the AS/400. Average more than 20 times faster."

Tony Chai

Rexall Showcase International

"This is a product that could pay for itself in a day, if you set your mind to it."

Charles Turpin

Eaton Yale Lid

"Without ProGen Plus we could not have completed the applications required with our current programming staff."

Rick Bird

Administration De Seguros, SA

"Do it fast and right the first time, that is what total quality is all about."

— Pablo Gutierrez

Wainwright Industries

"Too marvelous for words."

— Les Siles


"ProGen Plus has revitalized our application development efforts. Our backlog is shrinking despite an increase in new requests! Even the manager helps out (Gasp)."

— E. Vail Brown

Leasing Dynamics

"ProGen has allowed us to respond to users requirements more effectively. It allows average programmers to look like stars in the eyes of the users."

— Stanley Zupan, Jr.

Rockingham County

"ProGen enabled us to quickly implement RPG interactive programs in a previously all COBOL shop."

— Ronnie Winn

Qualitech, Inc

"It's just as powerful, but more affordable, and much easier to learn and use than comparable products I looked at."

— Richard Wells

JMAS Corporation

"Increased our productivity ten times. We created a work order tracking system in a few days instead of weeks."

— Kevin Dunham


"ProGen has allowed us to spend more time creating business solutions and less time writing code."

— Kuenn Drake

Continental Glass & Plastic

"Increased speed of development by leaps and bounds - outstanding."

— James McGuire

Diocese of Youngstown

"It is unique to install and use a program that performs according to its advertising and most important, to find that the support line is well versed in the applications and gives answers instead of guesses."

— Lou Orbin

Gulfco Finance Company

"I cannot begin to think of enough good adjectives to describe ProGen Plus and the results it has provided. Do yourself a favor and try it."

— Steven Hailey

J. Polep Distribution Services

"If you're looking to improve productivity there is no good reason not to buy this product."

— Paul S. Marusek

Brandon & Clark, Inc

"The best single software investment we ever made"

— Roger Clark

Western Sunrise Mortgage

"Allowed over 50 programs to be generated & maintained in 4 months."

— David Baxter

Dan River Inc.

"Sales Forecast/Tracker (150 hours), Return Goods System (200 hours) normally development would have been at least double."

— Tony Dix

Zinc Corp of America

"Production planning application - saved 75% of program-from-scratch time. Maintenance & inquiry programs in 1/10 the program-from-scratch time."

— Don Henderson

JMAS Corporation

"We created a work order tracking system in a few days instead of weeks."

— Kevin Dunham

Trans Union Corp

"Collection system, Management information system. Interactive programs take 2% to 5% of the time of manually developed, less sophisticated programs."

— Tom Solnok

Gourmet Award Foods

"Maintaining tables such as mileage table, department table, etc. 1/2 day instead of 5 days programming."

— Joel Stone

Western Sunrise Mortgage

"Appraisal database - We didn't know how to program subfiles, but with ProGen, 1 hour and it was running - that included learning it."

— David Baxter


"All file maintenance and inquiry programs are written with ProGen Plus. We are even re-writing older programs with ProGen to take advantage of its look and feel."

— Tom Nickel

Cliftex Corporation

"Order processing system for the retail chain part of our company - complete system in 20% of the time it would have taken."

— Steve Gallant

Cardinal Health

"Helped us get a lot of work done in a short amount of time and even fairly complex reports can be done easily, not like some other "report-writers" we have."

— Susan D'Angelo