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Reviews from and MCPress

The following are excerpts from reviews of ProGen software. Also, be sure to check out what leading users have to say in our customer comments section.

Review by Wayne Madden, Senior Editor, in News/400 now System i News


"Works with existing databases and applications"

"Simple user interface"

"Extensibility of template definitions"

"Exploits modular programming"

"Value for price"

"ProGen Plus... is an AS/400 application generator with a history...the product has evolved into a mature, template-based application generator."

"One of ProGen's biggest strengths is its ability to immediately use any existing externally defined database file on your AS/400. You don't have to describe any files to ProGen's central repository."

"ProGen's bread and butter is providing a simple yet sophisticated way to quickly generate programs based on supplied templates you can modify."

"These templates represent the fundamental types of business programs you write on an AS/400."

"...the source code ProGen generates, is well-structured and readable.You can also modify the shell source... to make these shell source members compatible with your own standards."

"Once you define a module for a particular field, any new or existing ProGen program can use that module, freeing you from having to insert validation code into every program... this modular approach is helpful and shows good design on BCD's part."

"USRCOD (User Code: Insert user code) .... is an especially handy command. The USRCOD command prompts you for the file name of the source member containing RPG code you've written outside of ProGen. When ProGen generates the program, USRCOD inserts the additional code into the program. Besides letting you add function, this type of implementation lets you modify the ProGen definition without losing any code you've manually added. Each time you generate a new version of the program, your code is included."

"Considering ProGen's method of enhancing generic programs, as well as the fact that it lets you create field validation modules and call any existing program on your system, ProGen can handle a large percentage of your development efforts." ,

"If you're getting a trial copy of ProGen, dig into the Quick Start manual to quickly acquaint yourself with the product."

"All the documentation is accurate, well organized, and well illustrated."

"ProGen can deliver immediate productivity improvements to your 3GL development and maintenance efforts."

"You'll find that ProGen is a very good value at a very good price."

"A major strength of ProGen Plus is its ability to incorporate existing legacy and third-party DDS files into ProGen Plus applications. It allows you to incorporate custom routines into ProGen Plus applications as defined actions or to change the program directly using SEU. Then again, many shops find that they never need to go outside of ProGen Plus to develop and maintain well-designed applications."

MCPress Online

Learn more about our quality add on products that will help you develop robust programs and applications even faster

DbGen the Database File Management tool witha ProGen Plus interface that lets you introduce company standards to your fields, and assist with Year 2000 date changes.

EZ-Pickin's , Catapult and Spool-Explorer port any AS/400 reports including ProGen's for Report Mining and Data Extractionon PCs. Drill up/down, analyze, filter, graph, view summarize ....Update any of 100's of PC applications; Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, MS-Word ....