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Flexible Report Downloads and Distribution

Save or Print Reports

Save reports to any network drive or print to any network printer.

Email Reports

Email reports as attachments or in the body of the email in the PC file format of your choice.

Report Format Options

You can select whether to download the report as it appears when displayed on an IBM i session, without embedded blank lines between the space/skip-to lines, or as it is printed, with all blank lines and page breaks embedded. The latter is especially useful for reports that are highly dependent on line positioning to be readable such as invoices that are printed on pre-printed forms.

Additional Security Options

Spool-Explorer includes some security functions which allow you to build on your IBM i object security. It is important to note that IBM i object security automatically takes affect in Spool-Explorer.

Each text box in the menu bar of Spool-Explorer can be individually secured by the settings in the User Security Configuration application. You can set the following items for Queue, User, Form type, User data, File name, and Job:

  • Enable or Disable the entry.
  • Allow the user to change the value in the text box.
  • Provide a default value.

Use Spool-Explorer to instantly access, print and send spool files.

Users can point-and-click to display, print, save and email spool files as PDF, RTF, HTML and TXT.

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