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User-Friendly Windows Interface

  • View spool files by queue, user ID and more
  • Point and click downloads
  • Organize spool files into folders
  • Open and view multiple reports
  • Connect to multiple IBM i

Flexible Report Downloads and Distribution

  • Save, print or fax reports
  • Email reports
  • Report format options
  • Additional security options

Powerful Spool File Conversion Optionst

  • Convert spool files to PDF, HTML, RTF or Plain Text
  • Convert AFPDS to TIFF
  • Customize and save formatting options

PDF, RTF and HTML Functionality

  • Forms/graphic overlays
  • Compression and encryption
  • Bookmarks for quick navigation
  • Rich format for bold and underlined Text

Use Spool-Explorer to instantly access, print and send spool files.

Users can point-and-click to display, print, save and email spool files as PDF, RTF, HTML and TXT.

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