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User-Friendly Windows Interface

View Spool Files by Queue, User ID and more

The spool file list can be loaded by User, Queue, Job and more. The list can also be repositioned by clicking on any of the attribute headings.

Point and Click Downloads

To Save, View or Print a report simply right click on the spool file and select your distribution method and the PC file format to convert to.

Organize Spool Files into Folders

Organize spool files into folders for Windows Explorer like quick navigation. Folders can be based on a spool file attribute such as User, Queue and other options.

Open and View Multiple Reports

In Spool-Explorer you can open and view multiple spool files. Click on the tabs to quickly flip between spool files or the spool file list.

Connect to Multiple IBM i

Connect to multiple IBM i to access spool files from any system.


Use Spool-Explorer to instantly access, print and send spool files.

Users can point-and-click to display, print, save and email spool files as PDF, RTF, HTML and TXT.

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