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Server Side (Hosting PHP Apps on IBM i)
Minimum IBM i Operating System V6R1
TCP/IP Required Yes
IBM APACHE HTTP Server Required Yes
Minimum Space Required 50 MB +
Minimum Space Required (during installation) 150 MB (until install libs are removed)
Other Requirements Zend Server installed and running on your IBM i. We recommend that you install Zend Server and the necessary PTFs prior to installing WebSmart PHP. To determine if you have Zend Server installed and for more information on Zend Server, see KB Article 10278.Using Zend Server Basic is all that is required to get started, however, when you are ready to develope important business applications we recommend Zend Server Professional or Enterprise.

Server Side (Hosting PHP Apps on Other Servers; e.g. Windows, Unix or Linux)
Apache and PHP and all appropriate modules installed and configured correctly
PHP installation can access the database(s) you need to connect to
If you are using a database for which there are predefined templates you should be able to create functional PHP applications for your environment without needing to make changes to the templates. Otherwise, varying degrees of template modifications may be required.

Client Side
Minimum Operating System Windows 7
Other Requirements --