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WebSmart ILE customers shared the following testimonials about developing new IBM i RPG web applications.

"Websmart ILE has allowed our organization to build Customer data entry and inquiry Web Site Portals that directly utilize the I-series Data Base. The applications are real-time and that benefits both our customers and our business."

— Jim Jarmusz, Brokers’ Risk

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"WebSmart is an easy-to-use tool for deploying web applications. I've been an RPG programmer for over 20 years and have no web development experience, but with WebSmart I was able to rewrite our Refinished Goods ordering system in less than two months. WebSmart is a wonderful tool for IBM i programmers who want to learn how to develop for the web. Thank you for developing such wonderful software."

— Maria Doty, Ternes Packaging

"WebSmart is very easy for a green screen user to pick up and learn with very little web experience."

— Amy Rusnak, IT Projects Team Leader, DCS, Inc.

Amy Rusnak
  • Amy Rusnak
  • IT Projects Team Leader
  • DCS, Inc.

"I was able to put together an entire online ordering process by myself using WebSmart. It took about 1/2 the time that it took a web development firm with a staff of about 5 programmers doing a similar project. The new online ordering programs were created by using part of the WebSmart wizard templates and part developed by myself using HTML and JavaScript. The programs run exceptionally fast and link directly to my AS400 database.

I was able to learn the product without taking classes in about 4 months by trying the examples outlined in the guidelines manual, using the online help, and BCD tech support. The BCD tech support staff was very helpful and patient during this time."

— Carolyn Struck, Senior Systems Analyst, Quadion Corporation

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"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with WebSmart and Clover. As a web programmer with zero background in RPG Code or even AS400, I was very nervous about the software package. However I found the interface very intuitive, and soon I was transforming the built in templates to customized, dynamic programs that my company can't get enough of. Whenever I have a question, from the simplest request to the most complex troubleshooting, customer service has never failed to come through for me in a timely, accurate, and polite manner. I highly recommend WebSmart and Clover to any company looking to bring it's web applications to a new level."

— Ortal Geffen, Amphenol RF

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"WebSmart is an excellent tool for RPG programmers to get their introduction to the web development. BCD's support team ensures that users are well positioned to learn and offer superb advice. Our billing department loves the new online bill of lading app we wrote which saves them and our customers a lot of time and saves our company a lot of money. I personally recommend WebSmart as the tool of choice."

— Joseph Marreiros, Sr. Systems Analyst, CF "Managing Movement"

"I'm an RPG programmer who is transferring his skills to web application processing and WebSmart is the way to go."

— Lloyd Caldwell, Maitland Smith USA

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"WebSmart saved me alot of time, which converts to alot of money saved. I also like the performance of the new application I created."

— Ed Loso, Sr. Programmer Analyst, Heyco Products, Inc.

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"We used WebSmart to replace green screen applications with web-based ones that reuse a lot of our existing code. It allowed us to move into the 21st century without spending millions of dollars in rewrites and wasting time migrating to another platform.

WebSmart is a strategic tool for us. It allowed us to move into 21st century without spending millions of dollars in rewrites. We used WebSmart to replace green screen applications with web based applications in our Treasury department which achieved massive staff savings from combining many processes. In Accounts Payable, we've eliminated paper completely as we can now display invoices on one monitor and enter the data on another with the new web apps. We did this all on the IBM i so all our software investment from the past is preserved for the future and we didn't have to waste time and money migrating to an Intel/Microsoft platform.

WebSmart has enabled us to bring our business applications fully up to date without changing hardware platform or throwing away existing code. The continuous improvements introduced by BCD mean that our original investment is still good today."

— Tony Adams, G Modiano

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"I am a Sr. Programmer Analyst and Project Manager at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America in Southern New Jersey. After an exhaustive yearlong review process, in 2005 we chose WebSmart to revitalize our Dealer Network application. I researched thoroughly for the best iSeries web development solution for Mitsubishi Fuso (MFTA) and narrowed it to three. We have 3 full-time 20+ year RPG programmers and wanted to retain them but not expand. I attended training for the first two products. In short the first product was too complicated, the second was too top-heavy... the third was WebSmart. BCD said they could show it to me, however, I could also download it along with the tutorial and understand it. Yeah, Right !!! I thought. I was amazed! I did understand it. I finished a small project in two days.

I also evaluated BCD's Tech Support. Their knowledge, pride in product and customer attitude, proved this was a "fit." I made the right Choice with BCD and WebSmart. We're on track with our new FUSO.NET site and having lots of fun getting there.

Our staff goes to battle over who will get to do the next web application development project! Although we have critical, complicated legacy applications written in RPGILE for the AS400, it is the web-based projects that get the attention, accolades and staff's eagerness.

It was the decision of the decade for me at MFTA. I'd been at for a while and the choices down to three finalists (none of which I was crazy for). Then I found WebSmart on IBM's Roadmap and with-in hours of my first phone conversation with Marcel Sarrasin, I had a working web program using OUR data. The tool provides a simple, yet robust, interface that generates RPG code with embedded HTML. Being a shop of experienced and seasoned RPG coders it was an exact fit for our company.

There have been some situations that our training just couldn't cover and BCD Tech Support keeps hope alive! The folks at BCD are a knowledgeable, patient and versatile bunch. They used the expertise in their office, all the way to the top dog and with a "tag-team" approach on an obstinate single-sign on requirement - we were victorious.

The twenty-five years of experience I have at my back did not prepare me for this New World of web development where even the words 'server configuration' made my hairs stand up. But the WebSmart configuration was a breeze. I explained our environments, our Change Management approach and standardization principles to the support team. We worked together until I was satisfied that MFTA's ideologies will be upheld and I was satisfied that I understood what it was we were doing - AND I DID!!!!

WebSmart is chock full of snippets, pre-written functions and nooks & crannies to hold our unique procedures. Knowledge transfer from one staff member to another and back seems to be unending since we are learning from the intuitive tool every time we use it.

It's been a lot of fun to learn and to use WebSmart. Now that the move from emulator to real web programs for our Dealer portal has been complete for over a year, the competition is fierce for the WebSmart tasks on-deck. Ahhh - and when it's completed it kinda gives us that junior programmer grin - you remember that feeling, don't you?"

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— Susan DeFrance, Sr. Pgmr / Lead Analyst

Susan DeFrance
  • Susan DeFrance, Sr. Pgmr / Lead Analyst
  • Mitsubishi Fuso
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"I've used many methods for development and deployment on the iSeries, and WebSmart is by far the easiest, fastest, and most user friendly. It provides a complete environment for development and control of applications, cuts development time and cost, allows use and seamless integration of many different technologies and protocols, and is easier for the users to learn and use. Everybody likes it. WebSmart eliminates these traditional limitations by streamlining and accelerating the development process, and by providing virtually unlimited graphical web based presentation of applications and data. I think every iSeries shop should be using WebSmart.

Data access and presentation with WebSmart is exceptional. Plus, WebSmart interfaces perfectly with AS400 RPGLE and CL programs, so that existing programs can still be used without having to redevelop and test in WebSmart. Additionally, the SQL component is fast to code and use.

Not only do we develop richer, more intuitive easier to use programs using WebSmart, we do it a lot faster than basic RPGLE/CL coding... and it's a lot more fun. WebSmart makes developing powerful web-based applications very easy and fast. It allows our users to easily access, manage, and present data from multiple sources, which makes it easier for them to do their work."

— Bill Hicks, Lamps Plus

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"I had a need to present AS/400 data in a browser. I looked at IBM's WebSphere but it's costly and cumbersome to maintain. I looked at CGIDEV and actually created some pages using it. But it's still very labor intensive from a programmer's standpoint.

Then I looked at WebSmart. I actually loaded the product, ran through the tutorial AND, get this, had my availability web page (for our multi-store kiosks) up and running in a single morning! This product is nothing short of amazing. I'm hooked and don't want to look back. By the end of the second day I had created a P.O. for BCD's WebSmart.

I'd recommend this product to any AS/400 programmer. It's fast to learn, the response time in screens is sub-second and the results look polished right out of the box. Give it a try."

— Chuck Ackerman, MIS Director, Lamps Plus

"I recall about two years ago when I was at a crossroad. I had a mandate to create an intranet Web site. IBM insisted that their Domino suite of products was the easiest and fastest path to my desired goals, which was to leverage my already existing AS/400 data files and applications.

Purchasing the Domino Developer license was one of my biggest mistakes. Domino was not fast and certainly not easy. A short time later I discovered BCD's WebSmart. They too made similar claims of fast and easy but liked their approach to extending existing applications to the web. I loaded and tried the product, followed the user guide and templates and the product actually worked as claimed - fast and easy! I was able to create my first executable application in less than a couple of hours. We were very impressed. We have since put our entire application on the web for our inhouse staff and sales team using WebSmart and have excellent system response. I certainly do recommend this product and BCD to anyone looking to bring their applications to the web. BCD's support and know how have been of great help."

Ellery Soifer offers more kudos for WebSmart:

"Under the heading of 'helped you solve actual business and IT issues' would be their [BCD's] understanding of how our company needed to scan and optically store product images, merge these images with existing iSeries data, and present them to our users in a search-engine type environment. The use of their WebSmart product along with their vast knowledge created an amazing functional company tool that is in constant use.

And further, under the category of 'just made my job easier,' was the fact that commissioning their organization to kick-start the project gave me time to handle business emergencies (as is common in a one-man IT environment) and that owning the WebSmart product allows me to execute minor changes myself as our business environment evolves."

— Ellery Soifer, MIS, Tricots Liesse

Ellery Soifer
  • Ellery Soifer
  • MIS
  • Tricots Liesse
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"As an independent software vendor who has been providing total solutions for local government since 1983, on IBM hardware, you can imagine how our products may have looked and functioned back then. Today they have been completely transformed into modern web based applications running on new IBM System i servers. We knew we had to change not only the way our products looked but also the way they functioned; the need to modernize was inevitable in order to remain competitive.

One thing that was a key focus in our modernization tool search was that the tool had to be IBMi centric since we wanted to modernize on this platform. After all, the IBM i server is robust and stable. Our customers have been spoiled by its safe environment of (99.99%) never-fail hardware and resistance to hacking or security issues.

Beginning in 2001, and for two years following we stumbled trying out several companies' products who boasted rapid development, easy-to-use, no re-writing of your code. None of them worked as advertised. I need not say more. I don't remember exactly when or how we learned about BCD and their products, but ever since then, we were on our way to modernizing our products and we have never looked back.

We first started with BCD's WebSmart. Our programmers transformed several of our green-screen applications into eye-catching web applications in a matter of days. We then used CLOVER to build drill down queries with charts and graphs that mine the data created by our applications. We tie it all together with their NEXUS portal. Nexus Portal is a System i-hosted Web Portal solution designed to provide fast, secure and organized access to our applications through web browsers. Today our applications are very well received by our clients.

Their solutions include NUMEROUS wizards and templates which help you get going instead of trying to figure out where to begin and that also saves a lot of time in development.

Not only do their products work, but everything is managed at the server level. There is nothing that needs to be loaded on the client PCs. Not only does that save us money it also saves our customers money, and it saves time. This approach enforces consistency, simplifies enhancements and reduces the cost of maintenance.

BCD is certainly committed to offering unrivalled quality of service and personal attention to their clients. Their talented staff has a knack for listening and helping. I often feel that we are their only customer. I know they have a large client base, but when one of us contacts support, whether by telephone or by email, we hear back from them in a matter of minutes. Do not ask me how they do it!

It is because of the BCD products and tools that we have been able to remain in the forefront of the industry in which we serve. Without them, we would not be in business today. Our goal at DCS Software is to develop and deploy the very best software solutions for Police, Fire and EMS agencies available on the market. For the past 23 years, DCS has been marketing proven green screen applications. Our marketing group demanded a more modern look of these same products, in order to maintain our highly competitive position.

Thanks to BCD's WebSmart, our employees have been able to excel beyond their individual capabilities. In less than three months, we've been able to modernize more than 50% of our four major sellers. When making our decision we needed a web application development tool that was very flexible, easy-to-learn and allowed us to quickly make our major systems browser based without having to take the entire application down.

Another important criteria we wanted was to easily distribute software enhancements to our clients. If we made modifications to the software, those changes need to be made globally to the system. We did not want us or our clients to deal with updating individual PCs.

We found all this and more in BCD's WebSmart — it's been a real a winner for us!"

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— Mary T. Rooney-Lucas, President & CEO, DCS, Inc

Mary Rooney-Lucas
  • Mary T. Rooney-Lucas
  • President and CEO, DCS, Inc.

"We have a large group of experienced RPG programmers who can now develop programs for the web with no prior experience. We have drastically cut the programming time needed to see professional results. BCD's WebSmart offered us a very quick payback while learning a new technology. It has been a key factor to our successful transition from green-screen application designers and developers to web application designers and developers. I can certainly say that I am very proud of our people and the innovative systems we're creating for our clients using WebSmart, and I'm very pleased with the people and support we've received from BCD as our partner."

— Dan Hogan, VP, Client Tech Services, EvolveIT

Thomas Hughes swears by BCD's WebSmart, which helps RPG and Cobol programmers create new i system web applications and modernize legacy ones as well. He also appreciates the BCD tech support team. Here's part of his testimonial:

"I first started working with BCD's product WebSmart in late 2000. I was developing a website demo in JSP to present to my company's management team for approval on a project we wanted to accomplish in IT. I was using JSP to access our DB2/400 database. I spent two months designing pages, creating artwork (buttons, logos, splashes, etc...), writing code (JavaScript, JSP, html, etc...), and configuring Websphere 2.0. By chance I saw an ad in a trade publication for BCD's WebSMart product and decided to give the 30-day trial a test.

After download, I configured the product, which took less than 15 minutes in comparison to the day and a half that WebSphere needed. Next, I attempted my first page. By using WebSmart templates, I was able to create a page with a table of DB2/400 production data in under 10 minutes. I am an RPG coder by trade and was astounded by this. Two hours later, I had created the page to look and perform like its counterpart in my JSP version. And three days later, I had developed the whole site that took me almost two months to accomplish using other tools.

Two jobs later, after bringing WebSmart in-house in both of those companies, my current employer utilizes WebSmart, WebSmart PHP, and Clover to generate income via the Internet in our online systems. We are also currently evaluating BCD's other products—Nexus and Presto."

— Thomas Hughes, Benetech, CTO

Thomas Hughes
  • Thomas Hughes
  • Benetech, CTO
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"KMR Systems considered many System i modernization approaches before making the strategic decision to go with BCD. Their ClearPath integrated modernization suite: WebSmart PHP, Nexus Portal, Clover Query and Catapult offers state of the art products that made our offerings cutting edge. We're now providing modern solutions to satisfy the needs of our Union and Benefits clients across the country.

Our new modernized application suite which preferably runs on the secure and reliable System i, allows us to outperform our competitors on other platforms. We now have an open source product which expands our capabilities by sharing with other open source products. We're extremely happy with the excellent support and as an added bonus the cost was reasonable."

— Michael G. Galligan, President/CEO; KMR Systems Corp., IBM Vertical Industry Program (VIP) member

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Jeremy Bumgarner, who notes that BCD's tech support is "icing to the cake," says his employer purchased WebSmart in 2006 and has developed several robust, web-based systems with it:

"WebSmart takes care of the web-interactions for us, leaving us to develop logically sound, web-based solutions in record time. As a programmer who has provided web-based iSeries solutions before without a tool like WebSmart, I can fully appreciate the time savings this affords us.

One of the features that I am most impressed with is data access on non-iSeries systems. JDBC data access is one of the newer features of WebSmart, and I absolutely love it. I get to treat the MSSQL tables just like the table exists on our iSeries. No special coding, it just works. I take care of business logic, WebSmart does the rest. As an IT person, 'it just works' is very comforting, and WebSmart does just that.

Additionally, management is in love with another feature of WebSmart—SmartCharts. With SmartCharts, I am able to build 3D charts and graphs on the iSeries and deliver them via the web. I am even able to make them clickable for data mining purposes. How cool is that — an on-the-fly generated 3D graph using our data."

— Jeremy Bumgarner, Oktibbeha County Hospital

Jeremy Bumgarner
  • Jeremy Bumgarner
  • Oktibbeha County Hospital
  • Oktibbeha County Hospital logo

"WebSmart is a great tool for people who are not very savvy with web technology to create web applications."

— Shashi Jalota, Alfa Aesar

Alfa Aesar logo

"Wow, this speaks leaps and bounds for BCD. I made a product suggestion, the follow through to my recommendation and the fact that my suggestion was put in the hands of BCD's development group, shows a rare quality for a software solution company today. I appreciate your update and the responsiveness to your customer's needs, input and suggestions. I look forward to working with BCD."

— Scott McIver, MIS Programmer / Analyst, West Coast Paper

"WebSmart is a very easy to use product. We do complicated procedures and WebSmart makes it easy. We save hours of time using WebSmart. I have been a RPG and COBOL programmer for over 39 Years and WebSmart is very easy to pickup."

— Charles Gelina, Dorchester County

Dorchester County logo

"Choosing WebSmart was one of our best technology decisions. We are very happy with the results it produces."

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— Pat Pepperman, UniPharm Whole Sale Drugs Ltd.

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"Optimum Solutions successfully uses both WebSmart and ProGen Plus in the development of Optimum Solutions Payroll, Human Resources, and Applicant Tracking applications. Both of these BCD modernization products have helped us to rapidly develop and enhance our applications. BCD's technical support team is the best I've ever dealt with. They are always ready to go the extra distance whenever we've needed."

— Mike Hayes, VP Software Development, Optimum Solutions

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"WebSmart is marvelous! We use it to replace older System i green screens and found that the modernized screens we created with it are quite popular with our customers. WebSmart is very easy to use and it helps us do our job quickly. We love it!

WebSmart has saved my company by providing us with a web presence without having to invest in a windows solution. We use it to replace older IBM i green screens and found that the modernized screens we created with it are quite popular with our customers. WebSmart is very easy to use and it helps us do our job quickly. We love it! And I could not ask for better technical support."

— Tom Windham, IT Manager, Hewitt Coleman

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"As a veteran RPG programmer, the thought of learning HTML, JavaScript and Java was very overwhelming so I never thought I would ever get into web programming. But WebSmart has given me hope and I am getting exposure to HTML and JavaScript. GREAT product for RPG programmers to get exposure to web programming!"

— Shashi Jalota, ESP Business Solutions

"In a short period of time I found that Web services are a very simple thing to implement when you use WebSmart."

— Weems Hutto, IT Consultant to RVOS

RVOS logo

"I reviewed in detail several leading iSeries web application development tools, and query tools to modernize our iSeries applications. I'm very conservative and detest risks and surprises... I like software that works. I selected WebSmart, Nexus Portal, & Clover from BCD. These integrated products set the standard from which all others should be judged.

The software works well and the support is tremendous. The decision to use BCD products is one of the biggest no-brainers a CIO can make."

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— Gary Stewart, Director IT, Academic Book Services

"Cereal Food's development platform has been based upon BCD products for over 10 years. Our interactions with BCD as an organization have always been outstanding. In fact, BCD has become the ruler we use to measure new vendors against."

— Bill Meyer, Director Computer Services, Cereal Food Processors

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"I would first like to compliment BCD on what a fine product WebSmart has become. MetaTech AS is a small software consultancy specializing in banking software for banks and credit unions in Norway. In order to offer a complete banking application to new and existing customers, we developed an Internet banking application that our clients customers use to check their accounts, pay bills and transfer funds. We chose WebSmart as our tool for developing our Internet banking application for many reasons, the most important being:

  • WebSmart is a complete development environment. We need no other tools to develop our application. That saves us a lot of time and money.
  • WebSmart needs almost no prior knowledge of RPG. Even though almost all of our development is in RPG and our banking application is written in RPG, the person who is developing our WebSmart application is not an RPG programmer.
  • Our platform is iSeries and we want our Internet application to run on an iSeries too. No PC-servers are needed (or wanted!) .
  • We are calling RPG programs in our banking application from WebSmart thereby reusing existing code, again time and money saved.
  • We need the best security for our application. WebSmart has the technology we need for an advanced Internet banking application. We are using serverside cookies (or SMURFs), SSL and validation lists to make our site secure.
  • In the future we may have to develop a WAP version of our application. WebSmart has support for WAP applications too.
  • We have yet to reach any limitations in WebSmart. We haven’t had a problem that WebSmart couldn’t solve."

— Greg Stahl, MetaTech

"This was a no-brainer. Using WebSmart on the AS/400 seemed like the appropriate alternative. As our requirements change, we can easily make changes to the application. It's very supportable. The templates were very helpful for the base code, once you have the basic display logic, then we could go in and tweak it to get the things that we needed for our situation. Everything that customer service came up with, we were able to make work using WebSmart. This project has visibility from the CEO and Director of Marketing. Both have been active in rounding out the functional specifications."

— Phil Catlin, Application Development Manager, Formica

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"This was a no-brainer. Using WebSmart on the AS/400 seemed like the appropriate alternative. As our requirements change, we can easily make changes to the application. It's very supportable. The templates were very helpful for the base code, once you have the basic display logic, then we could go in and tweak it to get the things that we needed for our situation. Everything that customer service came up with, we were able to make work using WebSmart. This project has visibility from the CEO and Director of Marketing. Both have been active in rounding out the functional specifications."

"In any one day we have 550 to 600 users running between 1,000 to 1,200 sessions of WebSmart developed applications on our iSeries and we have not needed to upgrade our hardware. Our system response time has actually improved since implementing WebSmart. One of the reasons is we replaced many interactive query jobs with WebSmart jobs that run in the batch subsystem. We have fewer jobs servicing the same number of users. I can safely say this project was a success. Now that the application is Web-based, it is getting 10,000 hits per Week. We're serving about 16,000 unique page hits and 18 MB of data everyday. We've decided to develop 5 or 6 more applications."<

— Phil Catlin, Application Development Manager, Formica

"WebSmart is by far the Best AS/400 to Web product I have ever used. I only wish we had employed this product sooner."

— Tammy Joice, Stanley Furniture

Stanley Furniture logo

"WebSmart was definitely a good choice — It cuts down on our development time and lets us get new applications rolled out more quickly. It's good to see the technology we chose has made such a positive impact."

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— Ed Strahs, Kwik Trip, Inc

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"With the mandated Sarbanes Oxley laws, we needed to streamline a security approval "work-flow process" that would keep records on all requests for security clearance. WebSmart helped us establish a Web based application with in a very short period of time and with a minimal learning curve... and just in time for our audit!"

— Greg Barch, Baker Petrolite

Baker Petrolite logo

"Great product, tremendous support. Easy-to-use."

— Colin Haughton, Hickory Farms, Inc.

Hickory Farms logo

"WebSmart is quick to learn and fun to use, yet powerful enough for serious application development. Altogether, WebSmart is an excellent tool for creating new web applications that use the iSeries."

— Steve Hale, Universal Music Int'l

Universal Music logo

"The easiest product on the market to use. Bar none."

— John Meleky, Voice Retrieval & Information Services

"The manual has a tutorial which guides you through the development of a hypothetical bookstore application while you are learning PML. You can be totally unfamiliar with WebSmart but at the point where you've completed the tutorial, you are totally conversant with the language and all the functional areas. You may not know every trick and nuance but you can certainly be productive, almost immediately.

It took only 4 days from not having ever seen the software to a complete production application that was ready to be used by agents & customers.

WebSmart writes RPG which is pretty amazing. Then you use PML (ProGen Macro Language) to program, that to a PC guy looks like C++. When you have finished developing your application, you compile (the program) on the AS/400 which creates a CGI script that runs quickly and doesn't load up the machine."

— Lee Gillow, Sr. P/A, Airways Freight

Airways Freight logo

"Unlike other vendors, BCD let us evaluate the product without first making a financial commitment: WebSmart is that simple to use.There is nothing to get in the way of successfully building a site.and the templates were of great help. After you compile your program, you can modify the RPG source it creates with PML. It's all very straightforward."

— Duane Danner, Avery Weigh-Tronix

"With the reasonable acquisition cost of WebSmart it was easily cost justified. Our customers love it and we are very pleased with the end result. It has allowed us to do things that we didn't think we could afford to do."

— Dolly Newville, MIS Manager, Avery Weigh-Tronix

"BCD let us take a copy with for evaluation. When we got back to our office we loaded it onto one of our smaller development machines and in one evening we had developed a nice inquiry application—all with temporary codes. The functionality we were looking for was definitely there and it was a lot less expensive than the other tools. PML (ProGen Macro Language) is very easy to learn. The templates also made it easy. Pick a file, pick a field, compile and it generates a bunch of PML. As a programmer, you can look at the output and figure it out from there.

We're super happy with WebSmart's performance. WebSmart does not require a large AS/400 like other products. ProGen WebSmart runs directly compiled programs with no intermediate middleware layers in between. Also, it runs Native ILE programs."

— Nathan Quinones, Application Developer/Partner, Custom Systems Corporation

Custom Systems Corporation logo

"ProGen WebSmart has been the most complete tool I have ever implemented. The pre-built templates allowed me to have working web programs in minutes. The well-written user manual gave me the background to customize the site. I had a complete system built in weeks instead of many months. The generated programs are extremely efficient, and in over a year have never halted. With the iSeries web server and WebSmart we have a complete solution."

— Jim Franz, Application Development Manager, Builders Notice Corporation

Builders Notice Corporation logo

"We have addressed both of our immediate requirements by implementing a powerful website for consumers and commercial customers on the Internet, and then extending it as an intranet solution for the mail order division. We found the templates that were included in the product very useful. We wanted to put all our products into a database and maintain that database throughout the web. We were able to use their maintenance templates to help us maintain the page ourselves. The tool set is organized well and steps you through different levels. It's rare to find a company like BCD that works with the customers. They are very thorough and prompt."

— Gary Hook, MIS Manager, Morven Partners

"We were looking at WebSphere but training and development would have taken a long time. We experimented a little with Web Facing but it was finicky. WebSmart was easy to use. "It's very user friendly. The functions are similar to RPG functions. We spent the most making the pages look good, but for all the background processes, it was pretty simple."

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— Thierry Gosset, Programmer/Analyst, Canadian Kawasaki

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"The templates are supreme. You can develop things just by clicking and the end results really impress people. To write real applications though, you need to learn PML. Also a background in HTML is a plus, especially to add your own look and feel to the page created by the template, place images and so on. Some of my applications are pretty complex and you need to know your way in and out of WebSmart programs to write them — you need to understand SMURFS — BCD's version of cookies, parameter passing in web pages and a number of concepts native to web development no matter what the tool used. If you are doing a straightforward application that lets users add, delete and change data in a DB2 table you can do it in a few clicks and you're done."

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— Jorge A. Machado, Manager, Applications and Programming Services, Bristol Hospital

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