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Ten Questions for Thierry Gosset, Programmer/Analyst, Canadian Kawasaki

Canadian Kawasaki Motors markets and services Motorcycles, ATV's, jet skies and other products manufactured by Japanese parent company Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Canadian Kawasaki Motors' computing environment is based on an IBM model 810, an internally developed ERP System and JD Edwards/ PeopleSoft financials.

What types of applications did you develop with WebSmart?

We developed an ordering and communications system for our dealers-- we have about 250 dealers across Canada. They place parts orders, inquire about vehicles, register new vehicles, send warranty claims-- so basically the tool they use to communicate with us is made with WebSmart.

Was any training necessary?

No. I talked to Marcel over the phone. He showed us how to build up an application based on a template. After that we were on our own. It didn't take us very long, I would say a day.

What led to your selection of WebSmart?

We were looking at WebSphere but training and development would have taken a long time. We experimented a little with Web Facing but it was finicky. WebSmart was easy to use.

What are a few things you really liked about it?

I would say the easy accessibility of the interface, it's very user friendly. The functions are similar to RPG functions. We spent the most making the pages look good, but for all the background processes, it was pretty simple.

Did WebSmart generate 100 percent of the executable code?


How much traffic does your site see?

It depends. Our business is very seasonal. In early spring and at the end of summer it is very busy. Our 720 was close to 80 or 90% of capacity. The website pushed us over 95%.

Were any hardware upgrades required?

Yes, we went from an AS/400 model 720 to an iSeries model 810, but it wasn't because of WebSmart-- it was because of dealer utilization. The website is really busy between nine and five- actually the demand for the website warranted the upgrade.

Are you using any other BCD products?


Did BCD's Technical Support team give you satisfactory answers when you called?

They have really good tech support. If you have a problem they never let go until the issue is resolved. I'm really pleased with them.

What would you like to tell others about your experience with WebSmart?

It's really a good product-- very easy to use and the people at BCD are always ready to help you. I am the only one that takes care of the web site and I don't think I would be able to do that with WebSphere.