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WebSmart Mobile customers share the following testimonials about developing RPG and multi-platform PHP mobile web applications.

"WOW! WebSmart Mobile is an incredible piece of software. This should be a 'must have' tool for anyone wanting to develop mobile apps for their IBM i. We use WebSmart and are going to use it a LOT more in the future!"

— Danny Chandler, Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation

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"My first impressions are that WebSmart Mobile is a great product. In less than a week, we had a rock solid mobile order entry web app up and running. The point-and-click snippets also make it easier to design a mobile interface."

— Paul Marusek, J. Polep

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"I've used WebSmart since 2002, and with new WebSmart Mobile, it has become even easier to launch mobile web apps that our clients and users can use. After receiving my first beta release, I was able to build a simple mobile web app within ten minutes. Then, I made use of jQuery Mobile widgets provided in WebSmart to update the web app so it was ready for final testing."

— John Meleky, Voice Retrieval & Information Services

"All of the web applications we created for PCs with WebSmart display and work beautifully on iPads with no special programming. This has allowed our workers to directly access and process orders anywhere on the mill site, eliminating the paper transfer between mills and office and the delay in processing information."

— Marjorie Crouse, Seneca Sawmill

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