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The Fastest Way for IBM i Programmers to Develop New RPG Web Applications

Even if you have no web development experience, on day one you'll create database-driven desktop and mobile web applications that you'll want to show your boss.

You can customize the applications in the WebSmart IDE to create powerful web applications for any business need.

I've used many methods for development and deployment on the IBM i, and WebSmart is by far the easiest, fastest, and most user friendly. "

  • Bill Hicks
  • Lamps Plus
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Why Choose WebSmart ILE?

Powerful PML Language

The functionality in WebSmart ILE programs is handled by PML, BCD's custom language. This 4GL language generates RPG and will save you time because it requires fewer lines of code.

Leverage RPG

WebSmart ILE includes functions that make it easy to call existing RPG programs and modules so you can leverage your investment in IBM i.

Tight IBM i Integration

There is a seamless connection between WebSmart ILE and DB2 during development and runtime. WebSmart ILE web applications run 100% on the IBM i for maximum security and reliability.

Short Learning Curve

WebSmart ILE was built with RPG programmers in mind and eases their transition to web development.

Please visit the WebSmart home page to see all the benefits of developing web applications with WebSmart. WebSmart ILE is part of the WebSmart family, which also includes WebSmart PHP, and Clover.


Start developing RPG or PHP web applications with WebSmart today.

You get quick results and unlimited support. WebSmart takes 15-30 minutes to install.

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