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Change Management and Repository

WebSmart includes built-in change management and integrates with third-party tools.

Manage and Promote Work in Projects

Organize your WebSmart definitions within the built in Change Management feature which allows you to create Projects containing sets such as Development and Production where you can promote your work.

PDWs Saved and Archived in IFS

All pdws are saved and archived on your IBM i in the IFS. You can archive definitions and revert back to any archived version.

PDWS Saved and Archived in IFS

Source Compare Utility

Compare current or archived versions of a pdw to any other version of it and restore if desired. See the pdws side by side with all differences highlighted.

Mass Recompiles

Mass recompile feature lets you promote and recompile a whole set of programs from a project.

Audit Trails

Comprehensive audit trails available for viewing track all development activity, including logs of successful compiles and source code changes.

Third-Party Change Management

WebSmart integrates with third-party change management tools, including the ARCAD-Skipper solution for application lifecycle management (ALM), Aldon Lifecycle Manager, Softlanding Turnover and SVN.

Mass Recompiles

Define Business Rules in Repository

You can define your business and presentation rules in WebSmart's Central Repository by adding database field extensions and file relations. In the ILe edition they can be shared globally. Extensions can be for HTML output, HTML input, adding and linking files, defining PML or PHP logic or inheriting extensions from other fields.


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