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Windows-Based Code Editor Increases Productivity

Increase your programmning speed and produce consistent code with WebSmart's code editor.

Windows-Based IDE

The WebSmart IDE provides many productivity features for rapid design such as color coding, auto-prompting, drag-and-drop of fields and functions, real-time syntax-checking, HTML wizards, code snippets, intelligent help, etc.

Powerful PML Programming Language (ILE Edition only)

All the functionality in WebSmart ILE programs is handled by the PML, BCD's custom language (PHP edition uses PHP instead of PML). Coding in this 4GL language that generates the RPG will save you a lot of time versus coding RPG as it requires fewer lines of code. PML is a very powerful language and can be extended by creating your own functions.

100+ Pre-Defined Functions

There are over 100 PML pre-defined functions to help you develop apps much quicker than you could by hand coding RPG. There are functions for record retrieval, date manipulation, validation, drop down boxes, session handling, working with data areas and many more. If there's a function you need that doesn't exist you can even create it yourself since the PML is extensible.

5,000 PHP Functions

WebSmart PHP uses PHP, a popular and proven open-source language developed specifically to create web applications. The WebSmart IDE includes 5,000 PHP functions that makes it quicker for you to code PHP. You can also find thousands of free PHP scripts online.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

HTML Editing Tools

WebSmart simplifies coding HTML with wizards, color coding, intelligent help, drag and drop of fields, code snippets, previews and a syntax checker.

Portable Definitions

A WebSmart definition (pdw/phw) is a text file and can easily be shared via email or network folders. You can also work on a pdw/phw offline if you have the file layout loaded in your repository.

SQL Prototyping Tool

The SQL tool allows you to quickly and easily prototype your SQL strings, view the results, save the output as .csv file and create a history list. It also allows you to save your completed strings so that you can later insert them easily into your PML with the right-click option in the IDE.


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