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IBM i Integration

WebSmart was built with IBM i programmers in mind and eases their transition to web development. WebSmart ILE applications run 100% on the IBM i for maximum security and reliability and WebSmart PHP applications can run on IBM i or other platforms.

Seamless Connection to IBM i Database

There is a seamless connection between WebSmart and your IBM i database during development and runtime. Easily retrieve file layouts which are updated automatically when file is changed and the field tags are dynamically replaced by database values at runtime.

Leverage RPG

WebSmart includes wizards that make it easy to integrate existing RPG code so you can leverage your investment in IBM i. WebSmart PHP also integrates with the PHP toolkits on IBM i to leverage existing RPG code.

leverage rpg
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Extend the PML Programming Language (ILE edition only)

Extend the PML language by creating your own custom PML functions using RPG or PML which are shared with all users.

Native System IBM i Compiled Objects (ILE edition)

WebSmart ILE generates ILE/RPG CGI programs that are 100% compiled objects. WebSmart PHP generates PHP files that are saved to your IFS if running on IBM i.

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Runs 100% in batch subsystem

No costly interactive resources are used when running WebSmart programs, they run 100% in batch under the QHTTPSVR subsystem.

Simple Deployment

WebSmart programs are easily deployed. After a program is compiled, you just need to make sure the APACHE HTTP web server is running. There is no need for WebSphere. WebSmart uses the free IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache.

Comprehensive Audit Trail
Mass Recompiles

Open Source PHP Toolkit for IBM i

WebSmart PHP includes a SmartSnippet to call RPG or COBOL programs. It uses the new open source PHP toolkit for IBM i, which requires less code to call a program.

When you use WebSmart PHP's new SmartSnippet, a wizard will prompt you for the name and library of the program you want to call, as well as any parameters you want to send and receive. It will then generate the PHP required to call the program.


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