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WebSmart 11.2 - 13.4 New Features

You can download WebSmart, including the free trial, from our public site or on myFrescheSolutions.com.

WebSmart 13.4 New Features

  • Shortcut-Keys Enhancements:
    • The WebSmart IDE now provides a list of shortcut keys (Help -> Documentation -> Keyboard Shortcuts).
    • Added whole word delete shortcut (CTRL+Backspace and CTRL+Delete).
    • Added shortcuts CTRL+~ and CTRL+SHIFT+~ to switch between open documents.
  • New Function SendMailEx2: The new function SendMailEx2 allows you to send mail using TLS. SendMailEx2 uses the email functions that were previously released to support TLS. It's prototype is the same as the original sendmailex() so clients can switch email functions to use TLS with minimal code changes (ILE only).
  • The WebSmart Installer now supports Community+ PHP. The installer will prompt for a PHP locations if it cannot find a PHP installation.
  • Read-only mode: Local definitions have the option to open in read-only mode.
  • New Template to create Excel XLSX Spreadsheets: This is a new Clover template that outputs an Excel XLSX file.
    • New XLSX functions for WebSmart ILE customers to create a program that outputs an Excel XLSX file.
  • Updates to versions of JQuery and Bootstrap:
    • JQuery is updated to 3.6.0.
    • JQuery UI is updated to 1.13.
  • Additional PML Linting Options: These are two additional options to check PML during program validation (ILE only):
    • Check lines that are longer than a specified number of characters.
    • Check for unused variables.
  • JSON CCSID Support: WebSmart ILE JSON functions now include support for non-37 CCSIDs.
  • Increased size limitation to 16MB that can be output on some functions, including wrtdta and wrthtml (ILE only).

WebSmart 13.3 New Features

  • PML Linting: WebSmart ILE now supports the ability to perform extra validation checks during program validation.
  • New crtstructarrex() function: This function creates an array of structures without initializing them.
  • Ability to store Clob on IFS: WebSmart includes a new function setclobfil() and program field pgmf_clobfil to store the return of a Clob in an IFS file.
  • Default FTP/SFTP Port: Default the port to 21 or 22 when FTP or SFTP is selected.
  • XML CCSID Support: WebSmart ILE XML functions now include support for non-37 CCSIDs.

WebSmart 13.3 New Features

  • PML Linting: WebSmart ILE now supports the ability to perform extra validation checks during program validation.
  • New crtstructarrex() function: This function creates an array of structures without initializing them.
  • Ability to store Clob on IFS: WebSmart includes a new function setclobfil() and program field pgmf_clobfil to store the return of a Clob in an IFS file.
  • Default FTP/SFTP Port: Default the port to 21 or 22 when FTP or SFTP is selected.
  • XML CCSID Support: WebSmart ILE XML functions now include support for non-37 CCSIDs.

WebSmart 13.2 New Features

  • Install Enhancements: The IBM i installer now has a link to a Knowledge Base article to assist with FTP errors during the install or upgrade.
  • Smart HTTP Request Function: This is a new WebSmart ILE Snippet to make an HTTP request using SQL.
  • Release Notes on New Features Screen: The New Features Splash Screen now includes a link to a complete list of release notes available on myFresche. You can also find this screen under the menu option Help → What's New?
  • New ILE Email Functions: New email functions that allow setting the IP, domain, and port when sending an email over TLS. The functions are setemailusetls, setemaildomain, and setemailsmtpport. For technical details: SendMail with TLS.
  • Updated Getparm: WebSmart can now read parameters passed via the DELETE, PUT, and PATCH HTTP request methods using getparm()..
  • Display Templates based on License Key: The IDE now checks the license key to determine which templates to display. .
  • Upgrade JQuery: The version of JQuery used by WebSmart has been updated to v.2.2.4.

WebSmart 13.1 New Features

  • Secure FTP Support: WebSmart now supports secure FTP (sftp).
  • IASP Support: WebSmart now provides an option to install the IFS files to an IASP. The PC Installer will have a checkbox option, and the CL installer will have a Yes/No option.
  • PHP Validation option: A new option to turn off PHP validation on generation. This is found under the Tools → Options menu, and will be set to Off by default.

WebSmart 13 New Features

  • The minimum IBM i OS in this release is V7R1.
  • PHP Reports Template Family. New Templates to build report applications in PHP. SmartChart Graph and SmartChart Graph (Multi-Series) template.
  • PHP Mezzio Template Family. New Templates that allow you to build an API middleware application.
  • Cloud License Key Support. WebSmart license keys now allow wild cards for LPAR specific values. This supports environments, such as Cloud providers, where these values may change.

WebSmart 12.8 New Features

  • IASP Support: The WebSmart Installer now gives you the option to specify an IASP on which to install WebSmart. This gives customers the flexibility to install WebSmart environments on different IASPs, allowing numerous configurations.
  • ILE Enhancement: Added functions to create data structures without the INZ keyword. This allows you to pass data structures into another program.
  • Clover SmartCharts enhancements:
    • Ability to set a theme. We've added 7 additional themes with modern color schemes and fonts to Clover SmartChart templates.
    • Updated FusionCharts to version 3.15.2.
  • PHP Templates:
    • PDO conversion to ODBC. To support IBM's stated direction for database connectivity, all PHP template styles are now available in ODBC.
    • Improved the Smart Dynamic dropdown box snippet.
  • API Templates enhancements:
    • ODBC MySQL and DB2 "Page at a Time API and OpenAPI" template:
      • Ability to generate API Specifications (in JSON or YAML).
      • Allow users to save the generated CDF file locally, or upload and save it to the server.
      • Allow CDF files that are saved locally to change the FTP destination server.
    • OpenAPI "Program Call" template. Added support for advanced data types - arrays, data structures, and arrays of data structures.
  • IDE Enhancements:
    • A new shortcut option to Rebuild C++/RPG projects using Ctrl + F6.
    • Added a Work In Progress dialog when exiting WebSmart. After closing the main window, WebSmart silently cleans up the remote working directory on exit. The new WIP dialog gives you a better indication that background clean up processes are still running.
  • WAS Configuration error handling: Added ability to define additional error codes, to allow further customization of error pages.

WebSmart 12.7 New Features

  • New OpenAPI Program Call template: This template creates a PHP web service that calls an RPG program based on an OpenAPI specifications file. This can be useful for exposing existing RPG programs as a web service.
  • WAS enhancement: Ability to use wildcard for domains in WAS error handling. This allows having a single entry for subdomains.

WebSmart 12.6 New Features

  • WebSmart PHP includes support for PHP Community Edition
  • New ILE email functions enable you to send an email over TLS
  • PDO templates support using ODBC connection to DB2 database
  • New editor theme, "Darkness"

WebSmart 12.4 New Features

WebSmart PHP API Template for WebSmart PHP

WebSmart PHP’s new Page at a Time API (by Key) template makes it easier for developers to create web services and maintain a database file. This template is compatible with popular front-ends like Angular and provides built-in logic to list, view, add, change and delete records.

New WebSmart ILE Parameters forSetCookie and Gensmurfid

The WebSmart ILE SetCookie and Gensmurfid now include a parameter, addlProps, that allows you to override the default setting for the Cookie SameSite attribute. This is helpful for WebSmart users who may be impacted by recent changes to the way web browsers handle access to cookies.

WebSmart 12.3 New Features

  • Files list in the PML is now an intellisense prompt list
  • Keylist in the PML is now an intellisense prompt list

WebSmart 12.1 New Features

Zend Framework 3 Templates

New Zend Framework 3 (ZF3) templates have replaced WebSmart PHP's ZF2 templates. ZF3 is a PHP framework for deploying modular, extensible, secure and high-performance PHP applications.

These templates create separate files for each part of MVC, all contained within a single composite document in WebSmart. The ZF3 framework is ideal for larger projects. It also makes it easier to maintain applications and reuse code.

WebSmart's Zend Framework 3 templates

MDCMS Add Request Integration

If you use Midrange Dynamic's MDCMS change management solution, you can now register objects directly from WebSmart.

MDCMS Add Request Integration

WebSmart 12.0 New Features

WebSmart 11.6 New Features

PHP Validation Enhancements

WebSmart PHP templates contain a new option to validate required fields in add/change. You can also extend your PHP add/change validation code with custom validators.

Validate required fields

WebSmart 11.5 New Features

PHP Templates Field Option for Input/Output

On screens where you have a lot of input fields you will often want some of those to be output-only. A new option in the template wizard now does this for you. PHP templates contain a new option to set fields as output-only on add and change screens. During the wizard steps for selecting fields there is a drop down for each field where you can select to leave it as input or change it to output-only.

Field Option for Input/Output

Other new features

  • Improved parm handling in Clover charts with prompts.
  • ILE JSON function parameter 64k data size limit has been removed
  • Write to the job log with new ILE function wrtjoblog
  • You can now select multiple items in the file browser
  • Japanese edition: 'Tip of the day' has been translated

WebSmart 11.4 New Features

CCSID and Domain in the ECFGSMTP command

The ECFGSMTP settings now support domain names. You won't have to worry about IP address changes impacting the email sent via WebSmart with this new feature. As well there are now optional CCSID settings.

Configure WebSmart SMTP (ECFGSMTP)

Other new features

  • Improved the code for retrieving parameters and building SQL in the PHP templates.
  • New HTML encoding attribute for Alpha fields - encode="html".
  • New Encode setting in the HTML Field <Right Click>Properties window.
  • New strmfexists function allows you check that a stream file exists.
  • Sendmailex now supports setting custom ASCII and EBCSID CCSIDs.
  • NodeJS dynamically loads the DB2 module based on the installed node version. This allows WebSmart for Node.js to work with v4 and v6 of Node.js.
  • WebSmart PHP's WebSmartObject's new getParameters function retrieves multiple URL parameters at once.

WebSmart 11.3 New Features

Japanese PHP Edition

To meet the growing demand for PHP on IBM i we have created a Japanese edition of WebSmart PHP in a joint effort with our partner Solpac. In addition to Unicode and DBCS support this edition has a Japanese version of the IDE and the templates. All the menus and prompts in the IDE have been translated as has the User Guide. The Japanese version of the templates have all the action buttons and text constants translated as well.

Other features

  • Option to choose whether to include a qualified library name in SQL statements in generated programs (PHP edition only)
  • New character set encoding option in PHP templates to select between UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1.

WebSmart 11.2 New Features

WebSmart for Node.js

WebSmart for Node.js is the newest WebSmart edition. These new templates produce server-side JavaScript and are built with Bootstrap, a responsive, mobile framework that uses a single code base for the desktop and mobile versions.

Watch the video below for an introduction to WebSmart for Node.js. You can also get more information and request a trial at bcdsoftware.com/nodejs.

Improved Internationalization with Unicode edition

The PHP and Node.js editions of WebSmart are now also available in a Unicode edition. This provides enhanced support for internationalization. WebSmart already had support for DBCS databases, the Unicode edition provides the ability to enter almost any DBCS character into the IDE. This makes it easier to support text constants in any language.

Additional 11.2 Feature

  • Minimum IBM i OS release for WebSmart for Node.js is V7R1. Minimum IBM i OS for ILE, PHP, and Clover is V6R1.

WebSmart 11 New Features

Responsive Templates

WebSmart now includes responsive PHP, ILE and Node.js templates for creating mobile-friendly applications. The templates generate a single code base for desktops and mobile devices using Bootstrap, the most popular open-source HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework for responsive websites.

Watch the above video to preview the new templates.

To view all previous releases and updates, please visit the Updates History page.


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