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Jumpstart Web Development with Intelligent Templates

WebSmart Program Templates help you create web applications in minutes. They also shorten the web development learning curve by generating the starting HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and RPG or PHP.

Customizable Templates with a Wide Variety of Functionality

WebSmart templates help you quickly create programs with a professional look and include powerful built-in programming logic and functionality. Here are some of the templates to choose from and you can create your own templates.

  • Page-at-a-time subfile with options to add, change, display or delete records. SQL option provides sortable columns and filter option on any field.
  • Input-capable page at a time - Transaction-style direct data entry into a list of records on a page.
  • Login page (ILE only) - Use as the starting point for logging in to any web application

Grid Template

The grid template provides a feature-rich environment to display your tabular data. It includes resizable columns, easy paging and sorting, and uses AJAX and JSON to process and display data faster. It also uses the jQuery Grid object, which provides many styling options and features.

Different Themes for a Professional Look

Choose from one of our four template themes (Arctic, Cascadia, Nightfall or Sonora) for the professional look and feel that you want to achieve. You can also create your own custom theme to match your organization's look.

DB2, MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle Templates

WebSmart includes templates that make it easy for you to create applications that access data over DB2, MySQL and MS SQL. The PHP edition also includes Oracle templates.

Debugger entirely in IDE
Change Values

Object-Oriented PHP Templates

WebSmart PHP's DB2 templates create PHP objects, which allows programmers to better encapsulate and reuse components when they combine programs. The program structure is easy for procedural programmers to understand and is simpler overall because more of the functionality is delegated to base classes.

OO code is more commonly used than procedural PHP in professional PHP applications and makes your application easier to test, maintain, and reuse.

Mobile Templates

See the WebSmart Mobile features for information on the mobile templates and productivity features.

Sophisticated Wizards

The WebSmart wizards will save you valuable time by walking you through creating programs by prompting you for values and validating your entries. Here is a list of some of the wizards and you can also create your own:

  • Program attributes
  • Adding and linking files
  • Selecting fields to display
  • Action options on subfile (Add, Change, Delete)
  • HTML wizards

Start developing RPG or PHP web applications with WebSmart today.

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