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Interactive Debugger

Troubleshoot problems in your PML or PHP code quickly using the interactive debugger in the IDE.

Debugger Entirely in IDE

WebSmart includes an interactive debugger that is fully contained within the IDE. This feature will save you time and help you troubleshoot your programs. It is extremely simple and quick to use.

Set Breakpoints

Easily set breakpoints by using the debug menu option or the short cut button in the debug toolbar. To maximize your debugging flexibility, you are allowed to place breakpoints at any location in both the PML and tab view of your HTML.

Step Through to Display Values

Launch the program in debug and step through your breakpoints. Simply hover over the fields to see their values.

Change Values

A very helpful feature in the WebSmart debugger is the ability to change the value of a field as you are stepping through the program. This eliminates the need to fix a problem before testing other parts of the program.

Step Through to Display Values

Debug Watch Window

Debugging is more convenient with WebSmart's debug watch window. Add variables to the watch window, monitor them and change them on the fly while your program executes.


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