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Responsive Mobile

WebSmart’s responsive PHP, ILE and Node.js templates make it easy to create mobile-friendly applications. The templates generate a single code base for desktops and mobile devices using Bootstrap, the most popular open-source HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework for responsive websites.

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Templates that Jumpstart Mobile Web App Development

Create a mobile web application over DB2 data in minutes, even without no prior web or mobile development experience. WebSmart Mobile's templates generate the UI (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and server-side (RPG or PHP) code so you start with a fully-functioning web application with a modern mobile look and feel.

Automatic Resizing

Web apps developed with WebSmart Mobile automatically resize when you access them from different sized screens or rotate your device.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Compatible with All Mobile Platforms

Mobile web applications developed with WebSmart Mobile are easy to deploy and access. Users can access the apps from browsers on all popular mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows) so there is no need to learn additional languages like Objective C and Java, and no need to deploy from app stores.

HTML 5 Input Field Snippets

Speed up data entry by using the HTML5 snippet to insert mobile-optimized input fields such as email address, telephone number or URL that automatically bring up the correct keyboards, and date or color inputs that bring up datepickers or color palettes.

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Comprehensive Audit Trail

Mobile UI Snippets

The WebSmart IDE includes point-and-click code snippets so you can quickly insert new mobile UI widgets, such as inline buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, search, sliders, toggle switches, and navbars.

Supports Modern Web Technologies

It's possible to add more advanced functionality, such as geolocation, offline functionality and more, in the WebSmart IDE.

Mass Recompiles

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