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Secure Applications

WebSmart and the free IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache provide all the tools and technology you need to create and deploy secure web applications.

Data Transmission Security

Data Transmission Security (SSL)

WebSmart supports Secure Socket Layer protocol for web apps and web services which allows you to transmit and receive sensitive data securely across the Internet by encrypting it.

Data Encryption

Encrypt and decrypt data with 128 bit AES encryption. Store encrypted data in files, cookies or smurfs.

Encrypt and Decrypt
Session Management

Session Management

Session management features with unique session ids (smurf ids) to eliminate possibility of hacking URLs, to create and expire sessions and to make parameter passing easier.

IBM i User Profile Security

The VFYUSR PML function verifies that the user profile and password information specified are a valid IBM i user profile and password combination.

IBM i Native Security (validate for IBM i user profiles)
IBM i WebServer Security

IBM i Web Server Security

You can optionally configure your web server to prompt with a challenge box for a valid IBM i user profile or validation list entry for a given URL.


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