WebSmart Support

Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of WebSmart 11.3 ILE, PHP (on IBM i) and Clover (or higher) only. Please log in to to access the New Features and Upgrade Guide as well as the User Guide. If you don't have an IBM i, use these instructions to install WebSmart PHP on your PC.

If you are installing WebSmart for Node.js, you'll find instructions at

Step 1: Verify/Install Zend Server ?

This step is required for WebSmart PHP only. If you have no plans to use WebSmart PHP you can skip to the next step. However, if you think you might at some time try out WebSmart PHP, install Zend Server first so the WebSmart install can automatically detect it and adjust the WEBSMART HTTP server instance accordingly. If you install Zend Server afterward you must make these adjustments manually.

Verify if a Version of Zend Server is Installed

Follow these steps to determine if you have Zend Core or Server installed:

  • At an IBM i session, run the command 'go licpgm'
  • At the menu presented, select option 10.
  • In the list of licensed programs, check that either 1ZCORE5 (Zend Core),
    2ZSVRPI (Zend Server 5 and below), or 6ZSVRPI (Zend Server 6, 7, and 8) are listed with a status of *INSTALLED.

Download and Install Zend Server

If you don't already have Zend Core or Zend Server on your system, you can download and install Zend Server from Zend's website.

To install, please reference the Zend Server for IBM i Installation Guide, where the first section includes the system requirements. You can find additional information in the Zend Server online documentation.

After installing Zend Server you can continue with the next step.