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Web Application Development Podcasts

Listen to the podcasts below for tips and insight from IBM i experts on developing IBM i desktop and mobile web applications.

Developing Mobile Apps for Your IBM i

There can be no doubt that mobile is one of the biggest, hottest areas for development right now on IBM i. But what is the big deal about mobile?

It is a real dramatic shift in the way our applications work and how users interact with our applications.

While many of us have been down the path before to make our applications more web friendly - we are now at a new challenge to start over and now develop to make mobile friendly applications.

How does this affect us on i?

  • Web-friendly doesn't necessarily mean mobile-friendly.
  • HTML5 and CSS 3 are your helpers.
  • Use AJAX to keep your server calls light.
  • Listen to this podcast with Paul Tuohy to get more tips on developing mobile apps on i.

Also learn more about BCD's WebSmart Mobile.

Listen to the iPro Developer podcast »


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