WebSmart ILE and PHP Web Application Development White Papers and eBooks

Download the white papers below to learn how you can set your IBM i or multi-platform web application development project up for success.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose PHP for IBM i Web Development

Download this eBook to get a detailed look at the benefits of using PHP, such as its popularity (both globally and on IBM i), its easy learning curve for RPG programmers and how it increases the hiring pool for IBM i shops.

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Rapidly Deliver Web Applications on IBM i with WebSmart PHP

This white paper discusses PHP as a technology and how WebSmart PHP leverages that technology on the IBM i and other platforms. It provides you with a highly productive method for creating new web applications.

The white paper also explains what makes PHP so popular, how it's different from other technologies, and how you can develop PHP applications easily with WebSmart PHP.

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Deploy Secure and Safe Web Applications

This white paper explains how WebSmart, in conjunction with the free IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache, provides all of the tools and technology to create and deploy web applications that are secure and safe.

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