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Docu-Mint 6.61 Updates

  • DN66003 - 2013/12/09 - Addresses an issue where the Program Explosion Report wasn't exploding all CL and RPG program calls. (FS#18264)
  • DN66006 - 2014/12/05 - Addresses an issue where the Print Orphaned Objects Report was ending abnormally. (FS#23292)

Docu-Mint 6.61 (2012/09/12)

Release 6.61 incorporates all previous updates and fixes into a single download.

Docu-Mint 6.60 Updates

  • DN66002 - 2011/07/18 - Addresses an issue where a WWU OBJTYPE(*ANY) was returning fewer results than WWU OBJTYPE(*FILE). (FS#9311)
  • DM66001 - 2011/06/02 - System 36. Addresses an issue where the job was going into MSGW state from menu DM1, option 1, option 2. The message was a "data decimal error" in DM0128 (FS#8767).

Docu-Mint 6.50 Updates

Accume Update 1

  • DN65RA01 - 2011/02/14 - Accume update 1 contains both individual updates 1 and 2 listed below and will update your release level to 6.60.

Individual Updates

  • DN65R001 - FS#7819: Resolves an issue where the WWU command was showing duplicate records when child object type of *ANY was used and updates the release level to 6.5.
  • DN65R002 - FS#7821: Resolves an issue where the Total Objects in library was not being updated and updates the release level to 6.5.

Docu-Mint 6.50 (2008/09/10)

Release 6.50 incorporates all previous updates and fixes, and was created primarily to add support for V6R1.

Docu-Mint 6.1 and Earlier Updates

These updates require V4R5M0 as a minimum operating system release level.

Important: Accum and individual updates must be applied in sequence. If you have installed some, but not all of the individual updates in an accum you can apply the accum. Do not apply an update or accum that is below your present release level.

  • DN60RA01 - 2004/08/18 - Accum 1, for release 6.0. Updates release to 6.1. Includes updates 1-11. (1,725 kb)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please run this iSeries command before running the above acumm update DN60RA01: CHGOBJOWN OBJ(DM#LIB/WWUBLD) OBJTYPE(*PGM) NEWOWN(QSECOFR)

Individual Updates

Requirements: These updates (DN60R013 and later) require V5R1 as a minimum operating system release level .

  • DN60R017 - Resolves an issue with library analysis over *ALL libraries where it was not actually analyzing all libraries
  • DN60R016 - Resolves an issue where renaming record formats generated a *ERROR for the usage.
  • DN60R015 - Resolves an issue where some CL programs where being incorrectly listed in the WWU list for a file.
  • DN60R014 - Resolves an issue with logical files not being resolved during a WWU over the physical.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please run this iSeries command before running update DN60R014: CHGOBJOWN OBJ(DM#LIB/WWUBLD) OBJTYPE(*PGM) NEWOWN(QPGMR)
  • DN60R013 - Resolves an index error when more than 25 libraries are in the user library list. (543kb)

Requirements The following updates require V4R5M0 as a minimum operating system release level.

  • DN60R012 - Fixes an issue with a 'Length or start position out of range for string operation' error generated by ANZRPGLE (598521 bytes)
  • DN60R011 - Fixes an issue with a data decimal error when analyzing RPGLE program source (598360 bytes)
  • DN60R010 - Fixes an issue with the PRTPGMEXP command going into message wait with a 'receiver too small to hold result' error (536576)
  • DN60R009 - Addresses an issue with program analysis where data files in the programs where not being resolved if they were not in the library list. (495616)
  • DN60R008 - Corrected problem with analysis of Q objects. Corrected a problem with Procedure analysis and lower case program calls. (798720)
  • DN60R007 - Corrected problem with the analysis error reporting.
  • DN60R006 - Added support for CLLE programs to the PRTPGMEXP command.
  • DN60R005 - Removed processing of system files to prevent level checks.
  • DN60R004 - STRLIBANZ command. Fixes a bug that required you to specify the library to analyze twice. (410271)
  • DN60R003 - ANZLIB command. This command will allow you to MRKLIB and STRLIBANZ from one command. In addition you will be able to schedule the analysis from the command.
  • DN60R002 - Copy of WWUBLD program owned by QSECOFR. Addresses problem of WWU command on a physical not showing logical usage. (491520)
  • DN60R001 - Addresses a reported problem where the output from the interactive version of the print program explosion wasn't outputting the same content as the submitted report. (508978)

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