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Updates History

This page is a record of the updates that have been prepared for Nexus. Use this information to identify whether any problems you may be having currently at an older release of the software have been addressed in more current versions.

Release 6.0 - 2019/04/25

 Nexus 6.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Nexus has a new license key format and is now part of Web-Family 2 along with WebSmart, Clover, PHP and Presto.
  • You will need a new key to upgrade to Nexus 6 and this will be available after selecting Nexus from the downloads page.
  • Several APIs for managing document authorities and maintenance, and for uploading documents. For a complete list of APIs check out Chapter 4 Nexus 6.0 API in the Nexus 6.0 Users Guide
  • Addressed issue with scrolling the ECM Navigator when using a mobile device (NX-3342).
  • Addressed issue where the ECM Advanced tab was displaying an incorrect Object Path (NX-3332).
  • Addressed issue where the Nexus Classic had a hard coded logout link (NX-3207).
  • Addressed issue where the Edit My Account option from the Settings menu was no visible (NX-3093).
  • Addressed issue where Portlets would occasionally redirect to the sign in panel (NX-3023).
  • Addressed issue where custom document types were not getting copied during upgrade (NX-2917).
  • Added missing input fields on the Manage/Add Document Types panel (NX-2897).
  • Minimum IBM i OS V6R1.

Release 5.3 - 2018/12/19

 Nexus 5.3 includes the following enhancements:

  • Several APIs for adding, removing, validating and updating groups and users. For a complete list of APIs check out Chapter 4 Nexus 5.3 API in the Nexus 5.3 Users Guide
  • Resolved issue where Guest user wasn't checking which environment was being accessed. (NX-3149)
  • Resolved ECM sort issues in Portlets. (NX-3105)
  • Resolve ECM paging issues. (NX-3104)
  • Added confirmation prompt when a user selects the Ripple Sharing button. (NX-3074)
  • Resolved issue with inability to modify page column number by removing the option. (NX-3071)
  • Resolved issue where Guest Page with Logon wasn't working correctly. (NX-2150)
  • Updated server side installation screen with clearer instructions.
  • Minimum IBM i OS V6R1.

Release 5.2 - 2018/06/19

 Nexus 5.2 includes the following enhancements:

  • Added Colour Pickers to the Theme Editor.
  • Custom Theme Editor will now list your custom themes in a DropDown list.
  • Renamed Home to Top.
  • Clicking Logo will now take you to the home page.
  • CTRL Click will open your document in a new browser tab.
  • Added a client side hook for changing documents without refreshing the entire page. (NX-2763)
  • Before upgrading please check out KB#15729 regarding custom themes (skins).
  • Resolved issue with Group Menus being seen by all users after a Cloned upgrade. (NX-2997)
  • Minimum IBM i OS V6R1.

Release 5.1 - 2018/05/22

 Nexus 5.1 includes the following enhancements:

  • Added link on Manage site panel to return to the New Nexus mobile layout.
  • Improved the appearance of the default content with additional padding.
  • Additional support for custom theme editing.
  • Addressed installation issues related to object ownership. (NX-2992)
  • Before upgrading please check out KB#15729 regarding custom themes (skins)
  • Resolved issue with Group Menus being seen by all users after a Cloned upgrade. (NX-2997)
  • Minimum IBM i OS V6R1

Release 5.0 - 2017/12/18

 Nexus 5.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • New responsive and mobile friendly user interface available for new sites.
  • New APIs to assist in customizing and controlling the new UI and improve it's ability to interact with other applications and technologies.
  • Nexus Classic (original ui) sites will continue to function as they always have.
  • Resolved issue where Right Click menu was obstructed in Classic UI (FS#33020)
  • Resolved issue where searches were not escaping quotes (FS#32463)
  • Resolved issue with XSS vulnerability in nxdocsrch3 (FS#31474)
  • Minimum IBM i OS V6R1

Release 4.54 - 2017/03/02

 Nexus 4.54 includes the following enhancements:

  • Resolved issue where nxcatasplt was broken in release 4.52 and 4.53. (FS#29646)
  • Resolved issue with XSS vulnerability in NXLOGIN. (FS#30965)
  • Resolved issue where the Search input on the Add Members panel was failing. (FS#29851)
  • Resolved issue with not being able to remove authorities when working with menu links. (FS#29626)
  • Removed legacy authorization require directive for non existent IBM i based nexusadmin profile. (FS#242466)
  • Resolved issue where IBM i profiles were not visible on the Work With iSeries User Profiles screen. (FS#30407)
  • Screen size on Manage Group Links is now large enough to actually see the buttons. (FS#30436)
  • NXDS Edit Attributes panel displays the document name now instead of the internal number. (FS#27816)
  • NXDS Edit Attributes and Edit Authourities panels are now modal panels instead of new browser tabs.
  • Resolved issue where ECM docs that were WebSmart programs were not being protected (FS#31134)
  • Minimum IBM i OS V6R1

Release 4.53 - 2016/07/14

 Nexus 4.53 includes the following enhancements:

  • Resolves issue where documents being Catapulted to the ECM were being over written. (FS#29646)
  • Resolves excessive joblog messages from NXADDLIBLE. (FS#21716)
  • Minimum IBM i OS V6R1

Release 4.52 - 2016/05/26

  • Clone option is now available during the install procedure.
  • NXDS - a new module to allow document archiving and searching for Formtastic clients.
  • Document Attribute Maintenance for NXDS.
  • Ability to log directly back into NXDS after logging out.
  • Minimum IBM i OS V6R1

Release 4.10 - 2014/09/23

  • Ability to resequence ECM documents within a folder.
  • You now have the ability to set the Link Title on ECM Navigator links.
  • Ability to disable auto-add of LDAP users.
  • Update installer to handle new installations on V7R2 (Apache 2.2).
  • Added support for user IDs with special characters.
  • Resolved issue where documents were not getting purged from the ECM at their scheduled purge time.

Release 4.09 - 2014/04/02

  • Added a single view of all of the distribution rules displaying all of the rule parameters. (FS#14831 )
  • Restore option to browse ECM to create a hyperlink in an ECM document. (FS#19375)
  • Added an ECM default for how newly added documents should open - so they can be opened in a new window. (FS#19463)
  • Increased the size of the Welcome Message edit box in site settings.
  • You can now specify IP addresses along with LDAP server name.
  • Resolve issue where documents were not getting purged from all sites. (FS#19508)
  • Resolved issue where the page number was not updated when moving a page from one group to another. (FS#19095)
  • Resolved issue were user received Script 70: Permission Denied messages when accessing iframe dialogs. (FS#19117)
  • Resolved issue where incorrect icon was defaulted for ECM objects.(FS#18880)
  • Resolved issue where the Document Tree was taking too long to load. (FS#19042)
  • Rule number is now displayed in the Distribution Rules portlet. (FS#14884)
  • Increased length of the DropDown Menu title to 25 characters from 16.
  • Resolved issue where the application smurf was getting deleted when logging back into Nexus. (FS#19664)
  • Removed authorities control from Portlet Classes.
  • BCD Upload Express will now sense the name format when uploading install files to the IBM i.

Release 4.08 - 2014/02/27

  • Resolved issue where you couldn't add new events to the Calendar. (FS#18612)
  • Updated BCD Product icons. (FS#15955)
  • The ECM document tree now loads faster. (FS#19042)
  • Group Link File types should now display correctly. (FS#18460)
  • Resolved issue where adding a group link and specifying a parent folder generated an error. (FS#18738)
  • Resolved issue where in some circumstances, nested folder would not display it's contents. (FS#18731)
  • Resolved issues with items appearing in an incorrect order in Group Links portlet. (FS#18690)
  • Resolved issue where you could not work with authorities on the Manage Menus panel. (FS#18611)
  • Resolve height issues with the Group Links portlet when clicking Minimize or Restore icons. (FS#18686)
  • Added scrollbars to the Manage Group Links page. (FS#18681)
  • Resolved issue where the Edit icon was visible for documents without edit capability. (FS#18175)
  • Removed autofocus on Spool Explorer for the Web when page is loaded. (FS#18527)
  • IFS Archive path no longer overwritten when upgrading. (FS#18422)
  • Changing a Group Links Item parent location will now only move that one item. (FS#18306)
  • Resolved issues with dropdown menu on iOS devices. (FS#18176)
  • Resolved issues with editing document portlet authority. (FS#17401)
  • Resolved issue with cloning Skins. (FS#17456)
  • Resolved issue where the ECM Navigator context menu was partly hidden. (FS#16886)
  • Dialogue prompts no longer get Permission Denied messages in IE11. (FS#19117)
  • New ECM documents should now display the correct default icons. (FS#18880)

Release 4.07 - 2013/10/21

  • The Distribution Rules Portlet now has options to display more than 10 rules at a time.
  • Resolved issue where the ECM Document Advanced tab was not displaying the new file types. (FS#16397)
  • Resolved issue where trying to access site from Nexus Admin interface generated a HTTP 301 error. (FS#16846)
  • Resolved issue where Distribution Rules were not matching spoolfiles correctly. (FS#17008)
  • Resolved issue where you couldn't scroll through your favourites. (FS#15948)
  • Resolved various other minor issues related to the favourites folder.
  • Resolved IE8 related issues related to the ECM and file uploads. (FS#14200)
  • Resolved issue where an edit of an ECM object's authorities did not allow users to see it. (FS#13902)
  • Resolved issue where cloning a skin failed. (FS#17456)
  • Resolved issue where Nexus caused the browser to issue insecure content messages. (FS#16671)
  • The Nexus Apache logs folder is now created during the installation process. (FS#17422)
  • Resolved issue where the Search was not finding all the matching documents in the ECM. (FS#17446)

Nexus 4.06 2013/05/27

  • New ECM Document Type Icons.
  • Allow skin specific login page - see KB10202 for more details.
  • Ability to disable IP session locking for when you have pages that use a different IPs.
  • Nexus LDAP now works with Open LDAP.
  • Improved Nexus LDAP security no longer allows anonymous logins.
  • Better error reporting from NXGETINFO.
  • Resolved issue where you couldn't upload and replace an existing document. (FS#13606)
  • ECM Distribution portlet now displays the list correctly after updating a rule. (FS#13453)
  • Resolved an issue where breadcrumb navigation wasn't working. (FS#12831)
  • Resolved an issue where the ECM Distribution Rules list always redirected to the start of the list. (FS#12408)
  • Addressed some HTML editor issues.
  • Addressed issue where IBM i users added to one site, couldn't be added to another site. (FS#11781)
  • Resolved display and listing issues with the Favorites folder.
  • Several other minor fixes as well.

Update NX405002 - 2013/01/24

  • Resolved issue where you could not replace .html documents in the ECM. (FS#14449)

Update NX405001 - 2012/12/12

  • Resolved issue where users could not see new portlets. This update replaces nexusjs0003.js. (FS#13902)

Release 4.05 - 2012/10/11

  1. Resolved issue with retrieving Nexus user information from WebSmart programs with function getnxinf. (FS#13231)
  2. Resolved issue where ECM documents and folders could not be deleted from the ECM Manager. (FS#13256)

Release 4.04 - 2012/08/13

  • Introduction of a new and improved embedded HTML editor for ECM documents and Skin headers called TinyMCE
  • New Portlet icons
  • Ability to disable editing for custom skins.
  • Manage ECM Default Content option has been removed in consideration of the new HTML editor.
  • Requires minimum OS of V5R4.

Update NX403001 - 2012/03/05

  • Resolved several issues with the Calendar portlet where (FS#11320):
    • The main portlet would appear blank.
    • Appointments wouldn't appear on the days scheduled.
    • Invalid dates (9999-01-01) were defaulted on the Add and Edit appointment screens.
    • Run time error when clicking the date selection icon.

Release 4.03 - 2012/02/13

  • Resolved issue where no message given if incorrect password is entered on the "Work with User" page.
  • Title attribute is now exists on the Portlet Options.
  • Nexus now remembers the original location request when handling an expired session.
  • Resolved drag and drop issues in Internet Explorer 9.
  • Resolved issue where after portlet details screen was closed, the pencil icon didn't work.
  • Resolved issue where ECM node had incorrect class specification syntax.
  • Buttons on the Portlet Options tab in Portlet details are no longer hidden off the screen.
  • Resolved issue where inputs in the Portlet Details sometimes extended to the outer edge of the portlet, hiding the Help.
  • The NXHASH api no longer resets the library list.
  • Addressed issue where users could not change the location of a document in their Favorites folder.
  • Resolved SQL issue that generated the messages Number of host variables less than result values.
  • Resolved issue where EXODUS51 job went into MSGW status due to missing file SMSITEL1 when starting the Catapult Console.
  • Added protection for the WAS Configuration to the Nexus Apache configuration on new installs.
  • The Add iSeries Profile now correctly imports all user properties.
  • ECM Navigator now correctly expands a folder when double clicking it.
  • Quick add of folder now sets the right document type so it displays correctly
  • Resolved issue where you couldn't change your own password if the password hint was turned on.

Update NX400002 - 2011/12/06

  • Resolved issue where shared content created by a user deleted along with the object specified for deletion.
  • Resolved issue with iSeries password expiry warning intervals were not correct.
  • Addition of an alternate login validation API.
  • LDAP authentication can now authenticate users located in sub-trees.

Release 4.0 - 2011/08/15

  • LDAP Support.
  • Improved Cross Browser Support.
  • Improved Installation Process.
  • Password Expiry Warning and Updating
  • Improved Password Encryption
  • New license key required.
  • Deprecated the iSeries nexusadmin profile (no NEXUSADMIN iSeries profile is created on new installs).
  • Improved JavaScript with lots of jQuerification.
  • Improved CSS permitting more easily customized skins.
  • Added compression directives to the Apache configuration.
  • Faster page loads.
  • Increase the maximum password length.
  • Resolved display issues with Group/User link opened items.
  • Resolved issue with Log access option not working.
  • Resolved issue with using Size to Fit option.
  • Print and Email links now appear correctly on ECM documents
  • Google search portlet can now search non-ECM documents
  • Resolved issue with Telnet portlets not opening correctly when set to Standard Portlet

Release 3.65 - 2011/02/14

  • Fixed problem with changing the IBM i password when the QPWDLVL is 0.
  • Fixed problem with clicking the Change Group icon when editing a group link in the Groups Link portlet.
  • Corrected appearance of print & email links on all ECM documents.
  • Includes a copy of NXRTVSITEA. This object is required by Catapult for grab rules that automatically populate the ECM.

Release 3.64 - 2010/10/08

  • Deleting Groups will no longer remove users from unrelated groups.
  • Maximum password length has been increased to 32 characters.
  • Users logged in under the Guest profile will now see the Guest Skin.
  • The Home breadcrumb link will now return to the home page regardless of your current pages template.
  • Resolved issue where the 'Main Page' value is not saved when maintaining a user in Manage Users.
  • Resolved issue where profile QTMHHTTP did not have authority to the Apache configuration.

Update NX36302 - 2010/09/20

  • Increased support for iSeries passwords to a maximum length of 32 characters.

Release 3.63 - 2010/04/05

  • Resolved a V5R4-specific security issue.
  • Corrected a problem where the ECM Document page type value was not being saved at the Manage Users page.
  • Corrected an upgrade problem where custom skin HTML were being lost on upgrade.
  • Resolved an issue where in some special cases the Include Text document type was not being used or saved correctly.
  • Made the Default Page value more readable on the Manage iSeries Profiles page.
  • Corrected a problem with the Favorites window position, so it no longer goes off the page.
  • The Main Page and Main Page Type are now saved correctly from the Manage User's page.
  • Resolved an issue with the Add to Group pop-up on the Work with iSeries Profiles page.

Release 3.62 - 2010/03/17

  • The colors of the 'Tab' and 'Selected Tab' should now display correctly.
  • When changing your personal settings the Main page type and Main page are now saved correctly.
  • Messaging portlet now adheres to the group authority levels as defined in Nexus.
  • Resolved issue where PDFs and SmartCharts incorrectly appeared in front of the buttons and the banner.
  • Resolved an issue where a hard error involving ECM objects occurred near the end of the install process.
  • You can now edit users who were added from the Work with iSeries Users interface.
  • Resolved issue where adding an iSeries user from the Work with iSeries Users interface incorrectly made that user a site manager.
  • Resolved paging issues when trying to view Distribution Rules where you jumped from page 1 to page 3 or page 5
  • Resolved issue in Firefox and Chrome where the HTML editor added extra spaces in the form of  .
  • Resolved issue where ECM Menu Items did not launch a new window but instead replaced the base Nexus page.
  • Resolved a very rare issue where in certain situations all ECM entries were deleted.

Release 3.61 - 2010/01/25

  • Updated documentation contained in the ECM.
  • The login page header height is now calculated correctly.
  • Resolved issue with the *USRSPC initialization (for PDF versions of spool files).
  • Larger spool files can now be viewed as PDFs.
  • Resolves upgrade issue so install now replaces the file SMWASHPF.
  • Resolved issue with checkbox for 'Allow iSeries users'.
  • The Calendar now prevents an event from being inserted with an invalid 'repeat until' date.
  • ECM Navigator: improved positioning of the right-click context menu when clicking on scrolled content in a fixed height navigator portlet.
  • Automatically generate the correct Apache configuration file.
  • The document type droplist is no longer skin specific.

Update NX36001 - 2009/12/31

  • Fixes the absence of NXGETINFO for Nexus sites that use WebSmart PHP programs.

Release 3.6 - 2009/11/10

 Nexus 3.6 Includes the following enhancements:

  • Full text indexing of ECM files via the Google Mini or Google Search Appliance.
  • Improved support of Firefox.
  • Custom Email Reminders.
  • Scroll Header Setting.
  • Improved Drag and Drop Interface.
  • Improved Skin Manipulation.
  • The ECM now ties into QNTC.
  • Ability to specify a custom logout URL.
  • Improvements to automatic ECM viewer sizing.
  • TAbility to install to or upgrade non-default libraries(previously had to use XL_SMSLIB).
  • Improved page load speeds.
  • Security improvements for running multiple Nexus libraries on the same domain.
  • Improved IBM i password handling including the ability to revert expired passwords when logging in and use of case sensitive passwords.
    • Please note that this feature does not prompt the user for a new password. If enabled, it will simply set a profile's "Password expired" attribute to *NO.

Update NX33702 - 2009/01/06

  • Allow for mixed-case passwords in the "Spool Explorer for the web" portlet.

Update NX33701 - 2009/01/07

  • The pop-up window for adding new members to a group can now handle an unlimited amount of users

Release 3.37 - 2008/11/06

  • Nexus now prevents login information from one Nexus library from being used in another library
  • ECM Search Portlet no longer allows maintenance on deleted objects
  • Ability to specify a custom logout URL
  • Resolved issues where ECM Viewer would not correctly resize
  • Resolved issues with scrollbars and collapsed columns.
  • Allow case-sensitive passwords for iSeries users

Release 3.36 - 2008/07/24

  • V6R1 Support.

Update NX33507 - 2008/05/13

  • The delete user exit point API now passes the UserID of the user being deleted.

Update NX33506 - 2008/05/12

  • Resolves issue with erroneous 'Profile handle not valid' message when changing an iSeries password.

Update NX33505 - 2008/03/07


  • Corrects erroneous authorization message when adding sub-groups to a parent group.

Update NX33504 - 2008/03/07


  • The 'Open in a new window' button on a search result from the top-right corner search box no longer changes the parent page.
  • Login password last changed date and time fields are now updated in the user master file SMUSRF.
  • All emails that remind a Nexus user of their password now include the site's name in the email so users better understand what the email means.
  • Resolved issue where ECM purging wasn't working properly.
  • Distributing spool files from Catapult to the ECM over large amounts of data now works correctly.

Update NX33503 - 2008/01/29

V5R3 or earlier OS/400 ONLY

  • Resolves V5R3 (or earlier OS/400) issues where apache error logs were inflated with debugging details

Update NX33502 - 2008/01/07


  • Resolves paging issue where not all Link Protections would be displayed if there were more than 50

Update NX33501 - 2008/01/07


  • Resolves issue with inability to delete a user from the work with groups menu in FireFox.
  • You can now delete an object when in the ECM Maintenance in FireFox.
  • Resolves JavaScript error when clicking Add on the Distribution Rule screen in FireFox.

Release 3.35 - 2007/12/18


  • Additional Firefox support for users.
  • Resolves an issue where if a user's 'favorite's folder is deleted it will successfully create and use a new one.
  • Resolves issue of trying to move ECM documents when over a 1000 other documents are at the same level.
  • Resolves situation where in some cases the "Place After" option in the ECM editor would disappear.
  • Resolves issue where the "Place After" option would be empty at the Top of Folder Option even with correct authority.
  • Resolves issue where the catapult distribution to the ECM would result in a error and the file would not be placed in the ECM
  • Enhancement for guest login redirect and retain the original URL.
  • Separated license key in each environment.

Update NX33403 - 2007/10/03


  • Resolves issue where the catapult distribution to the ECM would result in a error and the file would not be placed in the ECM.

Update NX33402 - 2007/09/26


  • Resolves trying to move ECM documents when over a 1000 other documents are at the same level.
  • Resolves issue for a user when in some cases the "Place After" option in the ECM editor would disappear.
  • Resolves issue when the "Place After" option would be empty at the Top of Folder Option even with correct authority to the contents.

Update NX33401 - 2007/09/18


  • Resolves an issue where a user's 'favorite's folder is deleted it will successfully create and use a new one.

Release 3.340 - 2007/09/19


  • Resolves issue where the authority list was not showing users, only groups.
  • Resolved runtime error in the SmartChart portlet options when the SELECT string was blank.
  • Last login data and time are now populated.
  • Adds the session module for retrieving Nexus information in WebSmart programs.
  • Resolves an issue when an ECM document is selected from a menu and that ECM document has a target of New Window, a new window would not popup with the document in it.
  • Resolves an issue where a user creates a new account from the login screen and the skin selection defaulted to the first skin. Now the skin is set to "Inherit Site Skin".
  • Resolves an issue where in some cases groups would show incorrect users in group management.

Update NX33010 - 2007/09/18


  • Resolve issue where in some cases groups would show incorrect users in group management

Update NX33009 - 2007/09/13


  • Resolves issue where the authority list was not showing users, only groups.

Update NX33008 - 2007/09/11


  • Resolved runtime error in the SmartChart portlet options when the SELECT string was blank

Update NX33007 - 2007/08/29


  • Last login data and time are now populated

Update NX33006 - 2007/08/17


  • Adds the session module for retrieving Nexus information in WebSmart programs.

Update NX33005 - 2007/08/01


  • Resolves an issue when an ECM document is selected from a menu and that ECM document has a target of New Window a new window would not popup with the document in it.
  • Resolves an issue where a user creates a new account from the login screen and the skin selection defaulted to the first skin. Now the skin is set to "Inherit Site Skin".

Release 3.303 - 2007/07/24


  • Resolved issue when the home bread crumb referenced a folder with a reference to an ECM document rather then the dynamic list that document was not loaded just the folder list.
  • Resolved SQL looping problem when large group - to group references was encountered. This presented as a loop when the User tab from the group management was selected.
  • Resolved issue when a non admin tried to edit an ECM document the auth tab would loop. Again when large amounts of group to group references were found.
  • Some improvements to the purge date feature.
  • Resolved issue when a guest is logged in there column and instance state selections are not retained.
  • Resolved problems selecting ECM documents from popup selection windows. In some cases you would get a validation saying that no document was selected in others the documents would not be selected.
  • Resolved ECM search changes including some performance improvements and a fixed for an issue where duplicate records would appear as you paged next/prev.
  • Resolved problem where the ECM search index could crash with search strings exceeding 9999 characters
  • Resolved install issue with ECFGSMTP.

Release 3.302 - 2007/05/24


  • Resolved issues with purge process when not using site one
  • Resolved issues encountered when dynamically creating lists and opening documents with 'New Window' or 'All of Window' selected.

Release 3.301 - 2007/05/17


  • Increased SMIDNF field size to 5b from 4b which resolves some search index issues.
  • Resolved issue where folder references in the ECM when the reuse template was used did not go to the referenced document
  • Resolved several issues with the ECM purge not working
  • Resolved the default starting page not working when group or user pages selected.

Release 3.3 - 2007/05/15


  • Shortcuts for Adding New ECM Content
  • Redesigned Groups Interface
  • ECM Performance Improvement: Reusing Templates
  • ECM Ripple Authorities Option
  • Auto-Delete Option for ECM Documents (Purge Date)
  • New ECM Favorites Folder & Menu
  • Support for Emailing ECM Documents
  • Improved Authorities Interface
  • Misc Other Features

Update SPC011 for Release 3.12 - 2007/03/13


  • Resolves issue with NXAUTH authorization module to accommodate the new UTF-8 encoding used by Apache in V5R4.
  • Resolves issue in V5R4 where there are random occurrences of "Nexus Data Error" when accessing Portlet links. This occurred when using a newly created site.

Release 3.12 - 2007/01/12


  • Includes below update which resolved the issue where IFS folders and files are not generated when creating new sites.

Update NX3103 - 2007/01/10


  • Resolves issue where IFS folders and files are not generated when creating new sites.

Release 3.11 - 2006/12/22


  • Enhanced the email functionality to use Sendmailex which permits Nexus to use email servers other than the iSeries.
  • Added service program SM_RTS092 which addresses the JavaScript Redirects failing on foreign language systems.
  • Resolved issues with the SmartCharts portlet involving incorrect interpretation of range values. incorrect colors and a situation where if 3 of the same portlet were on one page, they would not all display the correct data.
  • Resolved issues where the deletion of groups caused unexpected behaviour.

Update SPC004 for Release 3.10 - 2006/11/21


  • Resolves issue with NXAUTH authorization module to accommodate the new UTF-8 encoding used by Apache in V5R4.

Release 3.10 - 2006/10/12


  • Added HTML editor to the default content UI
  • Fixed a bunch of names for several UI
  • Fixed problems with instance only option in the ECM search
  • Changed Create Header to Create Include Text in ECM
  • Removed order by when adding ECM template
  • Add smurf id to WebSmart symbolic links in the ECM
  • Made some changes to the default document skins and content. Improved the html/css (better scaling) and display only of the default selections to avoid future upgrade issues. Also fixed inflated file size problem.
  • Added Clover, PDW, and Program icons along with file types, updated all skins
  • Fixed some new site creation problems were the new site folders were not being created.
  • Fixed problem on upgrade where user with custom group or user starting locations would be incorrect or give an error on login.
  • Added logic to handle custom exit point API's and the adding of the smurf based on the gensmurfid settings.
  • Includes BCDSYSINFO
  • Several install improvements to avoid errors and correct some display issues

Release 3.07b - 2006/09/15


  • Several fixes to the hint/secret question functions.
  • Added hint/question to the force password update panel.
  • Fixed problem where when editing templates from the work with pages tab the template properties pointed to the wrong template.
  • Fix to Hover Value display on streaming line graph.
  • Fix to prevent flash from caching data request URL on all chart types (this would cause inconsistent/incorrect data).
  • Fix Redirect problem when using proxy.
  • Fix for group managment not displaying the correct users in the popup selection list.
  • On site creation the ECM dir path was not correct.
  • Log user creation and update date and time
  • Added target for symbolic links.
  • Fix bug with creation of a account from the login.

Release 3.06b - 2006/08/23


  • Fixed bug when adding menus and changing the menu type
  • Fixed skin creation problem were the skins to copy from included the temp skin.
  • Menus and menu items for custom sites can now have authorities attached.
  • the default site has the site setting changed to the Welcome to nexus ECM folder as the starting location. The default users use the site setting.
  • Several fixes to the include portlet.
  • Fixed problem were the owned by group was lost in some cases.
  • Added user retained instance and column states.

Release 3.05b - 2006/08/17


  • Removed unused buttons from the ECM details UI
  • On expand/collapse of a navigator the positioning and correct skin was lost. This has been fixed.
  • Install fix to update site skin icons on upgrade
  • Skin fix to size css file correctly (not default to 32k)
  • Removed SmartCharts portlet from default site page

Release 3.04b - 2006/08/12


  • A fix to NXAUTH where IP addresses using the full 15 char were creating authorization issues.
  • When creating a page and you selected the ECM page type the lookup window was blank.
  • Couple of minor UI improvements to the history and key defaults programs.
  • Fix for group links and authorities on folders
  • ECM loop problem when moving folders
  • Security patch for placing folders
  • Links Portlet fix for non http paths and path loading/sizing
  • In edit mode expand folder when text selected for the folder
  • ECM wild card search problem fix

Release 3.03b -2006/07/24

  • Improved validation for no page found in NXMPAGE. Also better handling of this error in edit mode.
  • Spelling fix in NXNOAUTH
  • When adding a new skin the icons were not added to the css file till the change button was pressed. This meant sometimes the skin would not have the icons added.
  • NXWLNKS - fix for select type in group/personal links not showing file types
  • When adding URL links the template on change would not appear
  • Added ECM editor reference from the Manage site page
  • Improved SSL support
  • Security patch

Release 3.02b - 2006/05/10

Major New Features
  • ECM - Enterprise Content Management Click here for more information
  • Group Management - Flexible and powerful abilities to organize users into a virtually limitless range of possible group and sub-group combinations. Click here for more information
  • Main menu navigation system - much more flexible design of main menus, submenus and options to allow for better site customization for individual users or groups of users.
  • Vastly improved user interfaces for both users and site administrators, with much more WYSIWIG design and administration features.
  • Revolutionary page design approach using drag and drop for Portlet management layout customization.
Other ECM features include:
  • The ECM dynamic display mode can be used seamlessly with the current page mode.
  • You can navigate in both the view mode and edit mode using a tree interface.
  • Customizable display of folder contents
    • Flexible grouping and ordering of content
    • Choose which items to show to hide in the content list
    • Include descriptive headers at any location in the list
  • You can create or manage reusable templates that control the page design that Nexus uses whenever you display any document.
  • Symbolic links - the same document can be referenced from multiple places in the ECM Navigator, avoiding the need to have it stored multiple times on the server.
  • Redesigned editing interface - includes a sophisticated rich text editor that allows you to include custom HTML in your documents or page layouts, and to create HTML documents directly in the portal.
  • Navigation with breadcrumbs.
  • ECM quick search ability.
  • You can define custom authorities to control hiding folders or documents.
  • You can define custom authorities based on the position of the document in the tree.
  • Ability to bookmark URLs so you can return to the exact document or email an exact document link.
New Page Design and Portlet Management Interface

Page design for both users and administrators has been greatly simplified. It now takes fewer steps to add or remove portlets, and to organize them on a page.

For Users:

  • You can access the functions to directly change any of your page layouts, the order of pages or create new pages with one click from the standard portal view.
  • You can drag and drop portlets visually to design your page. You see the results of your changes immediately.
  • You can add, remove or reorganize portlets directly on any of your pages.
  • You can create new instances of portlets directly on any of your pages (if you have the appropriate authority).
  • For Site Managers:

  • Improved site manager access to pages and portlets - a new 'Work With Pages' interface gives site managers the ability to see various subsets of group pages and ECM page layout templates.
  • Same capabilities for designing pages and creating new Portlet instances as for users.
  • Simplified Portlet creation interface.
New Group Management System
  • New group management interface.
  • Groups within groups.
  • Group managers can now optionally add users and create groups.
  • Group inheritance allows for granular construction of subgroups.
  • Control the other Nexus users that each user can access.
  • Authorities can be controlled by user, group or sub-group, or any combination.
Site Skins

Site Skins give you the ability to customize the artistic elements and design of any Nexus site. Although these were available in earlier releases, you had to edit the files used for skins manually, outside of Nexus. In this release, you can do all skins design work in Nexus.

  • You can edit skins through a visual interface within Nexus. This interface includes a color-picker that shows a visual representation of what the various components of the Nexus user interface will look like, based on your choice of colors.
  • Each skin now uses one consolidated style sheet based on one template.
  • Nexus will retain site skins on upgrades and subsequent new releases.
  • You can now attach and retain custom changes for a skin.
  • Each user can optionally select their own skin, so any given site can have multiple skins.

Menus appear at the top of the Nexus user interface. They provide access to all the pages (personal, group pages, and ECM document pages) to which you are authorized.

  • You can create custom menus with links to ECM documents or URLs.
  • You can organize your menus (control what menu option is displayed, and in what order). For example, you can have the option for 'My Pages' appear first or last on the page, depending on your preference.
  • Menus now behave better- they correctly overlay dropdown boxes and other controls.
  • New View modes: Seven day mode and day mode have been added to the existing Month view mode.
  • New quick calendars on the left of the current view mode provide a convenient way for you to navigate events.
  • You can filter events by groups and categories.
  • You can grant groups or multiple users editing abilities for any event.
  • You can select authorities from the MRU (most recently used) list or from a complete list in the new popup window.
  • Visual enhancements across all areas of the calendar.
Other changes
  • An ECM document can be set as a default from the site level.
  • ECM template management interface.
  • Create Headers and footers for any page design. This includes for standard, group and template pages.
  • All group and user popups have been replaced. The new UI can filter and scroll page at a time through the list.
  • New HTML editing control with many new features.
  • Retain URL after redirect to login.
  • Bookmark both standard pages and new ECM documents pages.
  • The links portlets have had a face lift and numerous improvements.
  • The catapult distribution rules will now allow for a folders in the ECM to be selected. In addition the Portlet has had a face lift.
  • Each instance can now optionally display each border icon. In addition the top border and all borders can be turned off or on.
  • Select ECM documents from the links portlets.
  • Select ECM documents when designing your personal pages.
  • General performance improvements across all areas.
  • Improved foreign client support.
  • New icons across every area.
  • Improved Firefox support.
  • Customizable initial login page - allows users to create their own design, including selecting a different page header than the one assigned to a particular Nexus site. Any customization will be retained when subsequent upgrades are done.
  • Allow users to select their starting page or ECM document.
  • Improved security with IP confirmation.

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