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Below are the current Presto updates.

Current Release 8.3.0 (2019/09/16)

The current release is 8.3.0 for the server component and 8.3 r49983 for the PC component. If you are not on this release please contact Tech Support to get a copy.

Update Requirements

To upgrade to Presto 8.3 you need to be at version 4.5 or higher. When upgrading, log in to to review the Presto Upgraders Guide under Resources>Documentation>Presto. Note that the Upgrade Guide includes considerations for upgrading from version 4.5 or higher. If you are upgrading from an earlier version you need to also review the Upgrade Considerations sections in each of the intervening guides.

To verify your Presto release level:

  • Server (IBM i Component): Run the command DSPDTAARAXL_PRESTO/PR_GRLS
  • Designer (PC Component): Open the Presto Designer and select the Help/About Presto option.

If you are at an earlier release and wish to upgrade please ontact Technical Support. If you are at an earlier release and wish to upgrade please contact Technical Support.

Presto 8.3 Updates

There are no updates for 8.3 at this time.

Presto 8.3 New Features 2019/09/012

  • This is the last release before the License Seat Count will be Enforced.
  • Addition of a SeatCount Utility available from a command line.
  • Addition of a Presto Admin Interface for reporting on connected users utilized seats.
  • Use of unique customization/description naming convention.
  • Addition of option in the Advanced configuration (config.bws) to disable file uploads (PR-14854).
  • Ability to create PDFs of very large spool files (PR-14840).
  • The STRPCCMD will now wait for the a program to finish if Pause is set to *YES (PR-14747).
  • Presto will no longer lose focus after cancelling from CTRL-F search (PR-15282).
  • Resolved issue where the Presto API encountered a JSON error (PR-15132).
  • Resolved issue where the word 'Bottom' in a subfile was transformed to a Page Up button (PR-15096).
  • Resolved issues with Auto Table Detection not working in some cases (PR-15068).
  • Resolved issue with Caps Lock not functioning as expected when turned on outside of Presto (PR-15040).
  • Resolved issue where entering a Window from a Table was causing an error (PR-15031).
  • Resolved issue when disabling responsive mode in Pacific skin caused elements to overlap above table (PR-15025).
  • Resolved issue where containers could be selected despite being hidden by a Tab (PR-15000).
  • Resolved issue where Hub would crash when input string was longer than the input field (PR-14993).
  • Refresh Panel Button now immediately reflects changes made in config.bws (PR-14961).
  • Presto SubfileFlyout snippet will now disable the old flyouts (PR-14950).
  • Resolved issue where deleting a page left a blank reference in the Transformation list (PR-14911).
  • Resolved some key mapping issues (PR-14901).
  • Resolved issue where JavaScript line feed characters were not rendered correctly (PR-14898).
  • Resolved issue with certain custom logins not setting the profile for the Hub job (PR-14877).
  • Resolved a WriteToVT: CPF87F3 error on loading certain windows (PR-14858).
  • Added warning to User Guide about public access to the uploads folder (PR-14853).
  • Resolved issue with DatePicker icon not being hidden when switching Tabs (PR-14840).
  • Resolved issue with some menu link styles not being applied correctly (PR-14823).
  • Resolved issue with multiple screens matching an identity despite having unique identifiers (PR-14818).
  • Resolved various Global Identity issues (PR-14813, PR-14770, PR-14803).
  • Resolved performance issues due to Menulinks PageLoaded events (PR-14759).
  • Resolved potential issue with Delete Transformation deleting an incorrect file (PR-14736).
  • Resolved issue with double quotes not being escaped in OA programs (PR-14689).
  • Resolved issue with hash tag in Designer URL causing a mismatch environment warning (PR-13811).

Please visit the Presto New Features page to see an illustrated list of the most important new features, or visit the Presto Updates History page to review the changes in recent versions.

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