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Presto 8.5 New Features 2020/04/08

  • Presto License Seat Counts are now enforced as of this release as of 8.4.
  • Ability to transform an input into a Flyout option list, similar to a subfile Flyout.
  • Ability to customize Presto error messages (PR-15310).
  • Paging Buttons are now available on pages without a subfile (PR-15765)./li>
  • Global Transformations can now transform all occurrences of a string on a page (PR-15648).
  • JMeter script is now bundled with the the IDE installer.
  • Option to export a Single SQL query has been put back (PR-15627).
  • Ability to disable the prompt for the StrPcCmd (PR-13398).
  • Responsive Grid now respects increase in font sizes within the cells (PR-15949).
  • RingCentral Meetings are now available from the Presto Help Menu.
  • Data is now trimmed before being displayed in OA (PR-15791).
  • Addressed OA issue where Presto.ExecuteSql would not work without qualified file names (PR-15766).
  • Resolved identity issues when two windows were showing over a subfile (PR-15758).
  • Resolved issue where <SkipDisplayProgramMessage> set to 1 was not working (PR-15744).
  • Global Transformation option is now available on elements with no Transformation attached (PR-15741).
  • Resolved an issue where a bad table was causing the IDE to crash (PR-15738).
  • Resolved issue where cursor position was not being set after a window load (PR-15737).
  • Resolved issue where OA subfile was generating a JavaScript error (PR-15733).
  • Resolved an issue where double clicking an element to edit it while other elements were also highlighted caused strange behaviour (PR-15729).
  • Resolved an issue where the HUB would crash while working with multiple windows (PR-15718).
  • Resolved issue where you were unable to save OA screens when system CCSID was 65535 (PR-15711).
  • Resolved issue where Cloning would create incorrect Apache configuration with certain naming conventions (PR-15703).
  • License server Admin Page will now load correctly on non-North American systems (PR-15698).
  • Addressed issue where you could only draw a 80 column table on some 132 wide screens (PR-15696).
  • Presto is now catching exceptions thrown by DrobDown boxes with invalid values (PR-15674).
  • Windows with a Global Id and Custom HTML will now load as expected (PR-15681).
  • Resolved issue where new line characters were causing JavaScript errors in Visual Editor Events (PR-15626).
  • Resolved issue where 'false' was not getting a syntax highlight in JavaScript files. (PR-15295).
  • Presto.SetScreenTitle no longer changes the title for the next screen (PR-15285).

Presto 8.4 New Features 2019/12/18

  • Presto License Seat Counts are now enforced as of this release - 8.4.
  • Ability to create and manage site wide Global Transformations.
  • Ability to export screens that have changed after a certain date.
  • JavaScript Code Snippet panel is now accessible from the Visual Editor event editor panels.
  • JavaScript Code Snippet panel is now accessible from the Custom HTML panel.
  • Window properties can now be adjusted from the Visual Editor.
  • Added Advanced Configuration option to bypass Display Program Messages screen.
  • Added view filtering for the transformation list in the Visual Editor.
  • Added option to download all Insight recordings with one click.
  • Resolved issue with Auto-complete not working on a window on top of a window (PR-15615).
  • Resolved appearance issues with printing a window or subfile (PR-15517).
  • Resolved issue with overlaid function keys when printing (PR-15504).
  • You can now map Enter, numpad Enter, left Ctrl and Right Ctrl separately (PR-15502).
  • Resolved issue with autologin cookie after upgrading to 8.2 (PR-15499).
  • Resolved copy/paste differences between Ctrl v and Right Click options (PR-15491).
  • Resolved issues with Settings screen not being updated after changing the configuration file directly (PR-15441).
  • Resolved issues when using screen values containing back slashes (PR-15433, PR-15421).
  • Resolved issues with Danish characters corrupting Page and JavaScript descriptions (PR-15404, PR-15409).
  • Resolved connectivity issues when the config.bws was > 99999 or Browser Activity Timeout was > 1666 (PR-15394).
  • Resolved issues related to manually overriding cursor position (PR-15346).
  • Resolved issue with Tab order not working in custom HTML on fields with no IDs (PR-15322).
  • Resolved issue with Presto not finding stored SQL function in library list (PR-15317).
  • Resolved issue where a blank at the end of the connection URL caused a 404 page (PR-15304).
  • Resolved issue where Presto.Oa.Grid.SetSize didn't do anything (PR-15299).
  • Resolved issue where OA column width changed on sort (PR-15296).
  • Resolved issue with a JavaScript crash when trimming a field with a NULL value (PR-15288).
  • Resolved issue with Window not being detected on initial load (PR-15278).
  • Resolved issue where disabling a Presto.Transform is undone by an error dialog (PR-15277).
  • Fixed Drop Down Transform so it HTML escaped values (PR-15276).
  • Drop Down Transform now honours the maxlength property (PR-15274).
  • Hub no longer goes into infinite loop when a Macro receives a CANCEL_INVITE op code (PR-15265).
  • Resolved issue where a Macro would input data into two fields instead of one (PR-15253).
  • Resolved issue where the Table Editor area was limited on the first attempt (PR-15246).
  • Resolved issue with Presto crashing when you clicked Help>About (PR-15219).
  • Resolved issue where Paging Buttons became disabled after a pop up error message (PR-15184).
  • Resolved issue where Parent window changed position while paging through a child window (PR-15175).

Presto 8.3 New Features 2019/09/016

  • This is the last release before the License Seat Count will be Enforced.
  • Addition of a SeatCount Utility available from a command line.
  • Addition of a Presto Admin Interface for reporting on connected users utilized seats.
  • Use of unique customization/description naming convention.
  • Addition of option in the Advanced configuration (config.bws) to disable file uploads (PR-14854).
  • Ability to create PDFs of very large spool files (PR-14840).
  • The STRPCCMD will now wait for the a program to finish if Pause is set to *YES (PR-14747).
  • Presto will no longer lose focus after cancelling from CTRL-F search (PR-15282).
  • Resolved issue where the Presto API encountered a JSON error (PR-15132).
  • Resolved issue where the word 'Bottom' in a subfile was transformed to a Page Up button (PR-15096).
  • Resolved issues with Auto Table Detection not working in some cases (PR-15068).
  • Resolved issue with Caps Lock not functioning as expected when turned on outside of Presto (PR-15040).
  • Resolved issue where entering a Window from a Table was causing an error (PR-15031).
  • Resolved issue when disabling responsive mode in Pacific skin caused elements to overlap above table (PR-15025).
  • Resolved issue where containers could be selected despite being hidden by a Tab (PR-15000).
  • Resolved issue where Hub would crash when input string was longer than the input field (PR-14993).
  • Refresh Panel Button now immediately reflects changes made in config.bws (PR-14961).
  • Presto SubfileFlyout snippet will now disable the old flyouts (PR-14950).
  • Resolved issue where deleting a page left a blank reference in the Transformation list (PR-14911).
  • Resolved some key mapping issues (PR-14901).
  • Resolved issue where JavaScript line feed characters were not rendered correctly (PR-14898).
  • Resolved issue with certain custom logins not setting the profile for the Hub job (PR-14877).
  • Resolved a WriteToVT: CPF87F3 error on loading certain windows (PR-14858).
  • Added warning to User Guide about public access to the uploads folder (PR-14853).
  • Resolved issue with DatePicker icon not being hidden when switching Tabs (PR-14840).
  • Resolved issue with some menu link styles not being applied correctly (PR-14823).
  • Resolved issue with multiple screens matching an identity despite having unique identifiers (PR-14818).
  • Resolved various Global Identity issues (PR-14813, PR-14770, PR-14803).
  • Resolved performance issues due to Menulinks PageLoaded events (PR-14759).
  • Resolved potential issue with Delete Transformation deleting an incorrect file (PR-14736).
  • Resolved issue with double quotes not being escaped in OA programs (PR-14689).
  • Resolved issue with hash tag in Designer URL causing a mismatch environment warning (PR-13811).

Presto 8.2 New Features 2019/07/03

  • You can now generate a report of active users (ex: CALL XL_PRESTO/SEATCOUNT).
  • Alert message if, when inserting a Google Map, your API key is not set.
  • Improved OA startup and error logging.
  • Spool File viewer will now prompt a confirmation panel when deleting a spool file (PR-14231).
  • Resolved issue where field were not retaining position after a chance in the Visual Editor (PR-14782).
  • Previous Session active message is now suppressed if the old session was closed (PR-14760).
  • Resolved issue where IDE crashed sometimes when opening Manage Pages (PR-14733).
  • Resolved issue where pressing Identities button on OA screen crashed Presto (PR-14672).
  • Resolved issue where Global Id isn't applied when the identifier contains accented character (PR-14669).
  • Resolved issue where windows touching the right hand edge of the screen were not detected (PR-14659).
  • Resolved issue where you were unable to customize a skin after switching skins (PR-14635)./li>
  • Resolved issue where Global Identity fails on similar screens (PR-14625).
  • Resolved issue where multiple pages displayed the same identity interface (PR-14612).
  • Resolved issue where subfiles in custom windows were offset incorrectly (PR-14586).
  • Presto.PlayMacro now disables input fields (PR-14570).
  • Custom windows no long impact Page Detection (PR-14547).
  • Resolved issue where connection was lost when using Manage Pages (PR-14542),
  • Select boxes no long span entire row when using a bootstrap grid (PR-14531).
  • Resolved issue where events were bound twice when the element was in a Responsive Grid (PR-14518).
  • Large Import/Export commands are no longer affected by the Exodus timeout (PR-14493).
  • Resolved issue where Subfile options and Flyouts didn't work on Android tablets (PR-14476).
  • Resolved issue where PR_HUB was crashing after a program call (PR-14471).
  • If you are recording a log and trigger a rebuild of the screen, the log will not be cut off now (PR-14456).
  • Resolved issue where pressing Cancel on prompt when device name is in use, acts as if you pressed Enter (PR-14448).
  • Improved manipulation in VE of elements nested in a table (PR-14445).
  • Resolved issues with creating custom tables in 8.0 (PR-14438 ).
  • Field exit will now exit drop down (select) boxes too (PR-14437).
  • Resolved issue with Menulink detection going into infinite loop (PR-14425).
  • Resolved issue where <style> tag in layout.html caused "Error occurred on Script" message (PR-14388).
  • Elements modified with Presto.Transform will now reposition correctly when a table reflows (PR-14377).
  • Presto developer will no longer crash when the Pacific theme company logo is missing (PR-14375).
  • Resolved issue where Calling Presto.Transform overrides positional transformations on that element if it is below a table (PR-14360).
  • Resolved issue where in some cases Function Keys could not re relocated to the right side (PR-14358).
  • Resolved issue where SQL requests prevented SendRequestOnce handler from cancelling request correctly (PR-14355).
  • Resolved issue where JDA menus were not converted to Menulinks (PR-14345).
  • You can now copy/paste into fields created with Custom HTML in IE (PR-14344).
  • Resolved issue when a Clone was created with Up/Down keys outside of Window (PR-14341).
  • Resolved issue where there were no function keys on a double screen (PR-14322).
  • Resolved issue where some menus were detected as a subfile (PR-14321).
  • Resolved issue where Window border text was not being displayed (PR-14316).
  • Opening a session on a disabled profile will no longer cause a Presto API error CPF87F8 (PR-14304).
  • Resolved issue where a cloned environment System Request would not work (PR-14303)
  • Resolved issue where SetCursor would not work as part of a Macro (PR-14293).
  • Resolved issue where you could not type a SQL Query name into SQL input under certain conditions (PR-14291).
  • Addressed performance issues on certain tables that were loaded row by row (PR-14287).
  • Addressed issue where input fields were not appearing in Presto when compared to a Client Access (PR-14273).
  • Resolved issue cursor issues when clicking either scroll bar in the VE (PR-14268).
  • You can now see the option values in the Subfile Option Flyout (PR-14266 ).
  • Improved XML validation when editing the config.bws file (PR-14104).
  • Resolved issue where JDE Panel Text was not displayed with it's original formatting (PR-13394).
  • Note: Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55 since release 7.0. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Presto 8.1 New Features 2019/04/10

  • Presto 8 now requires a new license key which you can generate from the download page.
  • Insights site usage and heat mapping utility is now available off the Presto Help>Insights Recordings menu.
  • Date and Time created are now available in the Spool File Viewer (Ctrl+Alt+P).
  • Ability to control accessibility by developers to Presto objects.
  • STRPCCMD now supports a Presto Apache server running under SSL.
  • Added the ability to specify decimal numbers for the step property of spinner elements.
  • Resolved issue where separate text fields were appended in a single span (PR-14373).
  • Resolved issue where Presto.Transform was overriding positional transformations below tables (PR-14348).
  • Addressed issue with CSRF attack message being displayed when it shouldn't be displayed (PR-14262).
  • Resolved issue where adjusting a JavaScript created DropDown List using the Visual Editor affected positioning (PR-14252).
  • Resolved issue where Protected fields were throwing off the cursor tab progression (PR-14246).
  • Resolved issue where Custom subfile flyouts were disappearing when hovering in 7.1 (PR-14245).
  • Addressed issue with AddKeyMap not working as expected (PR-14214).
  • Resolve issue with DropDownl Lists getting the modified flag when they shouldn't (PR-14208).
  • Resolved issue with elements below tables aligning differently in Chrome and IE using Pacific Skin (PR-14195).
  • Resolved odd screen detection subsequent to displaying separate windows (PR-14193).
  • Resolved issue where a window data would look differently when viewed a second time (PR-14153).
  • Resolved issue where Presto was rendering characters in the subfile screen in the wrong location (PR-14066).
  • Addressed issue where Kerberos user was not the profile set on the hub job (PR-14016).
  • Resolved issue where function keys were not displaying text when the separator was a hyphen (PR-13847).
  • Resolved issue where pasting lower case text into uppercase field did not change case (PR-13791).
  • Resolved issue where holding a key down continuously caused it to ignore maximum length limits (PR-13701).
  • Resolved issue where numeric fields wouldn't retain initial value when there was a leading space (PR-13682).
  • Resolved issue where disabling AdvanceCursor didn't disable auto tabbing (PR-13631).
  • Note: Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55 since release 7.0. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Presto 8.0 New Features 2018/12/04

  • Presto 8 now requires a new license key which you can generate from the download page.
  • New function to remove the padding and rounded corners from fields.
  • Active Page - new text on the right panel Displays file name, window and table dimensions
  • Global and page level options to hide subfile action text.
  • Spool File Viewer now has options to delete spool files.
  • Multiple Data Queue support
  • Ability to edit window, button and function key colours in the Skin Editor
  • Date Created has been added to the Spool File Viewer.
  • New Function Keys option to Detect Everywhere.
  • Resolved issue with Presto OA subfile options no working after paging.(PR-13952)
  • Resolved issue with same command returning different results when called via macro.(PR-13899)
  • Resolved issue where Datepicker does not disable on Presto LockUI. (PR-13932 )
  • Addressed issue where clean=1 wasn't ignoring custom HTML with the <custompageinfo> element missing. (PR-13843)
  • Addressed issue where specifying a 10 character environment name corrupted the Apache configuration. (PR-13598)
  • Addressed issue where scrolling subfiles getting locked on mobile devices. (PR-13462)
  • Addressed JDE panel text not getting displayed with original formatting in text area. (PR-13394)
  • Note: Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55 since release 7.0. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Presto 7.3.1 update (2018/11/15)

  • Addresses ownership issue during the upgrade process. If you're already at 7.3.0 there is no need to upgrade to 7.3.1.

Presto 7.3 New Features 2018/09/12

  • Dual Maintenance Management - Ability to track display file changes in Presto Customizations panel.
  • Ability to copy and paste transformations between different pages.
  • Manage Pages green screen views enhanced for fields and tables.
  • SQL Query Previewer now allows you specify parameter values.
  • Option to view mobile display modes in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Smoother login process when adding a new connection.
  • Settings, Page Identities, Manage Pages, Customizations and Macros now open as additional tabs in the main window.
  • Settings panel has a brand new User Interface
  • Improved MenuLinks detection. (PR-12950)
  • New JavaScript Snippets including OnSendrequest, Macros, Smart Chart and several Presto APIs.
  • Optional Caps Lock Detection on password field under Tools>Advanced Configuration.
  • Presto now uses the Bootstrap Datepicker icon.
  • Tools>Modify Skin menu now as a Create File option.
  • Drop Down List Values now permit blanks.
  • Note: Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55 since release 7.0. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Presto 7.1 New Features 2017/12/20/

  • Generally Improved usability out of the box.
  • New icons that allow users to log off, access spool file data and be notified of new messages from any screen.
  • Primary function keys such as Exit and Submit styles as buttons that are more visible on every page.
  • Scrolling subfiles is made simpler with convenient page up and down buttons.
  • For subfiles that only have one action option, users can now trigger the action by clicking anywhere on the subfile row.
  • Presto automatically detects date fields and adds a pop up calendar to them making it easier for users to enter dates.
  • Added more Responsive / Mobile designer views for various mobile platforms.
  • Table Editor is now part of the Visual Editor with options available of the right-click context menu.
  • Window Editor is now part of the Visual Editor with options available of the right-click context menu.
  • Improved RPG Open Access Functionality with DDS field attributes, such as colors, converted to CSS classes.
  • You can now run Presto a custom subsystem.
  • There is an option to run a macro file after login.
  • JavaScript Snippets now supports creating a snippet from selected code.
  • Improvements to table and window editors in Presto Designer.
  • Option in VE to Right-Click and delete a grid.
  • Option in config.bws (Advanced Options) to remove field exit behaviour from numpad character +/- (FS#32952 ).
  • Better handling of invalid SSL certs in the Presto Designer (FS#32605).
  • You can now clear queued up commands by pressing the Ctrl key (FS#32064).
  • Improved session closing for mobile devices so hub/vt jobs end in a timely manner (FS#32178).
  • Saving a spool file will now default to using the spool file name (FS#29472).
  • Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Presto 7.0 New Features 2017/06/21

  • Ability to turn your Presto screen into a responsive grid - good for desktop or mobile.
  • New updated and more responsive skin, Pacific.
  • New Pacific skin can also be used to create Custom Skins.
  • Signature pad now supports JPEG file types.
  • Device Preview drop down list to manage your screens for various various mobile devices.
  • New Presto API allows advanced developers to work with other frameworks for designing screens.
  • Added JavaScript code snippets repository to both the custom.js and page level Javascript windows.
  • Improved Window detection.
  • You can now set your Google Map API key in the config.bws under Tools>Advanced Configuration.
  • Added a Presto OA example application to the XL_PRDEMO library. (FS#31479)
  • You can now enable/disable cursor advance with JavaScript. (FS#31096)
  • Data Export has improved handling of large data sets.
  • Option in config.bws to toggle detecting tables in windows on or off.
  • Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Presto 6.8 New Features 2017/03/07/

  • Added Filter option for Macros and Queries.
  • Added color pickers SmartChart properties involving colour.
  • Improved exception handling in KeyedDataQueue. (FS#29797)
  • Improved support for the Skin Editor in Mobile mode.
  • Option to make windows not be pop-ups which creates a better user experience on mobile.

Presto Server 6.6.1 (2017/02/28)

  • Addresses upgrade issue where customizations were not copied to the new environment. (FS#31543 )

Presto 6.6 Interim update 2016/12/10

  • Note this update is included with the current download as of 2016/12/10.
  • There is a Knowledge Base article which addresses an issue with unqualified file names in SQL. Please see KB#15279 to address this issue. (FS#31022)

Presto 6.6 New Features 2016/11/29

  • Ability to modify the screens while in Mobile mode in the Visual Editor.
  • Toolbar option to switch views from Desktop Mode to Mobile Mode.
  • Optimized for mobile with mobile specific customizations panel.
  • You can now generate PDFs from larger spool files. (FS#26343)
  • Resolved issue with Exporting large files. (FS#29912)

Presto 6.5.1 Security Update 2016/08/03

  • Security Update. Contact BCD Technical Support at 250-655-1766 or at for an update and instructions. (FS#29821).

Presto 6.5 New Features 2016/07/13

  • Skin colour customization wizard
  • A new OA Table settings panel in the Visual Editor
  • Inline editing is now available for links in the Visual Editor
  • New state variable IsOAScreen which your scripts can use to determine if the screens are OA.
  • Better support for larger DPI settings on your monitor
  • Option to display only verified connections on the Connections panel
  • Improved startup times for the IDE and browser.
  • Improved table detection
  • Flyout options now work with OA programs (FS#27933).

Presto 6.4 New Features 2016/04/27

  • Allow custom naming of signature pad png file.
  • Append timestamp to signature png file name.
  • Remove and report on duplicate records in the hash and screen files.
  • Automated recovery of damaged data queues.
  • Changes to Visual Editor right-click menu.
  • Improved Table Detection.
  • UI for Connections window is wider.
  • Minimum IBM i OS release is V6R1

Presto 6.3 New Features 2015/12/02

  • Minimum IBM i OS release is now V6R1
  • You can now copy all transformations from one Page(Panel/ Screen) to another.
  • Added the ability to clean up full hash records.
  • Improved column detection.
  • Larger toolbar icons.
  • Added Auto Advance after a dropdown list has changed. (FS#23927)
  • Added support for inline editing of Tabs.
  • You can now specify a flyout field without having a table. (FS#24923 )
  • The Connection window is displayed when there are no valid connections.
  • Added a Manage Connections Button to the toolbar.
  • Improved Save/Delete prompts when working with identities.
  • Active Page Menu better reflects the Active Page options available.
  • Better naming convention for Export of Queries and Macros.
  • Improved SQL Queries user interface.
  • Improved messaging for auto-login errors.
  • Reduced the Visual Editor Right-Click menu levels from 3 to 2.
  • Resolved issue with Drop Down value not getting sent to the server using ParametersVersion 2. (FS#25529 )
  • Resolved issue where Flyout created in earlier releases wasn't recognized in the latest release. (FS#24911)
  • Resolved issue with window recognition and formatting that originally worked in older releases. (FS#24933 )
  • Resolved issue where in some cases upgrading in place lost queries. (FS#25038 )
  • Resolved issue where using cursor position and Esc to submit a form failed to capture row and col values. (FS#25806)
  • Resolved issue where adding a drop down list to form would stop the form from submitting. (FS#26625 )
  • Resolved issue where a confirmation window was not recognized as a separate window. (FS#26301)

Presto 6.2 New Features 2015/08/06

  • Signature Pad Element.
  • SQL Query Preview.
  • New API for interacting with OA field values.
  • Table Editor now supports 132-wide screens.
  • Subfile and menulink detection improvements.
  • New console view for displaying debug details in the IDE.
  • Improved support for older style element positioning. (FS#25900)
  • Resolved issue with a Page deleted everything with the same hash. (FS#23276)
  • Resolved issue where onclick of subfile option didn't work. (FS#24397)
  • Resolve issue with timeout when opening a spool file. (FS#23302)
  • Resolved issue with Drop Down list over a field which is initially blank (FS#25529)
  • Several other improvements.

Presto 6.1 New Features 2015/04/20

  • You can now toggle side function keys on mobile devices.
  • Support for HTML5 input types.
  • You can now double-click spans to quickly edit them in the Visual Editor.
  • New wizard makes it easier to add tabs in the Visual Editor.
  • You can now access PC applications from a Presto browser session.
  • Support for server-side validation.
  • New subfile option flyout menu configuration options.
  • You now have the ability to reconnect a session.
  • Support for client-side validation of data types.
  • Added a menu option to trigger an export of the current page.

Presto 6.0 Released 2015/01/26

  • Change Managment automatically detects which SQL statement & Macros are used when exporting a screen. Manually selecting SQL queries & Macros steps have been removed from the Export process.
  • General OA performance improvement.
  • Improved layout for OA screens.
  • Added OA config.bws option to disable including fields in hash generation.
  • Added option to enable/disable CheckForBetterLayout from config.bws.
  • Warns when IDE connection has library/URL mismatch.
  • Added User-end API for interacting with Windows.
  • You now have the ability to set default parameters for transformation.
  • You can now configure the subfile detection module.
  • You can now allow variable function key search start location.
  • Added support for newline key.
  • Added formatting options to the radio/checkboxes element.
  • Added support for CF## function key indicators with RPG OA.
  • New Identity column in Manage Pages. This column shows the identity type of the page: Auto, Page or Global level.
  • You can now enable/disable the advance cursor feature.
  • Updated macro icons.
  • Added option to Presto.GetStateVariable() for getting the number of fields on the screen.
  • Made oHeaderDefaultOptions independent of skin.
  • Added m_sMouseWheel to SetEnvironmentSetting and GetStateVariable.
  • Warns when adding global identities.
  • Excluded patterns for CK function keys when characters precede the CK.
  • Improved function key detection (new config.bws option).
  • General UI improvements.
  • General Mobile UI improvements.

Presto 5.7 Released 2014/10/16

  • Change Management now supports exporting and importing of macros and SQL queries.
  • Presto now generates better custom HTML pages for OA screens.
  • You can now link RPG indicators to function key buttons on the screen.
  • Caching is disabled at the Apache level for prestoadmin.
  • The in-place upgrade process now creates a savlib of your entire environment in the Presto IFS folder.
  • There is now a Session variable added to Presto.GetStateVariable(). (FS#21797)
  • Flyout menu is available by clicking on the record row.
  • Improved upgrade process to avoid accidentally upgrading in place. (FS#15041)
  • Added error handling to Ajax requests.
  • You can now delete multiple Macros at one time.
  • Improved the Manage Pages load time.

Presto 5.6.2 r29953 Released 2014/10/08

  • Addressed issue where in certain circumstances deleting a global identity removed all global identities. (FS#21591)

Presto 5.6.3 Server Released 2014/09/15

  • Addressed issue with incorrect transformation sequence numbers in 5.6.2 server.

Presto 5.6 Released 2014/09/03

  • Change Management - move individual screens and all of their customizations from one environment to another.
  • Global Identities - override Presto's automatic detection settings.
  • Set Output Queue for the Spool File Viewer.
  • Add a Year Drop Down to Datepicker via Visual Editor.
  • Added y/mm/dd to Datepicker date format List.
  • Improved flyout option detection.
  • Changes and improvements for continued mobile support.
  • New custom Presto event which is triggered just before a session ends.
  • Resolve issue with level check on UNLOCK command. (FS#20212)
  • Resolved issue where you couldn't reset an individual Transformation. (FS#21206)
  • Resolved issue where the Spool File to PDF function was failing. (FS#17388)
  • Filter Search on Manage pages is now case insensitive.
  • SQL Tab has been added to the Manage Pages panel.
  • Resolved issue with Subfile Page Up/Down Swiping on the Mobile Template. (FS#20418)
  • Mobile (iPad) Subfile flyover menus no longer require 2 clicks in Safari/Chrome. (FS#20996)
  • Page Options has a new UI and is available in the Visual Editor.
  • Changed the communication protocol to not leave CGI jobs in DEQW (Part of High traffic considerations).
  • Manage pages now has sortable columns.

Presto 5.5.4 Released 2014/07/09

  • Resolved issue where the session would end when using a Macro with Parameter V1 (FS#2109).
  • Resolved issue where tabbing wouldn't select the contents of fields (FS#21486).
  • Added verification for saving IFS files (FS#21202).
  • Resolved a jQuery error which occurred when tabbing through a screen with radio buttons on it (FS#21503).

Presto 5.5.3 Released 2014/06/25

  • Addressed issue with resizing elements in the Visual Editor(FS#21207).

Presto 5.5 Released 2014/06/16

  • Support for RPG Open Access (OA).
  • Option to Place Function Keys on Left Side of Screens.
  • Clickable SubFile Flyout Menu.
  • The Visual Editor now includes options to display the Google Map element in streetview and to make the map clickable so users can view the location via the Google Maps web page.
  • The mobile skin font has an updated font so it looks more modern.
  • A new Presto Designer Help Menu option adds support for replaying server logs.
  • The spool file viewing window (where you can open spool files as PDFs) includes some styling improvements.
  • The macro feature now allows you to save variables from one screen so they can be used on another screen.

Presto 5.1 Released 2013/12/17

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes for Presto 5.1.

  • Support for automatically replacing menu numbers with images.
  • Support for attaching macros to screen elements.
  • Visual Editor support for simultaneously aligning several elements to the same margin.
  • Ability to add/change/edit your connections from the Login prompt.
  • The message subfile on line 24 is turned off when function keys are detected on that line.
  • A new Presto Designer Help Menu option adds support for replaying server logs.
  • Option to override green screen tabbing sequence with a flow more natural to a web page.
  • Improvements to how pages are rendered in tablets and mobile devices.

Presto 5.0 Release 2013/10/09

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes for Presto 5.0.

  • News skins with completely new designs, larger fonts, and they are easier to customize.
  • New Macros Feature -shortcut users to their desired screens so they don't have to navigate through multiple screens of menu options
  • Customize the Visual Editor Palette by adding elements with your own pre-defined properties or CSS classes.
  • New Visual Editor Elements including a Google Map, and a Spinner - a mobile-friendly way to increment a numeric field.
  • Tech support is now able to view your Presto environment out-of-the-box. This will help reduce the time is takes to troubleshoot issues.
  • Support for Kerberos, a solution that provides SSO across multiple applications.

Presto 4.8 Release 2013/08/20

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes for Presto 4.8.

  • Support for a 'tab' block container in the visual editor, making it easier to reorganize complex or busy pages into tabs.
  • Many new visual editor palette elements including a new library of icons (which you can also use as buttons).
  • New custom tables for some IBM systems screens provide a better out-of-the-box experience for frequently used system management pages.
  • We have included jQuery mobile in the shipped IFS files, making it easier to update page looks/layouts for mobile.
  • New JavaScript functions to safely retrieve and set a number of internal Presto variables.
  • Support for accessing page-level JavaScript customizations in FireFox and Chrome developer tools makes it easier to debug your pages.
  • Simplified way for setting MenuLinks global transformations options allows you to remove numbers more easily.
  • Support for changing the page description from Manage Pages.
  • New support for jQuery autocomplete events in the visual editor.
  • Support for selecting and resetting multiple transformations.
  • New prompt to delete custom pages when you detach them from a particular page, and they aren't used elsewhere in your application.
  • We have done some housekeeping in the design tool by consolidating some of the buttons in the page customization options.
  • We have added more error reporting tools.
  • Presto 4.8 maps the Pause/Break key to IBM i Clear action.

Presto 4.7 Release 2013/04/25

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes for Presto 4.7.

  • Support for displaying a spool file list and downloading spool files in PDF format to your browser or PC. This feature allows you to easily print IBM i spool files from your PC.
  • We have continued to expand the Visual Editor palette with several new heading and container styles.
  • You can now toggle automatic menu links conversion on/off at both the environment and page levels (Tools>Settings & Page Options).
  • We have added support for ignoring certain types of system errors.
  • Presto now allows you to set IE10 as the browser version to use in the embedded design tool.
  • The version now supports specifying the position of keep_target in the clickableoptions.
  • In response to a customer request we have enhanced the Auto Formatting option to allow you to configure the patterns that are transformed.
  • We have also added support for Right and Left alignment in the Auto Formatting. This allows you to control whether the affected text is aligned left, against the edge of the panel, or right, beside the field.
  • We have added a callback to the Presto.Transform function, and data is passed to the callback, allowing you to condition what happens.
  • This version includes improved and clarified SQL error messages (file not found, field not found in file, query name not found, etc.).
  • Support for adding a favicon to your site.
  • We have made a number of changes to the Manage Pages windows, making it easier to organize and work with the various files associated with your site (page records, JavaScript and HTML. customizations, and Transformations).
  • You can now attach transformations from the Active Page mode.
  • CSS files are now color coded when you open and edit them in the Presto Designer.
  • Support for Ctrl+S to save in the visual editor.

Presto 4.5 Release 2013/01/01

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes for Presto 4.5.

  • New Palette Makes It Easier to Add UI Elements
  • Improved Subfile Detection and Auto Styling
  • Significant Performance Improvements
  • HTML5 SmartCharts for Mobile Devices
  • Clone Skins Via the Presto Designer
  • Work with Custom Files (CSS, custom.js) from the Designer
  • Support for mobile devices. The device type is automatically detected and the rendered screen adjusted accordingly. Also support for gestures, and a custom AS/400 keyboard.
  • Support for dynamic library and file names in SQL.
  • Support for trimming screen values makes it easier to use custom SQL queries and to add links to PDFs or images using data from the screen.
  • Improved window detection
  • Set datepicker options based on browser language
  • Ability to specify page description source location
  • New default style for the Data Export HTML Table
  • Support for new 'Layer' classes
  • Improved user interface for working with SQL Queries
  • Support for the READ SCREEN TO PRINT tag
  • Access your server logs directly from the design tool to make it easier to troubleshoot issues with our support team

Presto 4.01 Release 2012/05/31

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes for Presto 4.01.

  • Support for mobile devices. The device type is automatically detected and the rendered screen adjusted accordingly. Also support for gestures, and a custom AS/400 keyboard.
  • Support for adding custom JavaScript to your pages from the Presto Designer directly. In previous releases custom scripts had to be added via an external file.
  • Menu options are converted to links globally out of the box.
  • SQL query editor has been enhanced with more room for longer queries.
  • Improved interface for populating query parameter values, with parameters automatically recognized.
  • Visual Editor now allows you to right-click an element to add an event.
  • Added more attributes to the Table element.
  • Can now choose to display certain types of Presto messages in a dialog box rather than at the bottom of the screen.
  • Presto will now warn users who attempt to take actions that would result in closing the Presto session (navigating to another external URL, pressing the Back button, etc.).
  • Added new options to the datepicker element including the ability to change the displayed first day of the week and display up to 4 months at a time.
  • Added instructions in custom.js for changing the default language/location settings for the datepickers across your site.
  • Changed the order of the list of Visual Editor elements from random [to all but the most discerning eyes] to alphabetical.
  • When you use the arrow keys to move elements in the Visual Editor, you can hold down the Shift key to move 10 pixels at a time.
  • Improvements to the skins to better support browser zooming (Ctrl+ and Ctrl-).
  • Support for using jQuery selectors for SQL parameters. What this means is that you can now use the results of another dropdown box or autocomplete on a page to set the parameters for a subsequent page feature.
  • Polling settings are now available via the Server Settings window, rather than having to edit an internal configuration file.

Presto 3.8 Release 2012/01/12

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes in Presto 3.8.

  • Skipping function key detection in output only fields.
  • Added support for export_button and export_link functions.
  • Added options to stop an output operation from being sent to the client (so output only screens can be paused and customized).
  • Added a new Export Data transformation to the visual editor.
  • Added a 'value' property to the visual editor drop down box element.
  • Added extra message information when Exodus errors encountered.
  • Moved the page description from the Page Options to the main toolbar.
  • Added Expand/Collapse All right-click options to the visual editor's transformations list.
  • Added Presto Designer option to select version of IE used in prototyping and designing pages.
  • Added support for custom keyboard mapping.
  • Synchronized the Hub library list with the display job.
  • Added option to show the panel detection areas in the Screen preview tab.
  • Adjusted options in the Help menu.
  • Support for customizing the Message Waiting indicator.
In addition to these changes, this version includes close to 100 other minor changes and fixes.

Presto 3.5 Release 2011/10/11

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes in Presto 3.5.

    Layout and menu changes in the Presto Designer. The Tools column of the IDE is now on the right side of the main window by default, but you can also now move it, pin it and unpin it. Also, some the options under the View menu have been changed, and rather than being used to switch focus between IDE tabs, the options now control the visibility of the tools/panels of the active tab.
  • New autocomplete transformation, available in both the visual editor and via custom pages.
  • New radio and checkbox transformations. You can also implement these either through the visual editor or custom pages.
  • Visual editor support for editing tables. You can work with individual elements within tables, and edit table properties. Note that this version does not yet support table creation via the visual editor.
  • Support for using screen values as parameters on visual editor transformations. This has been added in conjunction with making a green screen view visible by default while working in the visual editor.
  • Support for group selection in the visual editor, to simultaneously apply property changes to multiple elements.
  • New API interface to the Dynamic SQL, returning a JSON object.
  • This is one of the most powerful and significant features in this version.
  • Expanded multi-language support.
  • Support for new function key formats.
  • Support for Field Exit Required fields.
  • Improved JavaScript event editor with color coding and a larger window.
  • New Message Waiting indicator, showing when there are messages in your message queue.
  • Support for the System Request (Shift+ESC) and System Help (Alt+F1) keys.
  • JavaScript interface to SQL that can be used in a custom Javascript applications - Presto.ExecuteSql Function.
  • Custom page support for retrieving dynamic values from the screen.
  • The default font size can now be configured via the internal configuration file config.bws, but it has been removed from the environment settings.

Presto 3.2 Release 2011/06/09

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes in Presto 3.2.

  • SmartCharts transformations insertion in the visual editor.
  • Ability to select an element type in a right click context menu for Insert Element in the Visual Editor.
  • Using regular expressions to define function key text patterns, for improved automatic recognition.
  • Multiple languages running from one Presto environment/Apache environment.
  • Field Exit key.
  • Polling the server for break messages, etc.
  • Starting debug log by passing parameter in URL (admin mode only).
  • Parenthesis in menulinks.
  • Selector light pen attribute to fields.

Added ability to:

  • Edit options in a select list (drop down box).
  • Right click designer view tab to save changes.
  • Adjust the size of the tree view in the Manage Panels dialog.
  • No longer need to install using the QSECOFR profile in most cases.

Fixes for 3.2

  • Resolved issue where KEEPALIVE request can clog data queue.
  • Resolved issue where SendScreen can enter a loop and fill data queue.
  • Resolved issue where large number of fields on a screen resulted in "No panel was found..." error.
  • Resolved issue where row of an identity was not always correct.
  • Resolved issue where function keys were sometimes missing.
  • Resolved issue where transformations bled to pages unvisited by the IDE.
  • Resolved issue where error message line was not always populated.
  • Resolved issue where DatePicker can become unselectable by a click in Visual Editor.
  • Resolved issue where green screen window row and column don't always seem to match program source code.
  • Resolved issue where Overtype was enabled when INSERT key has been pressed.
  • Resolved issue where Ctrl-C (copy) did not work in FireFox.
  • Resolved issue where custom table would remain after disabling the option.

Presto 3.0 Release 2011/03/11

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes in Presto 3.0.

  • Added support for SmartCharts transformation. Changed < %field tags to no longer show protected fields.
  • Support added to choose the rows for Auto Panel detection. Support for defining SQL queries to use in dynamic select boxes. You can build dynamic dropdown boxes (selects) via the Visual Editor or in custom pages.
  • Server jobs run under the current user profile, rather than QTMHHTP1.
  • Added support for events in the Visual Editor.
  • Added tab index property to the field settings in the Visual Editor.
  • Added mouse wheel scrolling support.

Presto 2.4 Release 2010/10/27

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes in Presto 3.8.

  • Improved automatic field recognition
  • Visual editor that performs changed more quickly and smoothly across the board, with added features such as inserting new elements, support for new element types, and support for class and style attributes.
  • More flexible curson handling
  • Support for global event handlers
  • Support for globally disabling the line 24 message
  • Improvements to job end processes
  • General Presto designer and configuration improvements

Presto 2.0 Release 2010/03/10

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes in Presto 2.0.

  • The new Designer View allows you to use point and click tools to add powerful transformations to your screen (replacing fields with dropdowns or images, adding datepickers to date fields, etc.).
  • Absolute positioning has been enabled, meaning screens render much more reliably, regardless of the idiosyncracies of your original panels.
  • Several new skins open the door to a more 'webby' look.
  • Support for the arrow keys has been enabled, allowing users to move between fields using the up and down arrows on their keyboards.
  • New support for device names.
  • New support for displaying messages in the status bar.

Presto 1.21 Release 722 2009/01/12

  • Support for V5R1 - V5R3 (runs in the interactive subsystem, does not use webfacing)
  • Resolved issue with field replacement values. These will eliminate fields being displayed in empty rows
  • Custom page identities issues resolved
  • New div tags to support skin design
  • New attribute replacement value <%=atr(1,2)%> . This will allow custom pages to reflect dynamic attributes.
  • Resolved issue with hash generation on 132 column screens
  • Multiple Window issues resolved
  • Non-display issue resolved
This version also includes literally dozens of smaller enhancements and fixes.

Presto 1.24 Update 772 2009/01/12

These are the new features,enhancements and fixes in Presto 1.24.

  • Support for V5R1 - V5R3 (runs in the interactive subsystem, does not use webfacing).
  • Resolved issue with field replacement values. These will eliminate fields being displayed in empty rows.
  • Custom page identities issues resolved.
  • New div tags to support skin design.
  • New attribute replacement value . This will allow custom pages to reflect dynamic attributes.
  • Resolved issue with hash generation on 132 column screens.
  • Multiple Window issues resolved.
  • Non-display issue resolved.

Presto 1.21 Update 677 2008/11/13

  • Addresses an Object reference not set error in IDE. Object name was AfterShown.

Presto 1.21 Release 649 2008/11/03

These are the new features, enhancements and fixes in Presto 1.21.

  • Added a delete of custom page warning.
  • The ability to press an Edit Button to work with the customized HTML from the IDE on the Manage Panels tab.
  • Resolved issue where hovering over the tab in the bottom left the tip are not correct.
  • Replaced radio buttons with Tabs in Manage Panels.
  • Resolved error when deleting identifiers.
  • The cursor in the The Manage Panels no longer positions to the top of the list after a delete.
  • Removed extra space before the password on the sign in screen
  • Removed the ?new_session=y parm from the initial Presto path when creating an environment.
  • The search on the Manage Panels tab now works for the Panels option
  • Resolved issue where windows were being detected erroneously
  • Resolved issue where custom pages over 32k would not be convert correctly
  • Cursor position improvement
  • In Manage Panel the custom html tab now shows the replacement values
  • Field detection issues resolved
  • Resolved issue of hub crash when a replacement value (row, col, len) was bogus.
  • Several potential memory issues resolved
  • You can now attach identities to panels when identities have no descriptions.
  • Resolved issue where the windows last row was being missed
  • Improved function key detection
  • Resolved issue when wrong row was used in error subfile for custom pages in 132 col screens
  • Resolved issue where some fields were not being displayed, only the text in them as a constant.
  • Improved the handling of subfiles on pages with less then a full page of records.
  • Resolved issue where in some cases on return from a window the previous screen would also be displayed as a window

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