Progen PlusV. 7.0 Updates

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Update Requirements

The following updates require V4R2M0 as a minimum operating system release level.

Accumulative Updates

Accum updates usually include about 10 individual updates, and when applied also update your release level. If you download all the individual updates, your release level will not change; however, you CAN apply the next accum.

Important: Accum and individual updates must be applied in sequence. If you have installed some, but not all of the individual updates in an accum you can apply the accum. Do not apply an update or accum that is below your your present release level.

  • PG7RA01 - 2001/09/14 - Accum 1, for release 7.01. Updates release to 7.02. Includes updates 1-10. (6733588)
  • PG7RA02 - 2001/09/14 - Accum 2, for release 7.02. Updates release to 7.03. Includes updates 11-20. (2949120)
  • PG7RA03 - 2002/01/14 - Accum 3, for release 7.03. Updates release to 7.04. Includes updates 21-30. (6258688)
  • PG7RA04 - 2002/04/25 - Accum 4, for release 7.04. Updates release to 7.05. Includes updates 31-44. (3639464)
  • PG7RA05 - 2002/09/17 - Accum 5, for release 7.05. Updates release to 7.06. Includes updates 45-53. (3145728)

Individual Updates

  • PG7R055 - 2002/12/09 - Corrects problem with entry parameter list being dropped if a definition with *LIMIT processing is copied.
  • PG7R054 - This update was incorporated into PG7R055. You may apply PG7R055 after applying PG7R053.
  • PG7R053 - 2002/11/16 - Corrected problem where additional ENDIF statements were added or missing. Also corrected problem where ZMNGPDF process would not compile definitions under some circumstances.
  • PG7R052 - 2002/08/26 - Correct validation for theZWRKCMP *TOENVR panel.
  • PG7R051 - 2002/08/26 - Correct problem with the replacement of user library list after ZCHGDBF.
  • PG7R050 - 2002/07/02 - Corrects problem with the ZCRTENVR command where it was missing two files when creating new environments. (393216)
  • PG7R049 - 2002/06/24 - Corrects a problem where after a file layout change, the ZCHGFFD command would cause a "Length or start position is out of range for the string operation" error. (753664)
  • PG7R048 - 2002/06/04 - Corrects a problem with window lookups on Program Fields in Styles E and N. (851968)
  • PG7R047 - 2002/06/24 - Adding support for repository query files with change management. This is a significant update, which includes many change management enhancements, as well as a number of fixes to problems we encountered in the course of our tests. (1474560)
  • PG7R046 - 2002/05/27 - Added the DBGVIEW parm for the program to the compile command for the attached validation modules. (557056)
  • PG7R045 - 2002/05/17 - Made GN#091 compatible with V4R1 (753664)
  • PG7R044 - 2002/04/25 - Corrects problem of indicator reuse when conditional attributes are applied to both subfile and a single data panel. (1081882)
  • PG7R043 - 2002/04/25 - Assorted fixes. Correct problem with *LINK work fields losing the defined fields during ZCHGDBF (particularly alternate link fields). Corrected problem where the conversion type was not being correctly used in the ZMNGPDF process. (851968)
  • PG7R042 - 2002/04/25 - Show correct subfile field (Style E) attributes when sfl rcd in error - add mode. Also includes updated source for the ZCRTOBJ command, in source file QZCRTSRC in GN#LIB. (458752)
  • PG7R041 - 2002/04/25 - Correct problem with GN#OPXF records being duplicated during change management. (688128)
  • PG7R040 - 2002/04/25 - Additional enhancements to the resolving of fields when using the ZCHGDBF command. Followup to update 39. (753664)
  • PG7R039 - 2002/04/10 - Correct problems with free format statements and standard conditions not being resolved to new field names when ZCHGDBF is run. (740817)
  • PG7R038 - 2002/04/10 - Gen definition of entry parm for external DS using like define in D spec - ILE RPG only (634733)
  • PG7R037 - 2002/03/28 - Addressed issues with initializing *VALUE workfields. Added support for the column seperator DDS Keyword. (1109249)
  • PG7R036 - 2002/03/04 - Change management update correcting problems with *ENTRY parameter lists being lost. Also changed default source location of source if no specification record found in target platform file (this was caused by having pre-release 6 definitions generated for first time in release 7). (557056)
  • PG7R035 - 2002/03/04 - Assorted fixes. Corrected problem where alt view would not enforce *LIMIT or *USRLMT keys. Corrected change management problem where entry parm list was missing if object was left behind in a copy. Update @DSxx fields if extds were changed and stopped delete of aux in style L. (1114112)
  • PG7R034 - 2002/02/28 - Support for including position-to fields in the subfile footer. (655360)
  • PG7R033 - 2002/01/23 - Assorted fixes. Increase the size of the allowed USRLIBL for the ZMNGPDF command. Corrects problem were date data types of *MDY/*DMY from an auxiliary file could cause a runtime error. Correct problem with IBM windows in ILE. (1933312)
  • PG7R032 - 2002/01/17 - Assorted fixes. Corrects problem with error on GN#856FM, Allows users libraries list to contain 90 libraries, Improved initialization of *DATTIM work fields. (557056)
  • PG7R031 - 2002/01/17 - Change management update including fixes for report definitions losing CL and prompt definition references. (688128)
  • PG7R030 - 2002/01/14 - In ILE increase the number of allowed files from 50 to 95. (2916352)
  • PG7R029 - 2002/01/14 - Removed REFFLD keyword for hidden date/time fields in subfile entry programs. This resolves a problem where if the hidden field referred to a database field the date/time format was not mapped correctly. (688128)
  • PG7R028 - 2002/01/03 - Changed the *DATTIM timestamp work field from a size of 24 to 26. (655360)
  • PG7R027 - 2002/01/03 - Add ability for display file time outs in ProGen. Click here for additional information (3014656)
  • PG7R026 - 2001/12/28 - Change management update including enhancements for CALLSBR actions, fixes stopping object and PDF loses, USRCOD and CALLSBR having source location updated in PDF along with a verity of small update to this process. (1474560)
  • PG7R025 - 2001/11/14 - Correct problem with GETRCD actions using alternate links. (327680)
  • PG7R024 - 2001/11/12 - Additional fixes to LIKE define problem when *NONE is defined as the conversion option. (458752)
  • PG7R023 - 2001/11/09 - Assorted fixes. Corrects problem with keys as *LIMIT and multiple alternate views. Adds new feature that allows you to not lock records when using a GETRCD action[CHAIN(N)]. Corrected problem with LIKEDF being created on calls incorrectly. (1638400)
  • PG7R022 - 2001/10/31 - Corrected level check problem with GN#FROF in GN#X50. (393216)
  • PG7R021 - 2001/10/30 - Correct problem with validations for conditional error messages while defining subfile options and function keys. (524288)
  • PG7R020 - 2001/10/11 - Assorted fixes. Correct level check problem on ZDLTPDF, Changed default message file used on conditional function keys/subfile options to use designer defaults. (524288)
  • PG7R019 - 2001/10/10 - Corrected problem were exiting when building an equation could cause a run time error in style F definitions. (622592)
  • PG7R018 - 2001/10/02 - *RESULT work fields now allow you to select the result to be rounded or truncated. (1081344)
  • PG7R017 - 2001/09/28 - Fix array index error in GN#G06 when numerous conditional display attributes are used. (480349)
  • PG7R016 - 2001/09/27 - Correct problem with generation of lookup calls ($WDWLK) were key field value were being cleared. (360448)
  • PG7R015 - 2001/09/24 - Correct problem were during some definition copies you could end up in a loop adding records to GN#OBJF. (360448)
  • PG7R014 - 2001/09/21 - Corrects problem with deleting panels from within the PDA. (44449)
  • PG7R013 - 2001/09/18 - Corrects generation of invalide declare statements when using substrings for record sort orders and level breaks. (444359)
  • PG7R012 - 2001/09/17 - Assorted KB fixes including: KB problems with copying actions into user defined contexts (CALLFNC), selecting user defined contexts, and displaying group details. (1282053)
  • PG7R011 - 2001/09/14 - Correct problem were multiple /DEFINE and /UNDEFINE statements were not being added from USRCOD actions. (355754)
  • PG7R010 - 2001/09/14 - Assorted fixes. Correct problem with *VALUE fields using a MOVEL with numeric values. Correct problem with USA time data type *DATTIM work field validation. Corrected problem with /CPY statements being excluded in USRCOD actions. (500583)
  • PG7R009 - 2001/09/06 - Correct array index error displaying panels with hidden fields in the KB. (399804)
  • PG7R008 - 2001/09/06 - Corrects problem were validation module parameters (@Zxxx#) are being incorrectly defined, causing a compile error. This only happens when the conversion option is set to *NONE. (708699)
  • PG7R007 - 2001/09/05 - Corrected problem were the compile status of a *MODULE was being reported incorrectly (this replaces GN#LIB/QZCRTSRC ZCRTOBJ). (477072)
  • PG7R006 - 2001/08/16 - Binary field support within ProGen. This is a large update, including over 50 different programs. Binary fields are now supported fully in ProGen, from the PDA, down to usage in equations, work fields and data areas, and anywhere else that database fields are used in a definition. (2744305)
  • PG7R005 - 2001/08/15 - Corrects problem where printer files are created with a source member type of DSPF not PRTF. (364220)
  • PG7R004 - 2001/08/13 - Correct problem where programs not using F@@UPDAT and containing date/time data types were causing compile errors. Correct problem where UPDFLD actions over computable workfields were being computed twice. (708708)
  • PG7R003 - 2001/07/31 - Corrects problem where substrings automatically created over key fields were not being computed, if a window was defined over the subfile list. (501956)
  • PG7R002 - 2001/07/24 - Knowledge Base user interface enhancements. (2736166)
  • PG7R001 - 2001/07/23 - Increase external DS from 10 to 100, corrected problems with some ZWRKPDF options, corrected problem with an extra END being generated in *TOTC. (741924)

Additional Information
About Update 27

Update 27 will rename a group of ILE shells in GN#FLES and GN#GLES. The renamed shells will be changed to OL#PGx etc. The full list of replaced shell members is listed below.


Each Designer ID references a shell source library. The default library will be GN#LIB. If you have changed the referenced library for this parameter it will be necessary to replace the shell source file GN#FLES in this library with the current version of this file shipped with this update. Optionally you may wish to change this library reference back to GN#LIB. You can verify if any of your Designers are referencing different versions of the shells using option 2 from the list of designers presented by the ZWRKDSN command.

Note that if you have made custom modifications to the shells prior to this update, you will need to reapply these changes to your new shell members. Use SEU to scan the shell source members for change dates to help with this process.

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