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PC Side Updates History - Release 3

Release 3.03, Build 6720 - 2003/08/11

  1. Change version to 3.04
  2. Updated help

Release 3.03, Build 6719 - 2003/07/12

  1. JSE related files for new version of WAS
  2. Getstrmflin no longer appends null terminator to end of string
  3. Fix to file uploads when using Apache
  4. *OBJLIB supported as parm to setlibl function

Release 3.03, Build 6718 - 2003/06/10

  1. Updated help
  2. Slight change to the 'test connection' menu option

Release 3.03, Build 6714 - 2003/04/21

  1. Changes to SQL templates to fix page size paging problem
  2. Several JSE fixes
  3. Support for new redirect parm
  4. Support for new include parm
  5. Allow 'pml' repository extensions in html
  6. Fix for using work fields in links

Release 3.03, Build 6704 - 2003/02/19

  1. Fix problem where it wasn't clearing error line highlight sometimes (after double clicking on an error)
  2. Fix to JSE where some RPG values were not populated, causing problems on return to RPG
  3. Fix problem where \\ in PML was not being unescaped
  4. Fix where date fields created with crtlike would produce a syntax check
  5. Fix problem where extra spool files were generated on the 400 when *DEFAULT system was used.
  6. Support for FLDCH1, FLDCH2, and FLDCH3 as replacement values in templates and repository extensions
  7. Support for using a libl object for compile time libl (Generation Options screen changed)
  8. Fix where &FLDOUTPUT# did not work for KEYFIELD type fragments in the templates

Release 3.03, Build 6644 - 2003/01/20

  1. Prototype.pml changes for functions added or changes at right
  2. F1 from field properties window, when pressed on edit code field, brings up relevant help
  3. Insert menu in HTML now allows the insertion of a color
  4. F2 now unconditionally brings up a dialog to allow WebSmart to be run out of different libraries concurrently.

Release 3.03, Build 6614 - 2002/12/17

  1. Added FLDDECS as template replacement value
  2. Added client portion of jdbcconnect function
  3. Help menu option allow you to select users guide or reference guide
  4. Fix 'Default new extensions to global' bug
  5. If option to sync on repository load selected, it will also sync on reload
  6. Fix extensions problem where replacement values not computed when an addfile extensions preceeded it.
  7. Fix extensions problem where fields inherited the extensions from previously used but unrelated fields

Release 3.03, Build 6597 - 2002/11/04

  1. New option to default new extensions to global
  2. Improved 'remembering' of open libraries in the repository view
  3. Fixed problem where occasionally extensions were stored under the logical file name instead of the physical
  4. JSE fix to inline edit codes

Release 3.02, Build 6580 - 2002/10/24 - Includes previous updates to 3.02

  1. Fix bug where only one of multiple alert(), runcmd() or countrybx() functions were generated.
  2. New function: urlencode (encodes a string so it can be included as part of a url)
  3. New function: vfyusr (validates against a user profile)
  4. New function: chgusrpwd (changes a user profile's password)
  5. Improvements to the customer error page handling
  6. Fix to a FROMDATE TODATE conversion problem
  7. Improved debug interface
  8. Improved Apache compatibility
  9. Updated WEBSMART menu
  10. Improved support for foreign languages and alternate translation tables
  11. Fix to datecvtn where generation problems occurred with long field names
  12. Fix where crtlike was not inheriting database field attributes
  13. Fix to file linking interface where button did not work
  14. New option to level check files against the 400 when a definition is loaded
  15. Fix to problem where invalid password when using IDE was not being reported correctly
  16. Fix bug where use of mouse scroll wheel would crash over the splitter windows
  17. Added full row select to various list boxes to make selection easier

Release 3.02 - 2002/09/15 - Version 3.02 of WebSmart Released

Ability to generate Java servlets

  1. This is really the flagship feature. It means WebSmart is no longer RPG dependant, and to a certain degree no longer platform dependant. The ease with which to switch to other platforms will be improved in future versions, but because it is generating servlets, these can now be run on other systems and access AS/400 data.
  2. Record handling functions that can take klists now get prompted with a tool tip from which you can select existing klists. This is an 'ease of programming' enhancement. Simply makes it easier to code record access functions as the programmer no longer has to remember or hunt around and find the right klist name, but a tool-tip list of all available ones pops up instantly and they can pick the one they want.
  3. Support for 'escaped' characters in string constants (such as newline and tabs). This feature allows you to put carriage returns and tabs and quotes as 'escaped' characters (preceded by a slash). This makes it easier for the programmer to compose formatted strings, such as the bodies of emails.
  4. The repository interface now remembers which libs were opened or closed. Makes the repository interface less cluttered.
  5. When you open a definition it will automatically check for a backup copy. The backup copy will exist if the last session ended abnormally, or if someone else is actively using the definition In case of a PC crash, some people were not aware that a backup copy of the definition was kept. The product now automatically checks for backup copies and gives you the option of restoring it. This also has the added benefit of alerting a user to the fact that someone else might currently be using the definition.
  6. New function: Checkbox. Used to dynamically control the checked or unchecked setting of a control box more easily than doing it by hand Due to the structure of the HTML for a checkbox, conditionally checking or unchecking it requires some repetitive coding which is now encapsulated into a function call.
  7. New function: Translate. Can be necessary to read in data uploaded from a PC, or to write IFS files in a format readable by PCs. This function is provided to give the programmer absolute control over the data streams that are written to stream files. While the system can automatically do some conversions (from ASCII to EBCDIC) it does not necessarily convert the data going the other way. This is particularly useful when you want to WebSmart program to create a file in the IFS which can then be accessed from a PC.
  8. Ability to continue working on the definition while generation is ongoing. Time saver, you don't have to wait and watch for the generation to end, you can dive back into coding right away.
  9. More repository synchronization options. Repository extensions synchronization not only happens more frequently, but can be triggered directly by pushing a button. While extensions will all get synchronized automatically through the course of using the tool, some users would rather have more control over exactly when the synchronization takes place.
  10. More intelligent user ID/password prompting when switching between systems. Tool detects if you are connecting to a different 400 and reprompts for a user ID and password.
  11. Increased the maximum number of segments.
  12. Visual identification of global extensions when working with repository extensions. Global extensions have their own icon so that you can tell at glance which extensions are global and which are not.
  13. Allow a definition with no segments. This is useful for batch programs (they used to have to have a dummy segment).
  14. Fields list now shows key field number. For quick programmer reference to see how their files are keyed.
  15. Ability to use Bookmarks in the editor For ease of jumping around the code.
  16. Faster color coding.
  17. Keyword syntax sensitive HTML color coding. If you mistype an HTML keyword it will not color code, thus providing instant feedback on the syntactical validity of your HTML.
  18. Error highlighting in the PML more obvious. The whole line in error is now changed to a different color, bringing more attention to it. Before it would just position the cursor at that line.
  19. Block indention support. If you have a whole bunch of lines that you want to indent, you used to have to press tab on every line. Now you can select the whole block and press tab once and it indents all the lines at one type. (same goes for 'outdenting')
  20. New function: crtlike. For creating a field which will mirror the attributes of another field. When the based on field attributes are changed, all the derived fields change too.
  21. New function: Closefile. When using overrides it is sometimes useful to close and reopen the file, this function allows for that scenario.
  22. New function: getdtaara
  23. New function: upddtaara
  24. New function: unlockdtaara
  25. For retrieving and changing data areas. These functions also allow the use of data areas as mutexes to prevent multiple programs from accessing certain resources simultaneously.

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