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PC Side Updates History - Release 5

Release 5.26, Build 8750 - 2006/03/20

  1. Hovering over a field will show its attributes
  2. Improved klist tool-tipping
  3. Better libl handling in SQL tool
  4. Varying length fields
  5. Wrtdta function (works like wrthtml, but doesn't trim)
  6. New template directive: Increment
  7. New cool icon
  8. A number of minor fixes

Release 5.26, Build 8634 - 2006/01/30

  1. Support for inline PML for improved interoperability with external HTML editors
  2. Smarter field drop into the HTML (detects inline PML)
  3. Improved F9 auto-format which handles omitted curly brackets and preserves bookmarks
  4. Eliminate segment maximum
  5. Improved object name validation
  6. Additional template substitution variables for user, date and time
  7. No longer require file name on HTML field tags

Release 5.24, Build 8572 - 2005/10/17

  1. Automatic joblog download on compile error
  2. Improvements to the HTML insertion interfaces
  3. Fix for occasional This definition has changed message when it hadn't
  4. New expanded look for most wizard and program attributes screens
  5. Assorted small fixes

Release 5.11, Build 8476 - 2005/09/18

  1. Enhancement: set initial size better for desktops greater than 800x600
  2. Enhancement: Allow crtlike over database fields
  3. Enhancement: Use Rcdfmt AND file level id's for level checking
  4. Enhancement: Allow field list sort
  5. Fix: *DFTKEY validation problem
  6. Fix: Could open a WCM definintion while generating
  7. Fix: HTML character replacement not happening consistently in free format
  8. Fix: Next and prev IDE commands
  9. Fix: PML auto-formatting would misinterpret a // in a constant (stop formatting a section)
  10. Fix: Rare case of the WCM exported definition saved to strange spot
  11. Fix: Under extreme pasting conditions a GPF could result

Release 5.11, Build 8449 - 2005/06/06

  1. Improved generation of structures
  2. Fix WCM problem with closing at inopportune times
  3. Fix JSE crash on cancel of connection request
  4. Fix problem with files with a number in the second position of the file name
  5. Improved handling of NULL characters by RDW
  6. Fix incorrect message on hex assignment
  7. Fix mislabeled global parms
  8. Improved validation of = vs = =
  9. Correct substring length validation
  10. Other small changes and fixes

Release 5.10, Build 8418 - 2005/04/12

  1. Fix for signed numerics
  2. Improved support for tooltips, status bar, and help for function within function
  3. Fix for row and column display in HTML mode
  4. Sqlexec fixes for free format
  5. Improved UPARSER conversion

Release 5.10, Build 8404 - 2005/03/21

  1. Improvements to the HTML wizards
  2. Improvements to RDW conversion
  3. Fix to replace all
  4. Fix to dates in structures in free format RPG
  5. Improvements to printing
  6. Fix to template processing (SRC1 tag)

Release 5.10, Build 8393 - 2005/03/11

  1. HTML Wizards - Improved customization for templates and for the wizard itself.
  2. RPG and DDS to Web Conversion Tool (RDW) - Convert old RPG programs to usable PML and HTML.
  3. Vertical HTML - Option to work with all segments in one vertical HTML window, instead of tabs.
  4. SQL Interface - SQL Editor lets you build, test and save SQL statements, as well as lets you view data directly from the PC IDE interface.
  5. New Configuration Dialog - Configuration is better organized and more powerful.
  6. New Template Options - More options like filter selection for SQL and more customization.
  7. WebSmart Change Management - WCM has had a complete face lift. It is more intuitive and now remembers where you were last working.
  8. New Generator - Reduces the load on you iSeries with PC side generation and supports Free Format RPG, nested function calls and more.
  9. Other Features and Improvements - Better code organization, improvements to working with External Data Structures and much more.
  10. Improvements to the HTML wizards
  11. Improvements to RDW conversion
  12. Fix to replace all
  13. Fix to dates in structures in free format RPG

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