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Responsive WebSmart Templates

Streamline web development by creating desktop and mobile applications that use a single code base.


Going mobile is no longer a question for most IBM i organizations. It's a business need.

But how do you accommodate all of the different devices - from desktops to tablets and smartphones - without spending valuable time developing multiple versions of your applications?

Watch this video to learn about WebSmart's responsive templates for creating mobile-friendly PHP, RPG or Node.js web applications.

You'll see how WebSmart's responsive templates:

  • Streamline professional web development by generating a single code base for desktops and mobile devices
  • Use Bootstrap, the most popular open-source HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework for responsive websites
  • Create applications that automatically resize to fit various screen sizes
  • Attract new developers by using popular web technologies


About WebSmart
BCD's WebSmart is an award-winning rapid development tool for creating RPG or PHP desktop and mobile web applications. Templates help you create applications in minutes, which can be customized in the WebSmart IDE.

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