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New Presto 6.5: Visual skin editor to quickly match your organization's look

Watch this four-minute video to see the new skin editor in Presto 6.5. You can also fill out the form on your right to schedule a live presentation of Presto's new features.

Improving the appearance of IBM i applications is a big part of most green screen modernization projects. Presto skins, which control the overall look and feel of your modernized green screens, have always been completely customizable. We've made it easier to modify them in version 6.5.

Presto's new skin editor will make it much quicker for developers to apply changes to their Presto skin, all without coding any HTML or CSS.

How the Visual Skin Editor Works

  • After installing Presto, you can choose a Presto skin and use it as a starting point to create a custom skin that matches your organization's look.
  • Presto's new skin editor, which is located in the Presto Designer, enables you to quickly select preset color themes and/or customize the color of your function keys, headers and subfiles. You can also easily update the logo.
  • All of these changes are applied on a global level without requiring you to access the HTML or CSS.

About Presto

Presto is the fastest way to give your green screens and new RPG applications the modern web GUI users expect. They benefit from intuitive screens that are accessible from desktops and mobile devices. Presto also makes it easy for IBM i programmers without HTML experience to add new functionality that increases productivity.


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